Minotaur - The Universe Of Seven
Hello everyone!

First things first: we're happy to announce that the Russian translation of Nod's route is finally available! It's just an update away from you... We have been working hard on it, and even though it took us a long time, we hope that our Russian players, who have selflessly supported Minotaur at its release, can finally fully enjoy Nod's route! I will go into some more details about the Russian translation in, well, Russian version of this post.

And now - a development update.

First of all, huge thanks to everyone who bought the game, and sometimes even went the extra mile and gifted copies of it and the soundtrack to their friends! All of this really means a lot to us, and you made our Early Access launch extremely exciting. We were all immensely thrilled to watch you play the game, unravel its secrets and discuss the lore and the story. It was especially cool to see that almost no stone was left unturned: sometimes we wondered if someone would actually notice all those references and little details, if they were maybe too vague, but nope - you found them, and it was absolutely amazing.

Now we just need to repeat that four more times.

Luckily (in a way), other routes aren't as long as Nod's - his accounts for about half of the game in terms of its overall length. So you won't have to wait two more years until the release of the next route - rather, we plan to finish the rest of the game in the next two years, with each remaining route taking roughly six months to complete and publish.

We also decided to change the order of releasing the remaining routes, and to stick to the original plan, since we believe it will make more sense story-wise. This means that the next route that we're going to release will be Thea's, followed by Mentor's, then Unter's (sorry, @alone!), and then finally Richie's. I hope this comes as good news to those who became interested in Thea as character, not in the least because of her fantastic voice over by Brittney Karbowski, which was often complimented despite her relatively small role in Nod's route. Those of you who'd like to see and hear more of other remaining main characters (who of course have amazing VAs as well) will have to wait a bit longer : )

We have actually been working on Thea's route for a while now... And just like in other remaining routes, in hers we want to explore the world outside of Royce more. For example, you will travel to Mira DC and visit Thea's old home:

In Mentor's route, you'll drop by one of TFX android factories, among other places, and even meet a new... "character", so to speak:

With Richie, you'll visit Nova Corps station that Nod was so eager to get to, as well as the streets of the Second Rim district:

And as for Unter's route... Unter's route is just going to be bonkers.

Of course, while we're working on the new routes, we will also do our best to implement improvements and fixes based on the feedback that we received (and continue to receive). We made sure to include all of it into our backlog, and we'll be introducing it gradually as new routes come out. Some more important things, such as mysterious Chinese extra symbol bug and optimized elevator descent scene, will get patched up first (the former turned out to be a serious issue that we're still working on fixing), followed by quality-of-life improvements like more convenient saving system (oh yes, oh yes, as Unter would say), better post-Bygone knocked-out Nod puzzle, hopefully an option to auto-advance dialogue, and so on.

Other than that, it's business as usual: we'll post updates about the development and other important things (like that store page with the t-shirts and stuff, finally, or translations into new languages), and keep monitoring Steam for any new messages and questions that pop up - you know we're always happy to answer those : )

Love ♡🐧

Nick and u7committee
Minotaur - The Universe Of Seven
Hello everyone! We're so happy to confirm that Nod's route has finally been released!

We honestly can't wait for you to play it... There are many things about it that we'd like to share, but so as not to delay the release anymore, we'll post another, more detailed update in a few hours.

In the meantime, just one thing to keep in mind about the game + OST bundle. We decided to run a 10% launch discount on both the game and the OST. However, the OST will only become available later today or tomorrow, which means that the bundle will too. And the bundle will have a 15% discount... So in case you plan to purchase both the game and the OST (something that we really can't blame you for), and extra 5% sounds like a good deal, you might want to wait until the bundle is out.

Or not ; )

Cheers and see you soon in Royce apartments!

Nick & u7committee
Minotaur - The Universe Of Seven
This pre-release battle has dragged on long enough...

(If you wonder why is Thea lying like that while she still has some HP left, it's because she's playing dead.)

Everything is finally (*ahem*) ready for the release of Nod's route, and it's coming into Early Access on September 5th! We honestly can't thank you enough for your patience and support throughout the years. There are still ways to go before Minotaur is complete, but this is an important milestone. More than half of the game is done, and since most of its basic mechanics have already been implemented, we hope that the work on the other routes will go faster.

