20 DIC 2017
Elder Chaos - xbyprom
Hello folks. We are happy to announce that we have prepared a new update for upcoming Christmas. The major content in this patch is a Map Editor for Elder Chaos. With the editor, players are able to DIY unique maps for Elder Chaos. All maps can be submitted to Steam Workshop via our Map Editor. Feel free to share your work with other game lovers. has been updated. In addition, we have optimized the game system for x64 architecture, which may solve some bug such as game crash or loading failure.

To submit your DIY maps to Workshop, Internet connection is required. Thus, there’s a possibility that your contents may be submitted incorrectly or incompletely due to network delay. If such issue happens, please try to resubmit after a few seconds. Please check your workshop file to make sure all your work is correctly displayed. If you have any other question or bug report, please contact us at bob@emprom.net

Moreover, we have uploaded new PDF Instructions for game and editor. Please check the PDF file if you want to learn more about game play or map design.

Thanks for your support. Recently, we have started a new game project. It is a SRPG with unique puzzle solving content.

Merry Christmas.
17 NOV 2017
Elder Chaos - xbyprom

Since the game launch, we have collected enormous feedback from Community and testers, which provides significant clues for us to make an improvement. We hereby show our greatest gratitude to your devotion to Elder Chaos. Our team has been working on revising the game contents for almost 2 weeks. Below are new modifications in the coming version:

1. Brand new operation style
After receiving much feedback on operation experience, we will replace dragging with clicking by your mouse. Now, you just need to click the icons of Skills or Servants. Then, they will follow your mouse’s track until a new location is assigned.

2. Brand new guidance for new players
The introduction to game was too short in our first version, which confused quite a few players. Some of them even didn’t know servants can be moved to different areas. To match the new operation formula, we have redesigned a more detailed and easy-to-play Guidance for new comers, hope it will offer you a better gaming experience.

3. Brand new Information Bar
There were numerous UI problems in Information Bar in the first version. This time we will change the size of Information Bar, its content fonts and layout. Hope the adjustment will make information more intuitive and clearer.

4. Stella Map adjusted
We found too much Sanity Damage is dealt to investigators in the former version, although it is a distinctive feature of Cthulhu Game, we still don’t hope players win the games only by using servants with Sanity Damage. The ways of winning the game are supposed to be various. Therefore, we have buffed parts of Stella points which are relevant to physical damage and getting trophies so that physical hits can obtain souls more intuitively.

5. Pyramid Buffed
Pyramid has s strong facility effect. However, the AI of Investigators is random, which leads to an instability of Pyramid’s effect. So we decided to change the status by adding an Activate mark to Pyramid. In other words, investigators will be queuing up to enter and trigger traps after the Pyramid is built.

6. Flying Polyps Buffed
The former version shows the characteristic of Flying Polyps didn’t match the pace of the game very well, which caused a bad use rate and use effect. Besides, we also received feedback that souls of Flying Polyps are difficult to collect. So we change its skill into Soul Absorption to lightly grow souls for players.

7. Modification on Numerical Calculation Method of SAN damage
We have found the past numerical calculation method of SAN damage unreasonable during gaming, where players are able to kill all investigators only by Star Vampire in the later stage, which has badly affected the gaming experience. So we modified the formula to better balance all types of damage. It is encouraged to deeply explore the game contents and use different creatures to win the game.

