31 MAR 2019
Fantasy Tales Online - gabe.p.perez
We are working on restoring our servers, thanks for your patience. We will also be streaming some more work tonight on the editor package we have discussed.

www.twitch.tv/ftostaff (6PM PT / 9PM PT)

23 MAR 2019
Fantasy Tales Online - gabe.p.perez
We will be returning with a stream tomorrow night http://www.twitch.tv/ftostaff at 6:30 PM PT / 9:30 PM ET. Come join us
5 JUL 2016
Fantasy Tales Online - benwa
  • New magical property ‘chance to cast on strike’. Currently only for the new unique but might show up in drop tables later.
  • Added a flood control and character limit to prevent abuse.
  • Added several costumes: Ice Squirrels, Slimes, Trolls, Skeletons
  • Polish to the way the crafting form items are removed (clicking and changing recipes)
Quests & Levels:
  • Updated world map to include the new content
  • 3 new repeatable quests with crate key reward
  • Multiple new quests in, including major story continuation.
  • Extension to the world east of Cauldron City.
  • New monster spawner type and images.
  • New crafting items, stairs, walls
  • A way to obtain the “space wall” via questing and crafting.
  • Started implementing a dynamic, repeatable quest elements.
  • New quest related uniques.
  • Eastern exit in Cauldron City & Bluevale
  • Murder Mystery Quest
  • Obtainable “Adventurers Guild” membership card. Placeable and viewable in player housing.
  • Bigger push block puzzle object.
  • Wizard looking head added to barbershop and variants.
  • Updated map image.
  • More quest related trophies
  • 2 secrets in Bluevale.
  • Follow NPCs no longer block
  • Fixed certain spikes not working in instances
  • Added an exit for the shaman instance levels
  • Buff the minimum Khopesh damage bonus roll. Existing items will receive this buff as well.
  • Decree board should be obtainable and placeable now.
  • Royal Trinket fixed.
Misc/Not implemented:
  • Started new ship tileset, mostly finished.
  • Started a new forest tiles, unfinished.
  • Started a maze / hanging gardens tileset, unfinished.
11 JUN 2016
Fantasy Tales Online - benwa
  • Significant improvement to the net code to reduce latency and lag. Particularly for users that are far from the server! The game uses TCP much more efficiently to reduce waiting for ACKs. We will continue to optimize further.
  • New high level raid ‘Shadow Chambers’. It features a more efficient way to collect crafting materials for the unique Khopesh, new dungeon generator elements.
  • Dungeon generator upgrades. Some random dungeon will now spawn portal, mini-bosses, new puzzles. It will also generate new layout structures. More improvements to build on this in upcoming patches.
  • New early-access user contributed translations for French, Portuguese and Japanese. Updates to the existing translation.
  • Game will reload translation a bit better when switching. Some things will still require a restart however.
  • Many new housing tiles implemented into overworld houses.
  • Added some new housing tiles into crafting workbench.
  • Added new housing tiles to raids.
  • Added new housing tiles to some loot crates in overworld.
  • Housing tiles drop in larger stacks.
  • Implemented some new puzzle mechanics in a secret area.
  • Increase the drop rate of slime swords.
  • Updated the Bluevale castle (conditionally)
  • Multiple, new secret areas added in game.
  • A few secret, bonus dialogue / polish added.
  • Updated the end of the jester quest (which allows acquiring a new trophy)
  • 2 New quests, extending the jester quest.
  • Setup dialogue for future quests, adventures.
  • Implemented some point and click-ish style objects into the game, to further expand secrets (basic at the moment)
  • Major progress in main story (not implemented yet)
  • Updated push block (no limit push block) image.
  • Updated lantern object to use a particle effect and light.
  • Fixed the Cactus’s that looked like they were spawning floor tiles.
  • Improved some buttons to resize better with translated words.
  • Fixed non-english characters showing up as two corrupted characters instead.
  • Fixed a bug where the cash shop would stop working.
  • Fixed a bug where you had to log off and back in to select a character.
  • Improved the transmog UI a bit to prevent accidentally using one.
  • Show a better error message when trying to buy gems without using the steam client.
  • Fix bug where sounds would play very quietly when the volume was off.
Fantasy Tales Online - benwa
  • Early release of the translation feature. Featuring partial translations in Russian, Japanese, Swedish. Contribute on our Crowdin page.
  • Progress on the dungeon generator. Changes not yet released. Will go into the upcoming lv50 raid.
  • You can now refresh your rent after 6 hours instead of 7 days making it easier to top it off to the max 14 days.
  • Light progress on the alchemist class. This won’t be released for a good while as we prioritize bug and stability
  • Added farming & botting anti-measures by popular demand. These will only trigger if a player is farming heavily. Players will be asked to solve a simple CAPTCHA. We don’t expect regular (non-bot) players to hit this. Please let us know if it’s triggering for you accidentally.
  • Improved our offsite server backups. Can never be too careful :D
  • Added timestamp to chat messages on mouseover.
  • New NPC body/head/armor sprites added.
  • New tiles, check out the bluevale bars for some of them.
  • Updated the world map.
  • Housing Bench costs more copper in NPC shop and is removed from cash shop.
  • Added an icon above a player’s head when crafting.
  • Fixed transmog token consuming if you tried to use before assigning a costume to it. Now gives instruction on how to set them.
