Hearts of Iron IV - CountCristo
Today's Dev Diary takes a look at the Policing and Garrison Rework - no more 'shuffling around horseybois' as YaBoy_Bobby puts it - more strategy less micro!

Read all about it here: https://pdxint.at/2kreOMs

Hearts of Iron IV - Addaway

We’re not done with France yet!

In today's Dev Diary, we show off unique Focus Trees for Vichy and Free France, along with a better representation of their geopolitical situations.

Click here to read the Development Diary by Archangel
Hearts of Iron IV - Addaway


In today’s bumper Dev Diary, we show off the big changes to Resistance and Occupation mechanics, and the new concept of Compliance.

Click here to read the Development Diary by YaBoy_Bobby
Hearts of Iron IV - Addaway

Today Archangel talks us through the reworked and greatly-expanded French national focus tree, which deepen and better reflect the political decision making in 1930s France.

Click here to view today's Development Diary by Archangel
Hearts of Iron IV - CountCristo
1.7.1 "Hydra" now live!

The 1.7.1 Hydra patch is now out of Beta and fully live! Check out the full patchnotes here:


Hearts of Iron IV - Addaway
In the first Dev Diary after the launch of 1.7, Podcat lets us know about some nasty bugs the team is working on fixing for a 1.7.1 Hotfix.

Click here to read today's Development Diary by Podcat

Hearts of Iron IV - CountCristo
In today's HOI4 Dev Diary Podcat takes a stroll back through the history of HOI4 and looks forward to the future!

Including an extensive Q&A session with community questions today's DD is not one to miss!

Check it out: https://pdxint.at/2ZcVT6T

Hearts of Iron IV - Addaway

Hearts of Iron Radio Pack
Drown out the hum of machinery and whine of bomber engines with the soothing sounds of new martial music brought to you by Paradox and its composing partners. This DLC pack adds unique radio stations for each of the three major factions in Hearts of Iron IV (Allies, Axis and Comintern) and gives access to free music updates as well.


The Hearts of Iron Radio Pack gives access to:
  • Faction Radio Channels: A total of 35 new songs spread across three faction specific radio channels, each with their own unique look and design.

In addition the free 1.7 'Hydra' update improves music for everyone:
  • Free Access to Older Hearts of Iron Tracks: The scores for Hearts of Iron II and Hearts of Iron III will be freely available to all Hearts of Iron players, letting you experience the soundscapes of veterans who have gone before.
  • Free refit of older music add-ons: If you own any of our older music packs, like the Sabaton music pack, those will now be redesigned to resemble radio stations like the newer music, to give you a smoother user experience within the game.

Hearts of Iron IV Axis Armor Pack
Push through the plains of the Low Countries or the jungles of Burma in style with new 3D unit models of Axis armor units. A total of 53 new armor models are in this pack which, added to the eight tanks available in the German Tank Pack, gives the forces of fascist militarism 61 different armor designs you can see in-game.

As a free bonus - the Axis Armor Pack also includes eight German tank models, previously only available in the Hearts of Iron IV: Colonel edition, such as the King Tiger and the Maus super heavy tank. After all, you can’t have Axis Armor without German tanks.


The Axis Armor Pack includes:
  • 19 German Armor Models: A range of tank destroyers, self propelled artillery and self propelled anti-air vehicles, including the Stug III, the Wespe and the Elefant heavy tank destroyer.
  • 22 Japanese Armor Models: A range of every armor type, with seven different Japanese tank designs like the experimental heavy O-I tank that never went into production and a number of tank destroyers.
  • 12 Italian Armor Models: A roster of Semovente tank destroyers and the always outmatched L6 tank highlight this list of Italian armor from the war.

Buy the Bundle Here!
Hearts of Iron IV - Addaway
The 1.7 patch is here!

Bugfixes, re-balancing some parts of naval warfare, and adding lots of new music as part of the HOI Classics radio station!

Click here to read the 1.7 'Hydra' Patch Notes

Hearts of Iron IV - Addaway
The Paradox Grand Strategy sale is underway!

Hearts of Iron IV, our sister Grand Strategy games and most of our DLCs are on sale over on steam right now!

Go take a look: https://pdxint.at/2XgBCwy


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