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Hello everyone! We would like to kick off the weekend with a new update to Depixtion!


Steam Achievements
Get rewarded for chilling out with Depixtion

Brightened Layer Borders
We made those borders just a bit brighter so you can relax those eyes a little.

Linux Build Now Available
We know Linux users enjoy a good puzzle. Especially logical ones.

Option to Hide Timer
Don't like stress in your Picross games? That's cool with us. Go ahead and turn off that timer.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where Buttons would be highlighted as if a controller is plugged in when using mouse controls.
  • Depixtion no longer saves puzzles with no progress made on them.
  • Fixed exploit that allowed players to regain Stars lost after using Check mistakes.

We want to thank the awesome community that's starting to form around us. We'd like to share one of the reviews one of our players gave us!

Depixtion - DevHourGames
Hey everyone!

We finally managed to get all of our E3 2019 pictures all into one place!

Check out the link below for some #E3 goodness!
Depixtion - DevHourGames
Version 1.1.1 of Depixtion is now live!

We're happy to announce that Version 1.1.1 of Depixtion is now available! This update includes various fixes to bugs recently brought to our attention by the community.

  • Fixed Click Drag Bug
  • Adjusted Font to be more legible on larger puzzles
  • Added Colored indicators around the panel buttons to better show which layer you have selected
  • Various cosmetic fixes

-=Coming Next Update=-
  • Steam Achievements!

-=Things After That=-
  • Custom Color Palette (Colorblind Friendly!)
  • Controller Re-mapping
  • Column/Row Drag Lock
  • Counting System
  • Advanced Tutorial

We hope you enjoy the fixes included in this update! Steam Achievements are up next, and we hope you're all as excited as we are for them!
Depixtion - DevHourGames
We are happy to announce that after a successful showing at E3, (where we met everyone from Tim Schafer to Mark Cerny!) Depixtion is officially available to play on Steam!

It has been quite the journey thus far, but it's far from over! We plan on adding a suite of additional options and optimizations to Depixtion in the near future. Expect the first patch to be uploaded very soon!

Thanks to our fans out there, and we are excited to make many more!

Depixtion - DevHourGames
Depixtion Demo v0.9.1 is out now!

We've implemented full controller support alongside a bunch of other quality of life improvements! We hope you enjoy it!

See you at E3!
Depixtion - DevHourGames
Hello everyone! We are pleased to announce that an exclusive demo for Depixtion is now available on!

The demo contains 6 puzzles that allow you to experience the full range of color that Depixtion has to offer. Go check it out!

Depixtion - DevHourGames
Hey Everyone! With our official launch date of June 13th right around the corner, we'd thought you all would like to get a chance to try Depixtion out for yourself! On May 31st, we will be uploading a free demo of Depixtion exclusively to This demo will contain 6 playable puzzles so you can experience the full range of color that Depixtion has to offer. See you on May 31st!

Depixtion - DevHourGames
We at DevHour Games are happy to announce that we will be in attendance at E3 2019 alongside the National Videogame Museum! We will be demonstrating both our upcoming puzzle game Depixtion, as well as a recreation of the National Videogame Museum within the classic 1995 FPS, Doom. This is an enormous opportunity for us, and we are going to do our best to impress! Follow us on social media to check out our progress, and if you're heading to E3 yourself, come see us!

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