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Paradox's CEO, Fredrik Wester, has just finished delivering the opening press conference of the Paradox Convention 2013. Announcements included new expansions, a new game, and something involving the thunderous thespian Brian Blessed. Read on for a complete run down of the convention's revelations.

War of the Roses gets Brian Blessed DLC

Gordon's alive! This announcement is bizarre, yet somehow appropriate. A bit like Blessed himself.

In February, War of the Roses will be getting a DLC pack that will feature the vocal talents of the sonorous Brian Blessed. No details yet on Blessed's role, but you can bet it will involve many decibels. The game will also be holding a free trial.

The Showdown Effect blasts into beta

Pre-orders for the cliché-filled 2.5D multiplayer action game will begin today. Everyone who pre-orders will get instant access to the beta.

The pre-order page isn't live yet, but it should be available at some point in the next few hours. Here's the website, and here's a trailer:

Pagans invade Crusader Kings II

Some long awaited news for the feudal feuding strategy, as playable pagans will finally be made available. The Old Gods expansion will focus on Vikings and Pagans, and add landless adventurer characters.

The chance to bother the Scandinavians as a Norse warrior has been at the top of the community's wishlist since the game's release. The Old Gods will also set Crusader Kings 2's starting date back to 867 AD.

Victoria II: The African campaign

Also to be expanded is colonial grand strategy title Victoria II. The Heart of Darkness add-on will focus on Africa, as you "compete with other colonial powers and experience international crises which require Great Power mediation if the world is to avoid war." It will also feature new naval combat.

Ship gets real

The conference also announced a brand new game, Leviathan Warships, complete with the excellent tagline: "Ship just got real."

It's a strategic action game, in which players build and customise their own fleet of warships to pit against three other players. The game will support multiplatform cross-play, with PC, Mac, iOS and Android versions planned.
Product Release - Valve
The American Civil War Spritepack is now available for Victoria II on Steam!

This spritepack will give you 12 historically authentic modelled units for the “American Civil War Era” with new animations, for a more realistic and more beautiful game atmosphere. Units are equipped with muskets, sabres, kepis, hardee hats and much more.

Product Release - Valve
The all new expansion, A House Divided, is now available for Victoria II on Steam!

The first expansion to Victoria II focuses on American Civil War era and enhances the political and economical aspects of the game. Carefully guide your nation from the era of absolute monarchies in the early 19th century, through expansion and colonization, to finally become a truly great power by the dawn of the 20th century.

Additionally, the rest of the Victoria catalog is 66% off today as part of the Daily Deal! Offer expires February 3rd at 10AM Pacific time.

Announcement - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 66% off Victoria and Victoria II.

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

Announcement - Valve
Act now and take advantage of huge savings! Paradox Strategy Pack is available at 75% off during the Midweek Madness sale. Offer ends Thursday at 10am PDT.

This Strategy Pack includes Hearts of Iron III, Europa Universalis III, the Victoria series, and others!

2011 年 3 月 15 日
Product Release - Valve
Three new content packs for Victoria II, Interwar Artillery Sprite Pack, Interwar Planes Sprite Pack and the Old Vic Graphic Pack, are now available on Steam!

Each of the Sprite packs introduce unique uniforms for your units. The Old Vic pack improves the interface graphics of Victoria II, adding an overall depth and feel inspired by classic Victorian offices.

To commemorate these releases, Victoria II and the Victoria Complete Pack are 60% off until March 22nd at 10AM Pacific Time!

Product Release - Valve
New DLC for Victoria II is now available!

The Interwar Spritepack adds updated uniforms for the interwar period between WW1 and WW2. From 1919 and forward, 12 countries are able to receive new unique historically correct uniforms.

Includes Infantry Uniforms for: Austrian, British, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and US armies.

2010 年 10 月 6 日
Product Update - Valve
Updates to Victoria II have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

New Features
  • Difficulty is back, with lots of different effects.
  • Added a sphere overview to the outliner
  • Added flags in zoomed out mode to represent armies and navies on the map.
  • When releaseing a nation you are now able to select that you want to continue playing as them. (singleplayer only, but will not make them a satellite.)
New Countries
  • Added Israel, South Rhodesia, Congo Free State & Iceland as releasable countries.
  • You can now form the Byzantine Empire if you play as a greek state and achieve a few goals.
  • Playable Babylon added as a free DLC integrated in the patch.