Aside from the news of the hour, I'd like to use this opportunity to address a recent controversy surrounding Chris Niosi (who plays Nod in Minotaur), which involves his abusive treatment of numerous people, as well as a violation of an NDA with Nintendo. I wanted you to know that we're well aware of the situation, and we obviously do not condone behavior that involves any form of abuse or breach of trust. Unfortunately, we're also very limited in our response options. Nod's part is huge (it's his route that we're releasing, after all); recording, processing and adding it to the game had been a long and costly process, and at this point in production, we simply do not have the resources to repeat it. Maybe this or some other option will become viable in future, but for the moment, I hope for your understanding in this matter.

To wrap this announcement up on a brighter note, I'd like to confirm that Nod's route OST will be available on the fifth too : ) In fact, it will also include a small "bonus" package of 10 additional tracks (for a total of 30), some of which are variations and remixes of main in-game songs. I've bragged about it enough already, but we really love it, and I hope you will too! Here's a wallpaper based on its cover in case you haven't seen it yet:


If you have any questions about the upcoming release, please let us know, and we'll do our best to answer them. In the meantime... I hope you're as excited about it as we are!

PS: did I mention it's September 5th this year?

Huge cheers and lots of love ♡🐧

Nick & u7committee
Minotaur - The Universe Of Seven
Hi everyone,

Are you still looking forward to Minotaur? As some of you may already know, we've solved our OST issues, and I'm happy to say that the soundtrack will be available upon game release (and we managed to keep it intact too). It will include every track from Nod's route, and there are about 20 of them, almost all coming from different artists.

Unfortunately, a few problems have also come up during the review process (on some of the platforms), which we're dealing with at the moment, but I can assure you tha...

I honestly don't know. But we're doing everything we can to bring you Nod's route ASAP! So please bear with us for just a little longer. Hopefully our new trailer will manage to sustain your interest - do check it out when you have time, I hope you'll like it!


And of course, I'll make sure to keep you updated on the latest Minotaur news : )


Nick & u7committee
Minotaur - indienova
Welcome both our new and old friends, happy Easter festival!

So finally, Clocker major update is ready now, with a limited-time sale up to 30% off!

I’ve already been overwhelmed by your feedback I’ve received from the players' community, we've added many in-game hints to help to solve the puzzles much easily! There's also a new mini-game to get the clues.

So when is the best time to add Clocker to your steam library? RIGHT NOW!


Minotaur - The Universe Of Seven
Hi everyone,

I'm here to announce that it looks like we're going to have to move our release date a couple of weeks forward into April...

I know, right? To think that we'd ever delay the game! The main reason for it is that we've run into some issues with our OST, which prevent us from using several songs that we originally licensed. A few days ago it became clear that, despite our best hopes (and efforts), we won't be able to solve them before the end of March. We had the option of replacing those songs, but we love our soundtrack, it has many great tracks from wide variety of artists, so we decided to take a couple extra weeks to make sure it can remain as it is. For the moment, I'll set the release date on Steam to "April", but I'll post an update with the exact date as soon as we sort that business out.

This extra time will also allow us to work on some technical issues that we were originally going to leave for later (like the bug with the game not being displayed correctly in windowed mode on high pixel density displays). But please don't worry, there are no reasons for any more delays, and Minotaur is as ready for Early Access as it will ever be!

And that's that. I'm very sorry that you have to deal with another delay — we always appreciated how supportive you've been about Minotaur being in development for so long, but I understand that your patience isn't endless. The least I can promise you is that this is the last time we move the release date, and that we didn't cut any corners. I may be a bit biased, but I like how Minotaur is turning out, and I can't wait for you to play it.


Nick & u7committee

PS: some people mentioned their birthday is on the same day as our "original" release date (I believe they were @Bainbow, @FeNiX フェニックス and @TempestHouse on the day before), so I'd like to apologize to them in particular that we had to move it. Hopefully this won't stop you (or anyone else, for that matter) from enjoying the game : )
Minotaur - The Universe Of Seven
Hi everyone,

I hope you're all enjoying your holidays (or that you did enjoy them if they're over already)!

Happy holidays!

I'm also very happy to tell you that we set the date for Minotaur's Early Access release to 28 March 2019. Finally! (Hopefully for you, just like for us, it's more like "Yes, finally!" than "Ugh, finally".)