  • Added a 1280x800 resolution requested by users.
  • Fix a bug where reanimated monsters were not removed from the game properly causing lag.
  • Don’t remove instance NPCs right away to allow them to bere-animated. This should leave 30 to 60 seconds to re-animate them.
  • Fixed re-animate sometimes trying to respawn a monster in another map
  • Fixed a bug where changing the room assignment in a guild would clear the room trying to return the items to the player. Stuff placed in the guild house are now owned by the guild.
  • Fixed a bug where secret passwords (graveyard) would only work in local chat.
  • Fix a bug where house items you pick up would vanish when your inventory was full.
  • Fixed dressers not being able to hold items.
  • Fixed some more typos.
  • Fixed rent showing as overdue for members.
  • Fixed speed potion not applying correctly to yourself with a bad target.
26 MAY 2016
Fantasy Tales Online - benwa
  • Reworked how MF/XP is shared between party. Now only shared with nearby characters within the right level range. 5% XP/MF bonus given per member above 1. Parties should now be a bit more effective at finding loot vs. solo-ing.
  • Warp scroll can now drop from normal mobs as well but fairly rarely. They will mostly drop from bosses.
  • Re-enabled shrines and bosses, however they no longer block for now.
  • New password puzzle type (not in levels yet)
  • 4 new secrets added, with puzzles
  • 1 repeatable hidden dungeon & boss battle/pseudo overworld boss. (secret)
  • A way to acquire Khopesh Hilt, repeatably (secret)
  • Fix the party calculation split to properly disallow XP split for large level differences (9 levels)
  • Fixed a critical server crash due to the previous update. Sorry for the crashes today :(
  • Quest Fix: Cave Goodies movement speed bug (should fix itself on logout and in)
  • Fixed a fail state and tile error in Cave Goodies quest. Allowed the puzzle to be bypassed.
  • Disabled Draw Optimization for all Intel GPU. The Intel OGL driver was prone to crashes with it. This shouldn’t drop FPS on most map but will increase CPU usage for Intel users. This should fix a lot of stability problems howevers.
  • Fix guild house buying (again, other change didn’t get git push properly)
  • Fix timed spiked traps not fall out of sync
23 MAY 2016
Fantasy Tales Online - benwa
  • Trade window will now close when the other side dismisses it
  • Can now ignore trade from another player temporarily.
  • Added a new warp scroll for fast travel. Warp scroll will drop from bosses and will be added as quest rewards in upcoming quests.
  • Added a warp scroll pack to the cash shop: 100 gems for 20 scrolls.
  • Added the first craftable unique. It’s a one handed Poison Khopesh. It will require 100 rare shards to craft. Unlike the chaos sword, which requires one super lucky roll to drop, this item will require many more likely drops and thus will feature a smoother progression. This unique features a craftable upgrade as well (it will reroll the item however). It will begin to drop rarely in the Morhollow raid but will drop more frequently in the lv 50 raid. NOTE: The hilt cannot drop yet and will come in the next patch.
  • The level 50 raid is not ready this patch but we’re still working on it.
  • Several new quests added.
  • 4 mini secrets.
  • 1 big secret.
  • A warp island for the warp scrolls.
  • New world map markers.
  • Tutorial now points to the bluevale caves.
  • Nomad camp in the North, with some merchants and will hold a few simple quests. Also, has some returning quest characters - finally.
  • New unique quest weapon (it smells bad).
  • You can now repeat ‘The Bone Shaman And His Gem’.
  • Re-wrote parts of Brotherhood of the traveling pants.
  • Updated some skill icons
  • Fixed a bug with the follow quests (released earlier)
  • Now allocating 1g max java heap size. This will fix a lot of GC performance issues players were seeing when running a dungeon.
  • Fixed a bug with buying a guild hall when you had a guild recruiter.
  • Fix a case where some textures would reload and leak.
  • Fixed a bug where some attack overlays wouldn’t clear if the monster died during the attack.
  • Nametags for monsters and NPCs are no longer hidden. Only the player nametags will hide.
  • Fix a bug where the fog wouldn’t work on certain underground maps.
  • Update the poison damage description to be more clear.
  • Fixed a bug where some texture might of been loaded more than once.
  • Fixed some grammar and typos.
  • Added missing words to the swear filter.
17 MAY 2016
Fantasy Tales Online - fantasytalesonline
  • Split the level cap into a soft and a hard level. Soft level cap remains at lv40 but players will be able to progress to lv50 (hard cap) at an exponentially slower rate. Players can thus progress a bit beyond the level cap instead of solely collecting gear. NOTE: Once the soft cap is moved other players will be able to catch up easily so be warned.
  • Added in a offensive language filter into the game. If players continue to use bad language mod may issue punishments like mute or worse.
  • New keybinding for ‘U’ that will bring up player statistics
  • Adjust Trade Window to close if the other player closes it, as well as an option to ignore trades for 15 minutes.
  • Add an option to ignore trade from a player (trade spamming)
  • Added a lot of map markers for the new full screen map
  • Redid some skill icons.
  • (Progression dungeon update changes pushed back)
  • Added a few new quest (3 or 4) including an adventure quest.
  • Group Tonic: Adjusted the heal amount as well as the size of the group heal
  • Fixed an issue where Dagger Rain was killing friendly NPCs