AI Improvements
* Diplomacy AI
  • AI will now try to influence and remove other GPs influence from countries it wants to attack
  • AI is more likely to cancel alliances with those that occupy their territory.
  • Countries which has cores in other countries no longer want to ally with them
  • AI less keen on expelling advisors
  • Fixed a bug which made the GP AI misjudge the influence gain of other GPs
  • AI now less likely to sphere unciv neighbors with low production output
  • AI now a bit more stubborn when feeling superior to another country when determining peace chance
  • AI should now be able to intervene in wars
  • AI now takes possible intervention into account when evaluating wars
  • Made sphere leaders slightly more friendly towards spherees
  • AI doesn't really like to intervene and help out countries with high badboy
  • AI now dislikes provinces it cannot reach even if has lots of goodie factorys and gold RGOs
  • AI now likes countries which can get canals built through them
  • Fixed a serious bug that made the AI overconfident when going to war
  • AI now considers neighbors more of a threat when evaluating enemies allies, and allies close to war target is considered slightly better
  • AI will no longer count countries in their own sphere as allies when evaluating if another country should be allied with.
  • Great powers will now consider allying with people outside their sphere.
  • AI is now less likely to break alliances.
  • AI can now cancel alliances because of CB against allied
  • There's now a small distance penalty when evaluating non-neighboring states as target of wargoals
* Economic AI
  • Fixed an issue with AI budget minister assuming it could take loans when it couldn't
  • Fixed an issue with AI budget minister not always taking the cost of the national stockpile into account
  • AI now tries to lower taxes for rich strata to make them invest more in projects
  • AI should now build and upgrade naval bases in decent positions
  • AI no longer tries to upgrade factories that are already being upgraded
  • AI should now promote more craftmen/clerks
  • AI will now save some more money in the budget
  • AI is now better at promoting Capitalists to kickstart the economy.
* Military AI
  • A country that has heavily occupied core territory will now mobilize
  • Army AI: Splits off siege forces when dealing with rebel occupied provinces
  • Army AI: now properly considers areas with rebels "war zones"
  • AI now considers Military Tactics a bit stronger when calculating troop strength
* Tech AI
  • tech ai should now be more resonable
  • AI should be a little bit better at keeping up in naval tech research.
  • more ai evaluation to watch out for nasty gas
  • Clean coal tech is now also desired by iron producers.
  • Electricity is now more desirable by great powers.
  • The AI will now focus on national focus techs if a greaterpower or having a big population.
Gamebalance Changes
* Great Powers
  • GP intervention now requires the country to have a "Friendly" opinion of the GP
  • Once a GP has formed its union tag it no longer gets the free assert hegemnoy CB vs other nations with the union tag.
  • Assert Hegemony wargoal changed into removing the all nations within the same culture group from being either in the sphere or being vassals. It also sets the relation back to neutral.
  • Changed warscore for Hegemony to 6 for each sphere member or vassal
  • Military and industrial score now have higher theoretical maximum
  • Halfed impact from leaders on military score.
  • In order to intervene in a war, a nation targeted by a wargoal need to have at least cordial opinion of the nation wanting to intervene
  • Removing a country from a sphere now incurs an influence drop as well
  • Relation now has slightly less effect on suppressing wars if countries have valid CBs
  • It's no longer possible to call your sphereleader again and again into a war as a spheree
  • Lowered influence cost of discredit, upped the effect(-50% -> -75%)
  • You can no longer influence any country you have a truce with.
* Diplomacy
  • Its no longer possible to release satellites when at war.
  • Relations now have slightly more effect on military access chance
  • It's no longer possible to add wargoals to a side that has a Status Quo wargoal added to it
  • The first nation that intervenes in a war will always become warleader, subsequent joins will never become warleader
  • Called allies never become warleader in Status Quo has been added to that side
  • It's no longer possible to negotiate with minors if you have added non-annex wargoals and the other side has added status quo
  • All states that are annexed by a minor in a war are now added as "Free people" wargoals(up to 150 warscore worth)
  • Status Quo wargoal is now removed if someone annexes a minor(since it will be replaced with Free People wargoals)
  • No longer possible to call allies into civil war
  • Rebel territory is now disregarded when occupation percentage is compared.
  • Releasing nations now reduce infamy and prestige

