American Railroads - Summit River & Pine Valley - keume
Hello everyone!

Today i present you a new locomotive for 1.5. It's the Porter 0-4-0 steam engine.

It will be one of the cheaper locomotives in the game with relatively low base price and maintenance costs. However it has a small water tank and not much space to store fire wood so the range will be rather limited as well as the tractive effort.

I tried to focus a bit more on the cab details like levers and piping this time.
Some details are still missing but it's nearly completed.

Next up will be the 0-4-2-T variation with advanced stats! ;)

Let me know in the comments below what you think!
American Railroads - Summit River & Pine Valley - keume
Hello everyone,

today i want to present you my lastest model i have created. It's a 1800s style handcar.

This vehicle was used by many railway track workers to travel to their designated site for repair or maintenance jobs. It is a rather simple construction powered only by muscle. On this particular model the frame and even the rims are made out of wood, which were later replaced by steel.

The finished model will also include a usable toolbox which allows players to store and transport various equipment!

There are still a lot of drawings and photos for this machine around. I got some of them from the site "railroadhandcar". They have the old factory brochures and even started producing these things again. If you are interested check them out.

Have a nice day!
American Railroads - Summit River & Pine Valley - keume
Hello everyone,

the log loader is finally finished and working!
Check out the new preview video on the store page to see it in action.

First & third person controls: winch up, winch down, tower left, tower right, release hook, whistle, move loader forward/backward, open/close side doors, open/close firebox, open/close steam valve. The boiler consumes firewood and water and needs maintenance. Added vehicle stats (can be toggled on/off)

Also fully animated winch, gears, levers, hook and metal chain.

Credits music:
Kevin MacLeod - River Valley Breakdown
American Railroads - Summit River & Pine Valley - keume
Hello! Just a quick look at the new log loader!

The loader uses rails to move from one car to the next one while lifting logs onto them.

It will also need regular maintenance, water and fuel.
Stay tuned!
American Railroads - Summit River & Pine Valley - keume
Hello everyone,

the new log car for update 1.5 has just been finished!

The stakes on each side will be removable just like in the current version.
Also the wheels are now polished :)
American Railroads - Summit River & Pine Valley - keume
Hello everyone,

as promised a few screenshots of the new additions of update 1.5!

new railyard with plenty of space

roundhouse for storing and maintaining the engines - greetings to como!
turntable has to be pushed manually now btw.

the textures were very time consuming but i think they turned out quite well

in the pit

for greater realism the new tracks are now bumpy. also the heightmap has a higher resolution which means the track bed is more detailed

line to the new logging camp + 1 new tree

hope you enjoy!

Best regards,
American Railroads - Summit River & Pine Valley - keume
Hello everyone,

Version 1.5 will be temporarily set back to version 1.4.
Update 1.5 will be re-released when the first person controls are done for the rest of the vehicles.

Best regards,
12 DIC 2018
American Railroads - Summit River & Pine Valley - keume
Hello everyone! - Update 1.5 - preview

- Added locomotive "Eureka and Palisade no.4" with realistic paintjob, animations and sounds.

- Added rail builder. You can now lay your own rail tracks. (as requested by the forum)

- Added First person view with interactive controls. (as requested by the forum)

- Improved graphics.

As always thank you for your input and support.

Best regards,
25 OCT 2018
American Railroads - Summit River & Pine Valley - keume

The next update is getting closer!

- models and textures are FINALLY finished. The implementation starts now.

Also: Upon release there will be a decent discount for everyone who might be interested, so be sure not to miss this train ;)

EDIT: i hope the screenshot quality is alright now

Best regards
18 JUL 2018
American Railroads - Summit River & Pine Valley - keume
Dear community - Update 1.4 is out now!

This is a rather big one.
The following changes have been done:

-Added animated sawmill Pine Valley Lumber Co. with log pond
It is now possible to transport timber logs to the sawmill which then can be dumped into a log pond. The logs are then automatically processed and your company will recieve a payment

-Added logging camp Silver Creek. It is now possible to order logs at the logging camp in Silver Creek. The logs have to be loaded onto the cars and transported to the sawmill

-Added realistic lighting. The entire lighting of the map has recieved an overhaul. Shadows and fog along with new textures give the map a more realistic feeling

-Added new rail textures

-Added day/night cycle: The game has now a constant day and night cycle.

-Added new watertower. The watertower has been retextured. The pipe recieved two animated steel wires

-Added company-screen. By pressing "F2" the company screen appears giving you information about your spendings and earnings

-Added interactive freight car iron bars: The iron bars of the freight cars can now be toggled by pressing F4/F6

-Added new log models and textures

-Added river segment

-Added new sound effects

-Adjusted crane controls: logs which are hooked onto the crane can now be turned by tapping "Q" or "E"

-Adjusted depth of field

-Adjusted help screen

-Adjusted switch controls: switches can now only be changed by directly looking over the switch lever and pressing "left mouse button"

-Fixed derailing issues by adjusting physX contact parameters. Derailments are still possible e.g when going too fast over a rail joint

-Improved loading: The loading time has been reduced

-Changed track layout of the stations

Starting a new game is recommended!

I hope you enjoy! And as always thanks for your support!

Best regards,

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