FEIST - Feist Game

The Feist Soundtrack by Tomek Kolczynski is now available as a DLC

Players that previously bought the game without the soundtrack now have the option to buy the soundtrack as a DLC at a later time.

For players that decide to buy the game together with the soundtrack, there's now a bundle that offers a 7% discount over the regular price.

Weekly Deal with 60% discount

This week we're also running a Weekly Deal where you can get the game 60% off for only $3.99! The bundle together with the soundtrack is 44% off and costs only $8.35.
FEIST - Feist Game
Do you own THOMAS WAS ALONE or FEIST on Steam? Read on, because you've just received a coupon offer!

If you own FEIST, then you now have a coupon for the amazing VOLUME from our friend Mike Bithell in your library!

Also, if you already own THOMAS WAS ALONE, but haven’t had the chance to try out FEIST yet, then you have now a coupon for FEIST.

Check your inventory now - the coupons are only valid from August 31st through September 11th!

Also, there's still a sale running for the FEIST soundtrack bundle! Until September 5th you can get FEIST + its soundtrack by Tomek Kolczynski for 50% off.

Thanks for reading and have a great time!
16 maj, 2016
FEIST - Feist Game
Hello everyone, we have good news!

If you own FEIST then you now have a coupon for the wonderful PID from our friends at Might & Delight in your library!

Also, if you already own PID, but haven’t had the chance to try out FEIST yet, then you have now a coupon for FEIST.

Check your inventory now - the coupons are only valid from May 16th through May 29th!

Soundtrack: Note that due to a mixup, the coupon doesn't apply to the soundtrack bundle. Instead, we've put the soundtrack on sale on Bandcamp, so that you can get the same deal as with the bundle: https://tomekkolczynski.bandcamp.com/releases

Thanks for reading and have a great time!
FEIST - Feist Game
FEIST is 50% off this week, celebrating the first snow this winter here in Zürich! The deal’s still good until Monday 10 a.m. PST.

We’ve been working on improving the controller support in Feist. Today, an important fix for the Xbox One controller on Windows 10 was released and we fixed the controller presets on Linux in December.

A new FAQ should answer most of your question regarding Feist’s controller support and address basic troubleshooting:

If you have any questions or issues, feel free to contact us at support@playfeist.net
Follow us on Twitter @FeistGame to get the latest news.

Version History

- Fix Xbox One controller on Windows 10
- Added null controller mapping to avoid issues with mapping conflicts (e.g. player walking or menu cycling constantly), toggled by holding R and G and pressing N. After activation, the gamepad needs to be set up in the controls menu

- Fixed new achievements not registering when statistics screen is not enabled
- Fixed gamepad presets on Linux
- Added & updated gamepad presets
FEIST - Feist Game
The summer days are gone and it’s time for a change of coat. So bundle up and play some FEIST – and we’ve got you covered!

This week FEIST is 33% off and we’re releasing a big and furry bundle of extras and updates to keep you warm and cosy:
  • Steam trading cards, badges, backgrounds & emoticons
  • In-game level timing – try to beat the levels as fast as you can
  • Unreleased bonus song added to the soundtrack
  • 20 new achievements

The sale lasts until October 26th 10am PST. Please share the news with everyone or they will miss it! Take some time to play FEIST and grow your winter fur warm and thick.

Trading Cards

FEIST now has its own set of Steam trading cards that you can collect to craft badges and earn beautiful backgrounds for your profile or hot emoticons to spice up your Steam posts!

Play FEIST to earn your first cards and then trade with others to complete the whole set!

In-game Level Timing

After completing the game or when enabling the option, we now show you how fast you completed a FEIST level and how often you got injured or died in the process.

Try to best yourself to reach the end of a level as fast as you can or see if you can beat the challenging best times we’ve set for each level!

Unreleased Bonus Track

For those who got the Soundtrack Edition, we’ve added an unreleased bonus track!

20 New Achievements

We’ve added a whopping 20 new achievements for you to collect while playing FEIST! Beat the challenging times we’ve set for each level or try to complete them without dying.

15 sep, 2015
FEIST - Feist Game
Version 1.0.2 of Feist just went live on Steam and Itch, Humble and GOG will follow in the next days.

The most important change is that the game now saves the last savepoint, not just the last level. This means when you quit the game and then select «continue» in the main menu, you won't have to replay the whole level but only the bit from the last savepoint.

We've also added a workaround for our biggest crash bug. Thanks to everyone for your crash reports! We couldn't reproduce it ourself and the logs weren't very useful, so it took a lot of time to narrow it down. Thanks for your patience!

- «continue» now restarts from the last savepoint instead of the beginning of the level
- Fix a crash that occured in the fourth and fifth levels
- More error resilient Steam Cloud saves
- Fix instance where player was killed by a defused trap

- Write save to disk regularily to avoid loss on crash
- Fix GOG Galaxy not tracking achievements when offline
- Translation tweaks

If you run into any problems, you can reach us at support@playfeist.net
Follow us on Twitter @FeistGame to get the latest news.
FEIST - adrian
Hello everyone! If you own the wonderful game Botanicula from our friends at Amanita Design, but haven’t had the chance to try out FEIST yet, then we have good news!