  • Fix more issues with the follow quests not working as intended
Fantasy Tales Online - benwa
  • Add world map when you press the M button. Players will be able to see the entire world map and move it around as need be.
  • New puzzle types added in
  • (Several new features started such as guild updates, cooking crafting system, and being able to make use of low level potions but not yet enabled)
  • A couple Secret shortcuts added in, can you find them?
  • Properly adjust Heal Tonic when < 15% health heal for an additional 300%
  • You can no longer trade soulbound items in the account back.
  • Fix issues with new players doing the tutorial quests and arrows still showing up on map
  • Fix master volume not being properly applied to sound effect volume
  • Fix numerous issues with Guilds. Users experiencing guilds with members not being fully in the guild should be fixed as well as not being able to buy a hall.
  • Fix an issue where progress wasn’t being saved during a complicated sequence of events
  • More tweaks to the follow code to fix a somewhat rare issue where the follow NPCs will break their follow
  • Fix an issue where cleave would continue after death
  • Fix that might help with users experience lag from a big dungeon (leaking crests when changing maps)
12 MAY 2016
Fantasy Tales Online - benwa
These changes will go live over the next few hours as we reboot each server briefly one at a time.

  • Added more player houses in all areas.
  • Added 2 new skills for mobs around the world.
  • The bank bag slot are now visible (was meant to have been released on launch).
  • Changed the copper add/decrease message to not require mental math.
  • The /fell and /exit commands are now split. You can use /exit to return to the exit of the dungeon and /fell to go to the first town (Bluevale).
  • Added a safe mode. Particularly useful for people experiencing Intel crashes (Crashes at 0xc0000005), selected bad resolutions or don’t have a working hardware accelerated OpenGL configuration.
Skills (Medic):
  • Changed Heal Tonic to heal for more when you are low health, as well as increased overall heal.
  • Adjusted the look of Chemical Waste.
  • Jumpstart now works in combat and also resets targets cooldowns.
  • Players are able to place bank bags in their bank for more storage.
  • Added new recipes to the housing work bench.
Levels & Quest:
  • Release ‘Surely you Jest’ quest. Very interesting puzzle + boss quest. Best done in a party of 2.
  • Added a quest in the starting zone introducing puzzle elements.
  • Added more dialogue to multiple npcs throughout Arden.
Bug Fixes:
  • Added exit for Engorged Slimes Dungeon.
  • Fix shape channels (cleave) not clearing if you died while the skill was active.
  • Fix a bug with life steal could resurrect you.
  • Extensive rework of follow script bugs. Hopefully should see follow quest be more reliable.
  • Fixed a bug with the shield sprite stacking incorrectly with costumes.
  • Fixed a bug where links in certain area would break.
  • Added points of interest for event instances (not ready yet).
  • Fix the player from being able to click on the “sell” button twice (cosmetic).
  • Properly record when someone is a supporter.
  • Added a new Ultra-wide resolution.
  • Improvements to the moderator tools. It was nearly impossible to monitor the game during prime time. Things should be a bit easier now.
  • Admin feature for fixing account integrity issues for people experiencing locked characters.

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