* Capitalists
  • Capitalists are no longer restricted to building factories/railroads in the state they live in.
  • Capitalists now select a couple of states to invest in rather than distribute money over the entire nation
  • Capitalist build selection now less random, are nowmuch more likeley to listen to national focus.
  • Capitalist projects now responds to economic policy changes
  • Capitalists should now invest some of their money in projects before buying luxuaries
  • Capitalist should now consider available inputs when determining projects
  • Capitalists now better at investing in projects before their needs
  • Capitalists will now focus fully on creating new factories when they have none and slow down their investment to support their life needs
* Pop Migration
  • POPs are even less likely to move to desert or arctic provinces.
  • POPs are slightly more likely to move to coastal provinces
  • Migrating pops now understands that unemployment is not an ideal dream.
  • Factory workers won't move to colonies anymore.
  • Pops now understand that migrating where unemployment exists is bad.
  • Pops getting luxury goods are no longer keen on migrating.
  • Soldiers will not migrate to provinces where farmers and labourers are heavily unemployed.
* Pop Promotion
  • Pops will no longer promote away from what a national focus desires.
  • Fixed a few problems which caused pops to demote when they shouldn't.
  • Pops promoting gets consciousness to 0 now.
  • Pops are less likely to promote to capitalists where there is low amount of beurucrats or if they have low literacy.
  • Artisans will not consider becoming capitalists if the capitalists are not well off.
  • Capitalists are now less likely to be promoted in low pop areas or if they are non-accepted culture.
  • Pops are less likely to become bureaucrats if the admin slider is low.
  • Low literacy is now a proper penalty on beuruecrat promotion.
  • Rebalanced crime slider impact on bureaucrat promotion.
  • Pops will not promote to aristocrats if aristocrats can't get all luxury goods.
  • Pops promoting to bureuacrats of accepted culture will not auto-assimilate into non-accepted.
  • Pops will no longer want to become aristocrats if there is already 2% in a province.
  • Clergy will not promote to beuruecrats if there is more spending on clergy than on beurues.
  • Clergy will not promote to artistocrats if you fully fund clergy.
  • Clergy and Literacy now impact researchspeed more and country status less.
  • Clergy is no longer desired to promote to when the optimal is reached.
  • Made a small increase in promotion for farmers and labourers to craftsmen if there is work for them.
  • Pops will not promote to soldiers if there is lots of soldier pops not recruited.
  • Pops are less likely to become soldiers if payment is bad.
  • Craftsmen doing well is now far more likely to promote to clerks.
  • Pops will not promote to officers if already at optimal cap percentage unless a national focus is there.
* Politics
  • Conservatives now properly allow social reforms at scaled militancy.
  • Fixed a consistency with militancy to support reform calculation.
  • There is now less of a militancy decrease when enacting a reform.
  • You can now only change ruling party once a year.
  • Ideology changing on pops from events is no longer divided by 100.
  • You can now release union tag countries if nobody with this tag exists (crush krakow->release poland->victory)
  • Ruling party is now set to one of the same ideology you had, after a tag change.
  • Free peoples now work on union tag countries that already exists
  • Pops of the primary culture will never assimilate now.
* Revolutions
  • Rebels of union tags can now spawn if no country with culture exist
  • Reliability is now applied correctly.
  • Rebels now have a bit better organisation, and will be more likely to form in bigger armies.
  • Inventions are now inherited when a country is formed.
  • When a rebellion ends in any way, all pops who symphatized with that rebelfaction lose militancy.
  • Pan-nationalists are now limited in spawning, not in enforcing
  • Rebelfactions grow stronger a little faster now.
  • Provinces seceding from events will now get militancy&consciousness reset.
  • Government change is now updated when rebels enforce their demands, thust nationalists rising under one fog wont change the country they broke free from when they do so, should that country had changed during their insurection.
  • All alliances, SoIs and influence cleared by revolutions
  • Rebels are now far less likely to rise on their own.
  • General risings will now set the organisation of a faction to 0.
  • Rebel organisation gains are now colored correctly.
  • Soldiers now only revolt when the rest of the faction is close to ready to rise.
  • Getting a revolution succeeding in your country now reduces 10% of your current prestige instead of -5.
* Armies