8. Investigators’ Skill adjusted
Some of of investigators’ Skill have limited effect on gameplay. We replaces these skills with new effects which may make game features different and interesting

9. Other bug fixed

10. Translation Fixed
Translation inaccuracy was a troublesome issue for many players, including the content description and grammar. So we fixed a mass of translation texts to make the game content more concise and apt to understand.
8 NOV 2017
Elder Chaos - xbyprom
大家好,我是Emprom Game的Bob。首先,非常感谢大家积极参与Elder Chaos的首发体验。过去的一周里,我们收到了海量的意见修改提案,这给我们的游戏后续开发提供了宝贵的意见。我们会保持与各社区的密切沟通,争取每周都会给大家带来不一样的内容和游戏体验。上周的游戏体验Key已经全部发完,这周将会补充,所有的申请将会在游戏版本更新后进行回复。有兴趣的朋友也可以去奶牛关进行申请。





8 NOV 2017
Elder Chaos - xbyprom
Hello Folks,
I am Bob from Emprom Game. I really appreciate your supports for Elder Chaos. Thanks for all your efforts, we have collected enough feedback and suggestion during the last few days. Our team will continuously keep touch with our community members to ensure every member can have the best game experience.

We’ll update Elder Chaos next week. Major changes will be made in Game Instruction, UI Design and Game Balance.

First of all, our tutorial missed some basic instruction about deployment which may make some of players confusing. The purpose of designing a tutorial is to explain our game core mechanism to all participants. Therefore, we will add more contents and instructions to the tutorial, especially some guidance about moving your servants and defeating investigators with Sanity Damage.

Game UI is one of the most disappointing part of our game. However, replacing all UI can be a huge project to us since we only have 4 members in the team. We have divided UI issues into several parts so that we can ensure to make some progress for each game update. This week, we are working on game Camera and Deployment Window. We plan to replace dragging operation with clicking while making deployment. Also, players can use keyboard to quickly move the camera and scan the whole map. Moreover, we enlarge the size of information box to ensure all servants’ information can be read in a comfortable way.

Game Balance is also an important part that we are working on. In the following update, we will add more ways of collecting Souls. We purpose to make a balance between HP damage and Sanity Damage so that all servants can be powerful in specific situations. We also increase the amount of Stellar Points to make sure everyone could experience Stellar Skill during the middle stage of the game. For those who love challenges and hardcore experience, we have prepared a map editor which may be released on December 2017. With a map editor, players can DIY maps and download others’ masterpiece from Steam Community.

Furthermore, we just rewrote most of skill description. In the previous version, we made so many spelling mistakes as well as grammar mistakes. Although we have worked very hard on fixing all the mistakes, we still need more feedback from the community to make all in-game text native and accurate.

Please send me an email via bob@emprom.net if you have questions.
3 NOV 2017
Elder Chaos - xbyprom
Patch Content

Stellar Skill Pray Bug Fixed
The Stellar Skill Pray did not correctly upgrade the selected facility in some situations. After rewriting the code of this Skill, it is fine now.

Increase the basic souls for some maps
The purpose of designing chapter 1 maps is to help players know the mechanism of our game. So we add more souls to encourage players experience some high level facilities and strong servants.

Game Tips Change
Some gameplay videos from community indicated that some players are confused with Abhoth’s Skill. To make this clear, we add a new game tip on Map1. Hope this change can help our early members use this skill correctly on a zone instead of an investigator.

Some Grammar Mistake Fixed
Some of the description contents in tutorial map is unclear and confusing. We corrected some mistakes to make the contents more native. Since most of our members are not native speakers, we really appreciate players who can give us guidance and assistance on game translation and localization.

Thanks for supporting Elder Chaos. We have received many feedbacks from players and our community since the game get released. We have faith that with your help and suggestion, we can make Elder Chaos better with more interesting contents.
Please let me know if you have any question or bug report at bob@emprom.net
Elder Chaos - xbyprom
Elder Chaos will be launched on Nov. 1st via Steam, when players are able to buy the complete version with a discount price! The price will increase to the original $4.99 after one week.

After the product release, we will send out 10 game cdkeys via Steam Community and Face Book Fan Page, totally 20 cdkeys to players. We invite you to join the discussion of Elder Chaos. If you would like to become one of our testers, please feel free to contact us by mailing bob@emprom.net.

New contents including Card Collection and Creative Workshop will be added to game in our follow-up plan. Large-scale update on Map Editor will be carried out in the short term. Please stay tuned!


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