Dr Greenstuff - blackdiskettestudio
* Your money backs up correctly.
* The easylumb bottle does not disappear when it is filled.
* Jeremy gets your fertilizer and cuttings properly.
* The buttons on the gas oven are no longer split.
* The cocote minute does not disappear if there is more than 1 jar in it.
* Pulverize an LSD blotter should no longer prevent you from moving objects
* The petanque ball no longer reappears in every game.
* After decantation installation give you back your funnel.

THKS !! For bug feed back.
More fix in next Update ;)
Dr Greenstuff - blackdiskettestudio
*The problem of the dealer not paying Weed is Fix,and this time it is for sure ;)

But you have to Start a new game :( Sorry guys.
The problem came from a meter of a Hidden Weed pouches sold which is destroyed once touny appeared. And thus to prevent the dealers from paying you...

* The dealer selling time is fixed, some sell in 30sec or 60sec or 120sec.

* The touny video should be less overlapping with the walls surrounding the players.

Have fun and excuse me for this false start.
Dr Greenstuff - blackdiskettestudio

Tthe watering can no longer disappear .


Dealers must pay you correctly now (if the problem persists, restart a game and if it still persists warn me).

We can not go through the garage door anymore.

Garbage bags should not cross the ground anymore.

The door tutorial should not stop you from entering your apartment.

Added subtitles for the man who does not smoke.
Dr Greenstuff - blackdiskettestudio
After several months of intensive work, multiple shift.
Here is finally the update.
Please start a new game again, do not load your old backups for the final level.
In the program :
* New quests.
* New NPCs.
* Grow mushrooms.
* Prepare LSD.
* New Main Menu.
* General optimization.
* Discover your cellar.
* The end of Dr. Greenstuff 1.
And many other things that I let you discover;)

Totally rebuilt backup system.
Most of the bugs of the previous update have been solved (Secateurs, Portable PCs, etc.)

If you encounter problems, thank you to inform me via the forum Steam in the part "Bug Report"

Good luck to all and thank you for your patience!
Dr Greenstuff - blackdiskettestudio
Hello everyone !
It's been 3 months now that I'm working on the next update.
Things are progressing well, but I would have thought to put less time and release the update for the month of March.
Indeed, whith one developer, it is very difficult to estimate the total working time and thus to give an exact date.
The last update took a lot of backup issues, which allowed me to see that my backup system does not like updates especially when adding content.
So I decided to release the game in almost its entirety.
By doing this, I will be able to implement the main objects correctly and thus, I will be able to set up my backup system correctly.
I have about 1 to 2 weeks of work left, but as I told you, it's hard to estimate. Then I will take the test with my testers.
The tests will be a little longer than usual (about 2 weeks) because the content is pretty much
So do not worry, I do not give up, I need your support.
Actually, I'm not a communication pro and to tell you the truth, I prefer to devote myself to development, but now I'm going to force myself to give myself some time to talk to you on the forum.

What can we expect from the next update:

* Of course the correction of bugs already present.
* Adding quests
* Adding mushrooms
* Added LSD
* Game mechanics redone and redesigned
* new dealers
And full of surprise ;)

Thanks to you for your patience, past and future, I know you will understand all this easy and you will have the patience to let me end this video game.
See U Soon Gardeners !
Dr Greenstuff - blackdiskettestudio
Happy New Year my gardeners!

Here I am, I hope,for a great year of novelties on Dr. Greenstuff.
Thank you all for your support, without that, the last difficulties with the backup system would have been right of me and my motivation to continue.
Indeed, even if for you in the vast majority, the last level is a success, I was very disappointed by my backup system.
On the one hand it brings many problems that do not exist without reloading, and second, it prevents me from making content updates as I would like.
After a good time of nervousness, I decided to take some rest and enjoy the holidays while thinking about the events.
Here I am, I reassure you in good form and more motivated than ever, I will not let go of anything and will not abandon the project. I will continue to fight!
So, in 2 days, I solved the main bugs!
But here after several tests, my save system always prevents me from making content updates correctly.
I will continue my tests but there are 2 solutions that emerge.
1-I manage to run the system of save: I make you regular updates for 2/3 months until the end of the game.
2-I can not run my backup system: I take 2 months to complete the game and you book a full version, meanwhile there will be no update.
I'll let you know the results.
In any case, I remind you that we are still in Alpha Early Access and therefore some will have to start their game again. (In spite of me, really sorry but I did everything to prevent that).