  • Naturalbornleader trait is now good.
  • Experience for already recruited troops are now affected from tech discoveries the next time they get some r&r.
  • Units forced to retreat now cancel previous movement before doing so.
  • Gas is now a bit less awesome, also the modifier is exported in defines for tweaking
  • Artillery added to combat after first day is now more likely to avoid frontline duties.
  • Pops now take higher casualties when a unit takes damage.
  • Battles at endgame now gets bloodier, and attack value is only for attacker and defend value for defender, with each value giving +10% extra damage dealt.
  • Discipline now reduces morale damage taken only.
  • Units in exile status will not attempt to siege which they weren't allowed to in the first case.
  • If you have access to a countries territory, you also have access through its vassals.
* Navies
  • Fleets now check hull value instead of number of ships for "overrun".
  • Ships now costs about 20x as much to upkeep.
  • Canals are now blocked if the controller is hostile.
  • Each level of navalbase now gives a little less range.
  • Admirals should no longer get traits and backgrounds that affect reliability.
* Mobilisation
  • Mobilised troops will not transfer over automatically when a province is taken.
  • Only accepted and primary cultures can be mobilized now.
* Technology
  • Literacy gain doubled.
  • Made a large overhaul of how often inventions spawn and which spawn for each country and when.
  • Plurality is now far worse for tech research.
  • Reworked a few inventions that reduced plurality to instead modify other aspects.
  • Education efficiency inventions are now far better.
  • Aesthetic techs now increase prestige impacts by a bigger margin than before.
  • Philosophy techs now increase research speed instead of prestige.
  • Psychology techs now affect reinforcement rate and experience of regulars.
  • Social Thought techs are now both colonisation and education efficiency.
  • Market functionality techs are now affecting great power influence.
  • Organisation techs now affects output.
  • Reduced factory out effect from power techs, front loaded the RGO tech effects so the total bonus are same but your receive more earlier.
  • Reduced effect of pop-growth inventions.
  • Gas-attack and defend is now triggered from a later tech, and gas-defend is only possible to get from fighting with countries that have gas-attack.
  • Rebalanced effects from some naval inventions. Steamer Transports are now far worse, while Dreadnoughts and Cruisers got a nice buff.
* Economy
  • Added more pre-reqs to the formations of canals.
  • Factory output are now affected by your economic policy. LF is by far the best.
  • Rebalanced goods demands for pops.
  • Added demand for fuel at various places.
  • Pop projects are now re-evaluated if they building a new/expanding factory and factories are added to state, either conquered or player-built, but only if there aren't enough workers
  • Under Lassiez Faire, each state can now have 1 closed factory(2 if they are the only factories in the state)
  • Factories can now be upgraded to far higher levels than just 5, if needed.
  • Maintenance goods are now only consumed if they make a difference to the output
  • check if countries can take loans in budget ai now also checks bankruptcy
  • fixed an overflow issue when calculating potential project profits
  • Only cultured bureaucrats now contributes to tax efficiency
  • Factories no longer skip buying input if the input good is also needed for maintanace.
  • Pop demands in non-colonial territories is now increased by plurality.
  • Pension costs now properly calculated
  • Fixed calculation issue with amount of sold goods from factories
  • Convoy needs now always bought independent of stockpile slider to stop market fluctuations
  • Oversea costs now deducted earlier to stop problems with army using more than they should
  • Selling big stockpiles internally should no longer nuke world price
  • Factories are now updated in different order depending on day, which means same prio factories have an equal chance of getting clerks/craftmen for instance
  • Banks now limit the loans they give based off the creditors tax base
  • Interest payment now much more costly
* War exhaustion.
  • Removed war exhaustion for just being at war
  • Increased all other warexhaustion gains.
  • Exported base combat war exhaustion gain
  • Warexhaustion now declines a bit quicker at peace.
* Slavery
  • You can no longer make conquered provinces in europe into slave states.
  • Making a state into a slave state or not, now have repercussions.
  • Its no longer possible to make a colony into a state when at war.
  • Prevented the USA from abolishing slavery early if during the slavery debate.
Database Changes
* Balance
  • Prussia, Austria and Russia have somewhat better relations at start.
  • Disease events now more expensive
