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So... what is RAGE 2? Well, it's a lot of things. It's a game. It's a sequel to RAGE. And it's fun as hell. But a lot has happened between the first game and this new post-post-apocalyptic shooter.

Learn all about the open-world insanity of RAGE 2 and its many weapons, abilities, vehicles, and enemies in our NEW TRAILER.

RAGE 2 launches on Steam on May 14, 2019!
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Alice O'Connor)

While fast travel is convenient in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, teleporting around loses the wonder of roaming an open world. If only we could have the convenience of automatic travel without atmosphere ruining-loading screens. Friends, with the wonders of modern modding, we can now set a destination for our Dragonborn and watch them automatically walk or ride to your destination in real time. Call it slow travel. Call them self-driving characters. Call it a game to idly watch. Call it… new mod SkyTrek.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The controversial Skyrim Together mod is once again under scrutiny after its chief creator declared: "we don't owe the community anything."

Lead programmer Max Griot took to the Skyrim Together subreddit to respond to a thread titled "is something going to happen?" that was posted after months of radio silence on the project.

Skyrim Together aims to add online multiplayer to Bethesda's hugely popular open-world fantasy RPG, and pulls in an impressive $18,284 a month on Patreon.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Tourism continues to be one of Skyrim's biggest industries, with people visiting the chilly province to enjoy its many towering mountains, primeval forests and dragons that look like wrestlers. The one downside of being a tourist is all that walking. Skyrim's big and you wouldn't want to miss anything by teleporting everywhere. PhysicsFish's SkyTrek mod has the solution. 

SkyTrek is a new autopilot mod that lets you set a destination and automatically walk, ride or fly there. Just hop on your dragon or horse and you can enjoy the view while your mount does all the work. You can also open doors, so you won't get stuck when faced with a gate, and you can get into fights, so don't worry about getting murdered by the first wolf that crosses your path. 

Your speed is customisable, within limits, so you can take a leisurely stroll to Whiterun or get your cardio done for the day by jogging up a mountain. It's possible to target NPCs and follow them, too, in case you're looking for company. You'll be able to follow them indoors, as well, so there's no escape. 

If you want, you can even become an NPC yourself. The Life mode will make you behave like an NPC with its own schedule, letting you plonk yourself down in a tavern or somewhere else and take a break from the hardships of the road. You deserve it. 

SkyTrek is thankfully compatible with several other mount mods, including Immersive Horses, Convenient Horses, Gypsy Eyes Caravan, Dragonkiller Cart and Audiobooks of Skyrim. The latter is to give you something to listen to while you're travelling to your destination.

It sounds perfect for roleplaying and making videos, or maybe you just fancy a wander. Despite Skyrim being nearly eight years old, I still find myself popping back into muck around with mods and do some sightseeing, even if it's somewhere I've visited a dozen times before. 

If you're using Skyrim Special Edition, you can download SkyTrek here, while Oldrim users should grab this one. And you can hunt down more mods in our best Skyrim mods list. 

Cheers, PCGamesN

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind® Game of the Year Edition - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Alec Meer)

Find the story so far here.>

I’ve been in Vvardenfell for so long now, traipsing across its eerie volcanic plains, over its majestic fungal plateaus and through its singular bone cities.

A dream life, really, but the senses can only experience so much wonder before wonder becomes ordinary.



This year's QuakeCon will go heavy on the Doom, the famed FPS that preceded the big bring-your-own-computer show's namesake. The reason is that 2019 is, somewhat loosely, the 25th anniversary of the original Doom—it was released in December 1993—and Bethesda isn't going let the "Year of Doom" go uncelebrated.

QuakeCon 2019 "will include all-new Doom-inspired activities, events, exclusives, developer panels, hands-on demos, new information about Doom Eternal, and a few surprises we aren’t quite ready to talk about," Bethesda said. "All while continuing to feature everything you already love about QuakeCon." 

The centerpiece will once again be the huge BYOC LAN party, but registration is being handled slightly differently this year: Instead of picking a seat when you sign up, BYOC seat selection will take place at a later, unannounced date. As always, the show will also include panels, hands-on with various Bethesda games—maybe Wolfenstein: Youngblood will make an appearance?—redonkulous case mods, swag, and other stuff.

QuakeCon 2019 will run July 25-28 in Dallas, Texas. Registration for the BYOC action or the new "QuakeCon Done Quick" pass with priority entry to all Main Stage events and early access to the exhibit hall on Saturday, will open at 10 am ET on April 11, while general admission entry is free.


Great moments in PC gaming are short, bite-sized celebrations of some of our favorite gaming memories.  

The first-person shooters of the 1990s were fast-paced, but Quake seemed faster than anything before it. Truly 3D levels, mouselook, a bouncy regular jump even if you weren't abusing rocket-jumps—it added up to a zippiness that felt powerful and new. 

Clever level design solved the Sonic problem of having areas full of secrets but a character who only feels good at top speed. There's often one particular key or something you need but there's also a convenient loop back through a section of the level so you can barrel around looking for things you missed, shooting suspicious patches of wall texture or swimming under bridges, during which you naturally find a secret or two before discovering that gold key or whatever.

When you hit a boss fight it still doesn't slow down. Chthon emerges from the lava and instead of standing in one spot shooting away at his health bar you keep moving, racing his fireballs to flip switches just like you do when looping through an ordinary level, only now you're lowering pylons into position then electrocuting the big jerkbag of an elder god.

There are plenty of other things about Quake to celebrate, like the soundtrack and the multiplayer and the mods, but let's not forget Chthon. Fighting him sets you up for the finale, which is another puzzle boss who can't be shot, and it's also a great capstone for the playstyle it's taught you.

And then at the end of the level when it's tallying your score and number of secrets you get to see Chthon's gibs squirting all over the screen. Quake knew what we wanted and it delivered. 

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Jay Castello)

The Elder Scrolls 6 is still a (long, long) ways off, but Bethesda have confirmed the only news about it that truly matters: YouTuber and grandmother Shirley Curry will be included in the game. Last year, fans rallied to get her added as an NPC, and the developers have obliged, inviting Curry to their studios have her likeness scanned and saved for use in their development magic. The future is here and it s nice sometimes, actually.


The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind® Game of the Year Edition - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Alec Meer)

Morrowind, the third and greatest instalment in Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls series, has been back in the news this week. It was briefly free to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series, and then made a brief return to Steam’s top sellers, thanks to discounts and coverage. Which is lovely: it shows its age in many, many painful ways, but its imagination, ambition and wonderfully weird visual design to this day makes Oblivion and Skyrim seem so terribly ordinary.

Gun it up today, for the very first time, and you’ll think me completely mad to say that, however. It’s basically a world of fog and people who look like they were whittled from fallen branches. But, thanks to 17 years of mods, it now only takes a couple of installations and a tiny amount of work to make it stunning in the ways that most count. If you’re about to play, quickly do these things first.


RAGE - Valve
Rage 2 is Now Available for Pre-Purchase on Steam!

Pre-Purchase RAGE 2 to receive the exclusive Cult of the Death God mission, a wild ride that sends Walker after a cult of crazed mutants who have taken to worshipping the image of Nicholas Raine – the hero of the original RAGE. Survive the sewers and fight through hordes of mutants – including the massive and monstrous Abadon Warlock – to receive Raine’s legendary armor along with the fan-favorite Settler Pistol and the new Mutant Monster Truck.


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