20 FEB 2017
Lumini - martTM
Hi everyone,

If you noticed that a new version of Lumini went live recently, then congrats - this post is for you! v1.2.0 of the game updates a few things based on player feedback for both the x32 and x64 version of the game, so we hope it enhances your Lumini experience:

• Some additions were made to the background environments of the game to enhance the narrative experience.
• Fog effect added to enhance the atmosphere.
• Several animation glitches in the ending cinematic are fixed.
• Fixed several errors leading to crashes.
• Changed faulty resolution display in the options menu.
• Fixed cursor hiding during gameplay.

As always, please ensure your local content is up to date to benefit from the changes. Enjoy!

The RSG Team
Lumini - martTM
• What kind of game is Lumini?

Lumini is best described as a flow adventure game. Most players perceive Lumini more as an experience, rather than a challenge (even though there are still creatures and other hazards out to get your Lumini!). There are no cut-scenes, dialogue or load times – it's one continuous journey and the story is told through the environment around you.

• How long is the game?

The game can be completed in around two hours on a single play through if you don't explore everywhere. However, there are a number of collectables to discover and a more challenging difficulty that unlocks when you complete the game for the first time.

• How can I get the different types of Lumini?

The kind of Lumini you summon are based on your actions in the game:
  • Stunning/attacking enemies gives you red Lumini
  • Evading enemies gives you blue Lumini
  • Collecting the yellow orbs gives you yellow Lumini
• How many Lumini do I get when giving energy to the crystals?

You need one more energy that the last for each Lumini that you spawn. For example: the first Lumini costs you four energy, the second one needs five, the third takes six, and so on.

• What are the purple crystals I find and collect at hidden locations?

They unlock surprises for you! You can view these from the main menu under Extras.

• I'm having difficulty controlling two separate swarms at once – what can I do to make it easier?

You can use a button (Right Shift or LB by default) to control both swarms simultaneously using only the WASD-keys or the left analog stick.
4 SEP 2015
Lumini - martTM
Hi everyone,

So, the day that we've been working hard towards is finally here – Lumini is out! Speelbaars are hugely proud of what they've managed to create (and rightly so!), so we hope you all enjoy the relaxing adventure that is Lumini. Please, leave a review and let everyone else know how great it is!

One order of business for Linux users: we're aware that there's a small issue with the trophies unlocking on the Linux version of the game, and Speelbaars are working hard to fix it. A patch will be delivered as soon as it's sorted, so please don't worry. We're on the case!

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy Lumini!

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