  • Increased weight for nationalist_rebels
  • Added MTTH modifiers to delay the ACW
  • Britain now enjoys cordial relations with Johore
  • Increased the military spending penalty from signing the Geneva Convention.
  • Reduced MTTH:s for regional and colonial fairs
  • Removed ships from danish and swedish oob.
  • Increased conservative weight toward nationalist rebel type.
  • CSA should now get some leadership when they break free.
  • Reduced prestige gain from Penal Colonies
  • PAP can now be inherited when Italy unites
  • Safaris should now give a lot less prestige
  • Cavour's Diplomacy should now remove SAR cores from territories ceded to FRA, and give cores on Lombardy
  • Chanoine's Expedition now only requries naval statistics
  • Fabric factories require less inputs
  • Fixed a problem with event "Miliary Intelligence Spreads" firing too often
  • minority_building_restrictions now gives less assimilation bonus and more militancy
  • The Prussian tech school is now actually good.
  • FRA's palais_garnier decision now requires expressionism0
  • RGO spread events now more likely in capitals
  • Most minority events now hit state scope rather than province scope. Their mtths have been altered to hopefully reflect this.
  • Tweaked the descent into wishy washy Liberalism caused by bleeding heart abolitionists
  • Nationalist rebels should now be ever so slightly more common
  • changed power techs to increase factory throughput
  • made it more likely that explosives will actually make money
* Setup
  • Gave Chile and Argentina their historical provinces in Patagonia from game start
  • Slightly increased the life rating of the far North of Canada and the Australian outback.
  • UCA_reactionary economic policy -> State capitalism
  • Added Bureaucrats both here and there to AUS
  • MEX no longer has "The Command Principle"
  • Made Texas' regiments cavalry, guards and artillery
  • Fixed an issue with Panjab's main army taking attrition on day one
  • Fixed a problem with Persia's main army taking attrition on day one
  • Kokand's and Bukhara's armies no longer suffer attrition on day one
  • Added some more cores for HND
  • Renamed EGY_921 to "Palestine"
  • Made ORA use a nice hue of orange as country color
  • Fixed issue with PHI reactionary party not being set to reactionary ideology
  • The Netherlands now allow Slavery at game start
  • Fixed an issue with several mainstream US parties having a residency citizenship policy
  • NIP_conservative and NIP_conservative_2 set to support state_capitalism
  • Added in further modifiers to army inventions
  • Italian Socialists now organise a party much earlier
  • Fixed an issue with ALD not having cores on French Algeria
  • Scripted in political party names for ISR, ICE and BYZ
  • Fixed a problem with region sub-divisions in EGY/TUR
  • Irish Conservative party should now last the entire game
  • Austria-Hungary now has a different color.
  • KUK is now non-releasable
  • Baden now has new Defualt, Monarchy and Republic flag
  • West Hawaii seazone fixed
  • West Magellan straigt fixed
  • Made the USCA upper house more reactionary to prevent reforms being passed
  • Removed Austrian Cores from Northern Italy
  • San Antonio now has a fort (The Alamo, remember it)
  • Several of Mexico's infantry units set to irregulars
  • Fixed a problem with ICL's conservative party expiring too early
  • Split Bas-Congo into 'Bas-Congo' and 'Equatorial'
  • moved Aosta into Piemote State to prevent split states
  • Gave Piedmont a military Industrial Complex
  • Moved Jamaica and The Cayman Islands to the Caribbean Islands region
  • Renamed "Greater Antilles" region to "Cuba"
  • Maputo province renamed Lourenzo Marques
  • Added SCA cores to Flensburg and Aabenraa
  • Eisenstadt is no longer a core of HUN
  • USA_prussian_constitutionalism now named 'The Kingdom of America'
  • anti_jacobin_tract now uses core_pop_consciousness_modifier
  • ENG_bourgeois_dictatorship -> Republic of Britannia
  • Soldier POP in Malmö partly transferred to Stockholm
  • Reshuffled Sudanese provinces and states a bit, and gave them some better names
  • Lebanon & Formosa now have proper names
  • Fixed region names in The Congo
  • Fixed Cameroon Region names
  • Broke the back of Mexican militarism by sending thousands of soldiers off to the reeducation camps. World now safer for democracy.
  • DES is now a civilized country
  • Fixed a problem with a superflous comma in the Mexican leader names
  • Fixed an issue with primary cultures for MCK and MGL
  • Added in some missing modifiers to pru.con. monarchies for invention triggering
  • Alaska set to colonial
  • Belgium now accepts French culture
  • RUS, ENG, and GER will now be called The ADJ Empire if absolute monarchies or prussian constitutionalist
  • Harare region renamed Zambezi.
  • Proletarian dictatorship Ottomania will now be called Turkey
