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21 ก.พ.
Eastshade - Eastshade Studios
1.08a is live!
-made it impossible to escape gazebo, so now you can't escape Nika when she's trying to show you the eclipse (preventing resulting bugs)
-got rid of monkey civilian on top of bear civilian in Nava
-removed autosave when entering new zones, fixing the issue with save corruption
-made sleepy music go through the Music channel, so it responds to volume options now
-made quest log autoscroll for controllers
-fixed "The Elixir of Life" bug where it registers picking up the wrong hotspring (if you're stuck trying to get the howling caverns hot spring but says you already have it, try collecting the Westspring bluff hot spring, even if you already got it)
-fixed regression in saving from 1.08 (was around for about two hours)
17 ก.พ.
Eastshade - Eastshade Studios
1.07 is live!
  • Unlocked console (tilde '~') for free use of one command "WarpToLyndow" in case your save is bugged from falling through the world. You can use all console commands if you do "EnableCheats" but achievements won't work for that save.
  • Fixed 'Keeper of the Forest' achievement. It is retroactively compatible if you've already beaten the game with it satisfied, just load your save and you will get the achievement.
  • "Locked Box" now completes if you give the box to Samira. Should be retroactively compatible if you've already completed the quest. Just load your save.
  • locked ability to load from Machra area, because doing so breaks many things.
  • made it so you can't have a cold death during the "The Thief of Sinkwood Inn" quest
  • swapped Chinese font to NotoSans, making all characters consistent
  • made fixes and improvements to translations
  • fixed transparent shaders not respecting FoV shaders after changing AA back from TAA
  • candles, fabric, and boards no longer regrow
Eastshade - Eastshade Studios
Hi everyone!

If you are a Discord user, feel free to join Eastshade's very own public discord, where you can discuss the game, help one another out if you get stuck, report bugs, and see game and patch announcements.

And also we've pushed some new fixes:

  • made all harvestables regrow after 3 days
  • can now walk through large bushes instead of on top of them
  • many fixes to the French localization- font-related errors, text overflow errors, and translations errors
  • removed save lock from Sanja's quest, fixing the infinite save lock if players wish to leave the quest unfinished
  • fixed issue where some world state data was persisting between loads, bugging certain quests when reloading, for example Nika getting stuck in jug head quest.
  • fixed sky regression where moon, sun, clouds, etc were not showing
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Alice Bell)

Alice is on holiday, so this week it’s me, Alice, filling in for Alice. We’re deep in the trenches now, the game trenches, the February onslaught of releases. Metro is only just in our rear view mirror, and Brendan is almost a broken man. Anthem is in its bizarre week of early release for people who’ll pay for EA’s special version of Origins. Apelegs is taking the Battles Royales by storm. There is too much to do, so I might not remind people to send me what they’re playing, just so I don’t have to put it in this document, because I am busy playing some of the games that we have to play. I know, what a ridiculous thing to moan about, hey?

What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’re clicking on!


14 ก.พ.
Eastshade - Eastshade Studios
Hey everyone! The launch has been hectic, and we're a little overwhelmed, but we are elated to see so many people enjoying the game! It warms our hearts to read about people's wonderful experiences getting immersed in the land of Eastshade :).

We're grateful for everyone reporting bugs, and we're working very hard to continue to improve the game! We understand that performance can be spotty at times with certain hardware, and indeed, scene loading causes a hitch on pretty much all hardware. We care deeply about performance (you wouldn't believe how much work goes into getting it as optimized as it currently is!) and improving this is very high priority for us and we will continue to optimize!

A few of you have encountered quest bugs, saving/loading bugs, and progress impeding bugs, and those are even higher priority for the moment. Today is the first of many patches!

version 1.04
-fixed save locking from entering gazebo without talking to Nika
-fixed bird kid sequence happening while player is freezing
-fixed missing characters in Chinese fonts
-fixed missing VO line from pilot
-fixed woodworker's/bicycle sellers double "No thanks" choices
-removed the dark branch of the Architect quest
-potential fix for save locking when getting punched by Ehsan
-fixed a missing string in the paint over menu
-fixed the ability to use the '@' character in the bug reporter
-fixed issue where russian subtitles get smaller and smaller

Finally, Mac and Linux are planned, but first we want to fix the biggest of our bugs, and do some optimization.

Thanks so much everyone for taking a chance on our weird indie game! And making our release amazing!
13 ก.พ.
Eastshade - Eastshade Studios
The wait is over! The open-world adventure game where you play as a traveling artist, is finally available for Windows, with Mac/Linux in the works.
Eastshade - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (John Walker)

There was a time when I wasn’t quite sure about paint ’em up Eastshade. It’s a slow starter, a little clumsy with its introductions, a little distant. But over time it won me over, really won me over. And now, as I idly sail a boat I’ve built through the twisting caverns on the coast, listening to the beautiful violin strains, discovering magical caves, I’m just in love with it. Enough that I’ll be just fine when the quote used from this on their store page reads, “I’m just in love with it.”


Leaving Lyndow - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Dominic Tarason)

Eastshade seems a much calmer take on open world fantasy adventures than most. It may have crafting and construction, but there’s no swords or bows or guns, just painting. Set up your easel, take in the scenes of its mellow fantasy world, and then trade the artwork to characters in exchange for items, information and more. If Wandersong was a fantasy bard simulator, then this is rarer still – a wandering artisan sim. The product of years of work by Eastshade Studios, the game is very nearly complete and due out on February 13th. Enjoy the sights in the new trailer below.


Eastshade - Eastshade Studios
Howdy all! After five years of toiling away on this weird world, we're excited to bring you the news that Eastshade will be released for PC on February 13th, 2019. To celebrate, we've also released a new trailer! Check it out here on steam, or on youtube if you prefer.

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