List of patches:

* The Esc key does not disappear the mouse cursor when using the PC.
* Modification typo on the butter recipe.
* Change typo price empty pot.
* The oven does not always turn off (Best result but still work).
* Less loss of FPS when using the Spy Cam (Best result but still work).
* The pockets of nettles do not disappear anymore after reloading the game.
* We can now buy several "Haschich Press", it appears correctly at the post office once ordered.
* We no longer lose the accessories of "Haschich press" during unpacking (Spare parts remain accessible to the store "La verte").
* The laptop PC no longer bug.
* Fix the problem that prevents the storage of hashish in the inventory.
* Touny does not appear when you are outside your apartment.
* We can not save when the secateur or watering can is in hand. That will prevent their disappearance during reloading.
* Cut a Weed male does not appear 2 empty pots.
* The goal "Touny Cakes" disappears from the board when the quest is over.
Dr Greenstuff - blackdiskettestudio

Hashish Press:
-If you have already bought: Go to the store "La Verte" and buy the accessory box Haschich press.
This will allow you to get the missing parts when ordering the press.
-If you have not bought it yet: Make your purchase on the Darkweb then go to the post office.
There is the cardboard. It is still buggy and will appear pink. But you can still transport it to your home and unpack it with a right click.

* The trash is modified to avoid what makes your apartment disappear.
* The unpacking of the sprout bin has been modified to prevent the lid from appearing on the other side of a wall.
* The GameOver should work better now, but I still have some tests to do.
* Glasses filled with cutaneous hormone can empty into the lever properly.

More problem will be fix at the end of the week with the next Update.

Christmas presents :
Available in your apartment (limited edition, available until mid-january).

EDIT WARNING : After the first test,press parts can't be buy to the store after reloading the old save game.And the gift is only give for a new game.I will try to fix all this as soon as possible.thks for understanding.
Dr Greenstuff - blackdiskettestudio
After hours and hours of work, I am proud to present the first part of the "Second Life" level.
Yes! It's time for you to put your farming skills to the test.

This version contains:
* Second life level 1st part and prologues.
* A simulation of cannabis cultivation never seen before.
* 5 famous Streamers / Youtubers who lend their voices.
* 4 quests: (Maid's Quest/Erik's Quest / Jeremy's Quest / Touny's Quest).
* Arrange your apartment and your space of culture as you wish.
* Make your own fertilizer.
* Make Space Cakes.
* Make hashish (2 recipes)
* Create your first contacts within the neighborhood.
* Exercise the art of cuttings and create good mother plants.
* Evolve and do your own business in a level of 85000 m².
* Cultivate outdoors and indoors.

More additions will come early 2019
Dr Greenstuff - blackdiskettestudio
* Duplication plants when watering with a watering can solved.
* Duplicating plants when watering with a water bottle solved.
* Duplication plants when watering with a Bottle of fertilizer solved.
* Duplicate plants when watering with Auto-Sprinkler solved.
* Duplication plateau in dry-3000 solved.
* Duplication watering solved
* You can not water many plants at the same time by pressing the LMB.
* Watering the neon box is now easier.
* Planting nettles in the neon box was reviewed, it works better but still work to do.
* Bug Filter Vaccum that launches itself and does not filter resolved.
* Patient bug that no disappears once cured resolved.
* New jump noise.
* Sound volume of empty watering-can reduced
* Reduced Vaccum Filter Volume
* Reduced mixer volume
Dr Greenstuff - blackdiskettestudio
* Modification of the control system. The last update has brought a lot of
problems in the control of the game. Everything is fine now.
Forget the right click mouse. You can lift the objects only with left click.

* Targeting system to catch an object has been greatly improved, you can now
catch objects more easily.

* The orange texture of the pots gives way to a black texture that represents a
plastic pot for more realism.

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