  • GER_2530 and AST_2528 now renamed Northern New Guinea and Southern New Guinea
* Events & Decisions
  • Added the "Peking Convention" and "Russian Vladivostok" decisions to RUS
  • Added a decision to allow ITA to move its capital to Rome
  • Added events to represent the Doctrine of Lapse, allowing the UK to annex Indian Minors who haven't behaved themselves.
  • Added a decision 'The Vega Expedition' to SWE
  • Added a decision 'The British South Africa Company' to ENG (Zambezi -> Southern Rhodesia, Harare -> Salisbury)
  • Added a decision 'Kaiser-Wilhelms-Land' to GER (Northern New Guinea -> Kaiser-Wilhelms-Land)
  • Added a decision 'Megali Idea' to GRE
  • Added a decision 'Motala Verkstad' to SWE
  • Added a decision 'Borggårdstalet!' to SWE
  • Added in a few mostly harmless events
  • Added a decision 'Miskatonic University' for NEN
  • Added a decision 'The Walhalla' to BAV
  • Added a decision 'Introduce the Presbyteries' to HAN
  • Added a decision 'Build The Gotthard Tunnel' to SWI
  • Added a decision 'The Lambert Charter' to FRA
  • Added a decision 'End The Merina Monarchy' to FRA
  • Added a new country, RHO
  • Southern Rhodesia, cores placed by decision British South Africa Company
  • Added a new decision 'Host the Congo Conference', with a couple of follow up events.
  • Added a new event 'Rubber from The Congo!'
  • Added a new event 'The Congo Reform Association'
  • Added a new decision 'Annex The Congo'
  • Added a new decision 'Explore the Congo!' for BEL (Renames Leopold-, Elisabeth
  • and Stanleyville)
  • Added a new decision 'Brazza's Expedition' for FRA (Renames Brazzaville)
  • Added a decision 'von Moltke's Reforms' to PRU
  • Added a decision 'Kanun-i-Esasi' to TUR
  • Added a decision 'Encourage The Ruhr Boom' to PRU, NGF or GER
  • Wrote a new event 4430
  • Added a decision 'Build The Eiffel Tower' to FRA
  • Provided decision 'The Bonnie Blue Flag' with text and event modifier.
  • Wrote decision "King of Kings, Ruler of Rulers" to form the Byzantine Empire
  • Rewrote the anarcho-liberal enabling text.
  • Forming KUK will now add KUK cores to all provinces with Austrian cores.
  • Forming KUK will now remove all AUS cores from provinces not of south german culture.
  • Expedition of the Thousand should now give you North and South Italian culture
  • Legation Quarter event now gives CB to the offended power
  • Ionian Islands question decision now has tech requirements
  • Republic of Neuchâtel decision now requires you to be SWI
  • CB Event "Ship Explodes!" now gives cut_down_to_size CB
  • CB Event "Ship Explodes!" can no longer fire versus Allies
  • GER should no longer be able to annex AUS by having it in its SoI unless HUN exists
  • Crown from the Gutter is now sent to neither AUS nor KUK unless HUN exists
  • Three Hurrahs decision no longer annexes AUS nor KUK unless HUN exists
  • All events that reduce the stockpile should now only fire if there are corresponding goods in the stockpile
  • Wrote a decision for ENG to hand over Caribou to USA
  • Renamed 'Support Ruhr Industrialism' to 'Support The Krupp Family'
  • Removed crazy mtth modifiers from World Fairs. They should now be less likely.
  • Metz should now join the SGF if Austria forms it.
  • Added a decision 'The Left Bank' to FRA
  • Decision 'Die Wacht am Rhein' now dependent on France's decision 'The Left Bank'.
  • Wrote decision "The Balfour Declaration" to place Israeli cores
  • KUK can now form if AUS prestige is below 80 OR GER exists
  • Events that issue a declaration of war should now also add the CB for said war.
  • Added a decision 'The Confiscations of Mendezibal' to SPA
  • Fixed a small problem with the Guardia Civil decision
  • Added a decision 'Hausmann's Renovations' to FRA
  • Italy now gets its further cores by a special decision 'Italia Irredenta'
  • Germany now gets its core on Heligoland by a special decision 'The Heligoland Question'
Interface Improvements
* Cheats
  • Added a cheatcode "prestige" to add some prestige to your country.
  • The Instant research & construction cheats is now only affecting the player.
  • Fow cheat now works in release mode
* Screens
  • Closed factories no longer show a false cost for being subsidized
  • Project view now shows states with 0 investors if the state has a project, so you no longer need to wonder what happened to you 99% complete factory that suddenly disappeared
  • Cavalry should now allways be visible in unitview if present, even if country cant build more
  • Pop view sort buttons now updates properly when switching province
  • Production output in production screen now more correct
  • Colorized display of factors in lists of factors for pops.
  • Interface should be better at handling fractions of loans
  • Added support for more accepted cultures in the interface
  • Updated projects tab to only show projects in progress
  • Goods icons shown correctly for biggest produced