Owners of Botanicula have a new item in their Steam inventory: a 50% off coupon for FEIST.

FEIST is an award-winning, challenging and fast-paced action game with adorable creatures, fearful enemies, a beautiful and mysterious world, gorgeous artwork, and a haunting soundtrack.

Amanita was always a big inspiration for us and so it was time to thank Jakub and his skillful crew for making those amazing games!

Check your inventory now - the coupon is only valid from September 4th through September 18th!

If you already own Botanicula and FEIST feel free to give the coupon to a friend. If you don’t own Botanicula for some reason, then do yourself a favor and check out Amanita’s peerless and inspiring work by clicking here.

Thanks for reading and have a great time!
FEIST - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Alice O'Connor)

I know what you’re thinking: “Shadowy forest, spiky monsters, swinging log trap, silhouettes a-go go – this’ll be one of those there Limbo ‘em ups!” Pal, you’re a chump. Feist [official site] lets you fight back, for starters, flinging pointy sticks through their faces. Feist may have a touch of Limbo look (with lovely colourful backgrounds!) but it’s a fighty platformer, not a puzzly one.

Feist is out now, released last night for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

… [visit site to read more]

23 jul, 2015

What is it? Atmospheric puzzle platformer with scrappy combat Influenced by: The Dark Crystal (film), Limbo Reviewed on: Windows 7, Intel Core i7-4800MQ, 8GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 870M / 3GB GDDR Play it on: Core i5, 4GB RAM, GTX 280/Radeon HD 4870 Alternatively: Limbo Copy protection: Steam Price: $15/ 11 Release date: 23 July Publisher: Finji Developer : Bits and Beasts Multiplayer: None LinkOfficial site

Feist is brutal. When you re not leaping over spikes, jumping between tree branches or scurrying through dusty cave networks, you re bludgeoning furry creatures to death with rocks. That s not even the most brutal thing about Feist. The most brutal thing about Feist is how desperate its encounters are: they re protracted, stressful, improvised fights to the death. Feist is remarkably tense for a platformer.

As a furry sentient ball in a dangerous forest, your sole task in Feist is to survive. Staying alive is simple enough at first because in early levels enemies are easily evaded. If you must kill, there are usually weapons—sticks, rocks, pinecones—within reach. It s when enemies come thick and fast, and when useful objects are few and far between, that things get uncomfortable.

The minimal silhouetted art style may recall Limbo, but anything resembling a puzzle in Feist is rare. Instead, the misty woods throw up increasingly fraught survival scenarios, most of which are won with either the benefit of hindsight (i.e. many preliminary deaths) or lightning quick thinking. Unlike most platformers, Feist s enemies don t march blindly forward or follow preset paths, but instead react to the player. Minor enemies like bees, caterpillars, and spiders will gang up before you can mutter dang , while larger mole-like creatures will hunt you to your death. Bees can be grabbed and used as makeshift spear launchers, but most of the time the aforementioned sticks and stones are the only weaponry at hand—and moles can use them, too.

To make matters more complex, traps and other interactive environmental structures can be triggered by enemies, and most of the combat resources can be destroyed too. This results in combat encounters that feel like real-life brawls: graceless, messy, and staggeringly violent. For a sidescrolling game with a minimal artstyle, Feist s violence is unusually affecting. The odds are rarely in the player s favour. I never felt like I d mastered Feist, and I never felt like I could invest faith in the skills I had learned.

The world s tension is heightened by the music: a quiet, forlorn ambience shrouding the woods of Feist in a supernatural melancholy. The art style is simple yet naturalistic, albeit a little monotonous. There are moments of startling beauty in Feist, but never of revelation or surprise. The game s core strength is in problem solving under immense pressure.

Feist sometimes breaks its own rules, though. At one point I spent ages attempting to solve a problem without slaughtering yet another giant mole, only to find that killing it was the only way to trigger a nearby trap, thus allowing progress. In a game driven by improvisation, Feist occasionally blocks progress for obscure or illogical reasons. Either that, or the chance interplay between enemies and interactive environmental elements creates unsolvable scenarios. That s no fatal problem as checkpointing is generous, but it still grates.

2015-07-14 00005
That's me on the left, wielding a live bee against its friends. 

Meanwhile, the animation and movement is fluid and readable, but I had difficulty triggering certain actions reliably. Grabbing bees felt like trial and error, a frustration compounded by the high difficulty of pretty much every encounter. These gripes aside, the raw components of Feist work: the platforming is precise and predictable, and the physics are consistent, the latter very important in a title that prizes emergent gameplay.

Feist is definitely a challenging game, but it needs to be. At a time when the word survival is bandied about frequently in relation to PC games, Feist offers a stranger, much rawer take on the concept. Bits and Beasts has struck a delicate balance between systems-driven battles and environment-driven storytelling, but they ve also made one of the most inadvertently tense games I ve played in years. It s not always fun, but Feist is an admirable feat.


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