Over the course of past half-year, we've been working hard on final parts of Nod's route, and created what I think are the most beautiful and emotional scenes of the game so far. We can't wait to share them with you... And I've prepared some screenshots in the meantime.

One of Nod's many memories

Mentor playing her part

A voodoo doll of Nod

It's ok, she's just sleeping... Probably.

Hades, we even got a walking Armadillo mech in one of the scenes.

You have 20 seconds to comply

Nod's story also got all five endings that we originally intended for it to have. One of those is so secret I'm not sure how to get it myself.

I bet you won't

Some recent concept art for those final parts... (I really hope we'll be able to finish a companion art book to OST - a short but very pretty thing - in time for release.)

Ollie had to dress up for the occasion

SLAM IT - Unter finally gets to be in the spotlight

Well, time to get back to work. As usual, we're very thankful for your patience and support. I'm sorry that preparing Early Access release took us longer than expected, but we poured our heart and soul into Minotaur (and time... but you knew that one already), and hopefully it will be worth the wait. Which shouldn't be long now, so we're looking forward to discussing fates of Nod, Ollie and other residents of Royce with you really soon!


Nick & u7committee

Minotaur - The Universe Of Seven
Hello everyone!

Since this is going to be an update about Minotaur being released in Q2 instead of Q1, let's start it with a very nice picture of Ollie:

(If you like it, you can download full HD version from our community hub!)

Hopefully she'll manage to smooth things over... The gist of which is: we've been working 24/7 to bring you Minotaur this quarter, but there's still stuff left to do, and even though we're only releasing Early Access version, we still want it to be an enjoyable, lengthy experience for those of you who decide to participate, uninterrupted by bugs and other issues.

It's alright... It just needs a few patches here and there.

Aside from improved quality, Early Access version will also feature more content than we originally anticipated. Nod's route will be slightly longer and diverse, with more things to do and discover (for example, there'll be 5 endings instead of 4, several locations got additional scenes, and more secrets and surprises have been hidden throughout the game). It's all pretty varied, so we hope you won't get bored, and the story of Nod, Ollie and other Royce residents and guests will keep you engaged.

Just like a certain other place, Royce turned out to be bigger on the inside than it was on the outside

Since Steam requires an exact release date for coming soon titles (or maybe it doesn't, and we're just chronically incapable of figuring it out), we're setting it to the end of Q2 for now. In 2 weeks, we're starting a beta-test with our Kickstarter backers, after which, depending on how it goes, we'll be able to adjust release date.

Beta ends at chapter 6 of Nod's route (above)... out of 7. So it's a huge part of EA done.

We really appreciate your continued support and feedback, and hope that you share our opinion of "better later but better" : ) If you have any questions or comments, let us know here on Steam, or elsewhere, or shoot us an e-mail - we're always happy to talk about U7 and Minotaur. And in the meantime...

...here's to Nod's shocking revelations coming soon!

Yours 🐧,

Nick & u7committee
Minotaur - The Universe Of Seven
Is it that day in your part of the world already?

You're enjoying your holidays, hopefully, so we won't take much of you time. We just wanted to thank everyone who added Minotaur to their wishlists, followed it, joined its community group, and so on... Seeing our numbers grow is very inspiring, and it's a great support! It fills our DP (developer points) gauge, which lets us enter Overdrive mode and finish our work on Early Access release.

If you'd like to know more about development progress (and see some screenshots, concept art, etc.), do check out our latest Kickstarter update.

We also wanted to let you know that, thanks to Brittany and Matt from Kocha Sound, we finished casting and recording new Minotaur characters.

Just like actors whom you already heard in demo, they're very talented people with some serious credit, so you can be sure Minotaur's voice over will be top-notch.

Here's a cool short video of Brittney Karbowski performing a part of Thea's introduction dialogue (when Nod — and you — meet her for the first time):


A perfect clip to wrap things up... For now. Next update will come before release, and in it, we'll tell you about bonuses for the brave which will come with Early Access. In the meantime, we wish you a great 2018, and hope that you'll stick with us to check Minotaur out... And enjoy it!

Cheers and happy holidays!

Yours 🐧,

Nick & u7committee

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