  • Stockpile slider will be cut as well on bankruptcy if player is not in the budget view at the time
* Tooltips
  • Added some more cases in explanation of when you can't select a certain ruling party.
  • Added detailed explanation to pop literacy change
  • Added tooltips for relation progress.
  • Improved a tooltip for regiments and ships in the unitview.
  • Max speed shown on unit details tooltip
  • Fixed top producers tooltip to take trade into account.
  • Fixed a tooltip on core restricting navalbase distance.
  • Tooltip for colonization should now tell you if you cant colonize due to lack of focus
  • Morale and trait effects are now applied to the org change value shown in the unitview tooltip.
  • Added expiration date for CBs in event/diploview/diplomapmode tooltips
  • trade view now displays actual bought of a good as well as supply/demand in the tooltip
* Map
  • Diplomatic mapmode won't list cb's against yourself anymore.
  • Diplomacy mapmode will only show relations with other country, not the player against itself.
  • Changed colors of infrastructure mapmode so it now shows railroad levels and provinces where railroad cannot be built
  • Ship flags are now shown in ports
  • Fixed some serious lag issues when scrolling around on the map
  • Keyboard scrolling is now disregards multiple arrow key events
  • Keyboard scrolling a bit smoother as well
  • Fixed issue with rgo goods icon not updating
  • Building sprites should now properly update when switching levels
  • Unit stack size indicator now summarizes stacks of neutrals, shows asummary of enemies and a summary of friendlies if friendly stack
* Misc
  • Updated tutorial text about how much clergy you need
  • Autoassign and generate leaders now saved in settings
  • 'Sieges' renamed 'Occupations' in the outliner
  • Added a slider for counter distance in settings menu
  • units now show counter under stacks if < 1000 men
  • Corrected incorrect color codes in localization message for peace negotiations
  • Number of researched techs now properly displayed in endscreen
  • Fixed overwrite problem in textbuffers
  • Chat removal timeout increased to 60 seconds
  • Scrolling in the Loans list should not reset at each tick of day.
  • Reordered the outliner so occupations are shown first
  • Election sounds now played at start and end of election instead of on election event
  • Declaration of war sound now played on intervention
  • Fixed a province event title overflow problem
  • Shortcut for building railroads in the province view is now shift+r to not conflict with 'r' that changes mapmode
User Modding
* Effects
  • Added primary_culture effect
  • Added an 'all_core' effect.
  • Infrastructure event effect now builds railroad
  • new effect "leadership" to give/take leadership points from a country
* Triggers
  • Added a 'crime_higher_than_education = yes/no' trigger to check if crime spending is higher than education spending or not.
  • Added a 'total_pops = x' trigger that checks the current scope.
  • new "rank = " trigger to check a countries ranking
  • new "big_producer " trigger to check if a good is one of its major produced ones
  • new trigger someone_can_form_union_tag =
  • Added a = [0-1] trigger to check current scope how much % of that poptype there is there.
  • Added a new trigger 'rebel_power_fraction = '.
  • Added 'is_secondary_power trigger = yes/no'
  • Added a 'recruited_percentage = [0-1]' trigger to check how much troops is recruited from the soldier base.
* Misc
  • Added modding support for another level of sprites, and for unique units for each landunit type without affecting the checksum.
  • is_greater_power & any_neighbor_country triggers now work from pop-scope.
  • ruling_party_ideology now works from pop-scope.
Performance and Stability
  • WavesVertexDeclaration fixed for older ATI cards.
  • Fixed start issues for people with odd desktop resolutions
  • Map cache can be rebuilt in Release without crashes.
  • Debug reload right click menu no longer enabled in release.
  • Optimised some internal calculations.
  • Game will no longer crash due to ruling party being removed.
  • Fixed crash when drawing unit arrows close to map edge
  • Fixed a crash bug with country name generation
  • Fixed crahsbug in ai sphere recalculation.
  • Fixed a crashbug in the pop details window.
  • Fixed crashbug with the formation of Italy
Generic Bugfixes
* Game Mechanics
  • Strategic AI is now reinitialised properly when resigning and starting a new game, so the AI will no longer be braindead by this.
  • Fixed an issue with discredit effect not being applied correctly
  • Changed a bug which caused countries to influence other countries it had cores in to still influence them(to ban other GPs) but never add them to own sphere
  • It's now possible to intervene in wars containing satellites
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to countries not calling allies or mobilize under certain circumstances
