17 mar
Die 4te Offenbarung - Xaradon
We are happy to announce that you can now play the English Version (all Servers from t4c.com) as well.
Die 4te Offenbarung - Xaradon
We are getting many messages, concerning the question, why the German Version is on Steam only, and that we should publish the English or French Version, too.

At the moment we are working with Dialsoft on more Versions to be published at Steam. Please note that it will depents on your Server Provider / HGM whether they want to publish their Version / Server on Steam or not.

1 jun, 2018
Die 4te Offenbarung - Xaradon
T4C is now on Steam.

Plase note that currently only the german version / server are available via Steam, more Servers coming soon.

If there are any Bugs, that prevent you from playing please send us an E-Mail at


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