  • Fixed a bug that caused wargoals to become corrupt when changing tags
  • Leaders generated from events will no longer instantly die, and will also have pictures.
  • fixed error when taking many small loans
  • Countries now properly change parties on tag change
  • Fixed issue with luxuary goods supply/demand behaving oddly in the world market
  • Inventions will no longer be able to trigger twice if scripted from the start files.
  • Core giving event now checks for province control
  • Annexed countries spheres is now cleaned up properly.
  • Fixed a problem which caused multiple parties to be duplicated after reloading when your country had changed tags.
  • Fixed a bug with the needs triggers not working as they should.
  • Fixed bug in casus belli update code
* Interface
  • Combats should now be properly selectable if a country switches tag.
  • Now possible to cancel national focus in region 0 (Alaska for humans)
  • No longer possible to repay more debt than you have
  • Fixed a few issues with events having broken picture references
  • Fixed so that move to front on listboxes actually work (making chat allways on top)
  • fixed a rounding error with leadership points display.
  • fixed a calculation error for supply display on some goods
  • Changed province and statenames now saved
  • Sorting leaders by army now actually works
  • No longer possible to turn other peoples colonies into states.
  • Provinceevents will no longer have "null_state" when referring to the state the province is in.
  • Trade sliders no longer drop in value
  • Fixed a bug with combat width limitation being displayed for the wrong positions.
* Database Files
  • Fixed a spelling error in Portugese leader names
  • German text no longer get cut in lobby.
  • Fixed a bug with a rebel modifier scripted wrong
  • Fixed some spelling errors in the tutorial as reported.
  • War Gamming renamed War Gaming
  • Added in a timed modifier to prevent Excavation spam for EGY
  • Republic of Neuchâtel now removes NGF and GER cores as well as PRUssian.
  • Witwatersrand Gold Rush now a modifier instead of a flag
  • RGO Spread Events should no longer fire in provinces that already have the modifier
  • Fixed issues with province LRs foobared due to lack of linebreak for province(s): 280, 2702, 1002, Lima
  • Fixed several spelling issues in the tutorial
  • Fixed an issue with country tag not set properly by the politics tutorial
  • Wrote a better ADM_DESC
  • Fixed a trigger problem with event 32508
  • fixed text overflow on becoming GP
  • free people wargoal now has proper check for union tags
  • North American minors should no longer be able to apply for statehood if the USA is at war
  • Fixed issue with event 13150 genociding an entire province
  • Unification decisions can no longer be enacted if at war
  • Indian Sepoys should no longer spawn in south_asian countries
  • Fixed an issue with Trinket Minimum Wage being named differently in the reform and issue lists
  • Decisions to civilize no longer possible to enact during wartime.
  • fixed a typo in the constitutional convention event
  • Fixed an issue with the "Europeans Harassed" event reducing population by 50% instead of 5%
  • Fixed a problem with spelling of Flemish/Dutch/Belgian parties
  • Fixed a problem with Hondura's adjective form
  • Fixed a problem with Union nations having unification CBs
  • Fixed an issue with province Kuala Lumpur switching RGO type back and forth
  • Fixed a problem with Garibaldi's Redshirts not spawning as intended
  • Border Incident event should now only fire versus civilized countries
  • Red Shirts should now not appear in SAR
  • Fixed a problem with SWI's signing of the Geneva Convention
  • Fixed a problem with DEN reverting back to Absolute Monarchy due to decision 'Den Danske Lov' not setting a reform properly
  • Fixed a problem with event 19300 lacking options titles
  • Fixed a slight spelling issue in newtext.csv
  • Fixed a spelling issue in international_negotiations modifier
  • Fixed a problem with armies lacking closing brackets
  • Vega expedition now uses badboy instead of infamy
  • EGY should no longer have troubles with Egyptian officials in the Valley of The Kings
  • Unification CBs now only valid if there is a union tag
  • Corrected the province owned check for the Congo Conference decision
  • HOL_anarcho_liberal no longer misspelled
  • Stopped the invention of cars and planes until you can build electric gears
  • Fixed an issue with ARG spamming the law 1420 decision
  • Fixed a problem with rebels rising despite lack of cores
2010 年 8 月 13 日
Product Release - Valve
You can now enjoy Victoria II on Steam, and if you purchase by Aug 20th you will also receive Victoria I Complete for free!

Guide your nation through expansion and colonization, to finally become a truly great power by the dawn of the 20th century.


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