Surgeon Simulator - Bossa Ryan

Sit down. Buckle up. And grab that sick bag...

As it’s all aboard for the brand-new Surgeon Simulator CPR Trailer, arriving this Autumn on Nintendo Switch!

Watch here 👉

...and for more info, check out the official site now 👉
Surgeon Simulator - Bossa Ryan

Trainee surgeons Oliver Age 24 & Ryan are delving back into the bowels of Bob over on Twitch, during which they'll be divulging all the gory details of our upcoming Nintendo Switch port - Surgeon Simulator CPR!!

Watch here 👉
Surgeon Simulator - Bossa Ryan

Operating on the go?

Dead easy... on Nintendo Switch!

Surgeon Simulator - Bossa Ryan

Calling ALL would-be Surgeons!! 📣

We’re back at the operating table, sewing together a few new ideas, and need a second opinion!

So if you’d like to donate your bod… ahem, I mean ‘help’ us out , please email!
Surgeon Simulator - Bossa Ryan

Let us know when it... clicks.

Watch now 👇
Surgeon Simulator - Bossa Ryan

HEADS UP: very exciting Surgeon Simulator news landing later TODAY!! 😬

In the meantime, get on over to our Twitter page for a chance to bag yo'self the ultimate Bossa bundle, including a copy of Surgeon Simulator, I am Bread & Deep Dungeons of Doom, for YOU & THREE mates! 💉🍞⚔️

Surgeon Simulator - Bossa Ryan

To mark Surgeon Simulator’s 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY, we’ve plunged elbow-deep into the gargantuan back catalogue of ‘let’s play’ videos, and stitched together the 5 FUNNIEST MOMENTS EVER!!

Bob’s had his sides split enough times. Now it’s your turn… (and don't forget, you can currently get an equally gargantuan 85% OFF Surgeon Simulator right now!)

Surgeon Simulator - Bossa Ryan

We’re blowing the dust off our implements & preparing for LIVE SURGERY over on Twitch at 4pm TODAY!!

Question is, who’d you *least* rather perform your operation; ‘I’m gonna sell your organs on the black market’ Ryan, or ‘I’m gonna EAT your organs on my pizza’ Oliver Age 24?

Watch Here 👉
Surgeon Simulator - Mangerive

After four years of development, and a boatload of anticipation, the world’s first Community-Crafted MMO, Worlds Adrift, begins its journey into Early Access today!

Created by Bossa Studios, the brains behind the acclaimed Surgeon Simulator and I am Bread, Worlds Adrift is our most ambitious game yet, offering an entirely user-generated environment, with a completely unscripted style of play.

Previously in Closed Beta, Worlds Adrift today launches into Early Access and begins a new chapter in its development.

To celebrate this milestone Worlds Adrift now includes a new culture - the Kioki Unity - and over 100 new islands from our Island Creator community. For a quick preview of some of the new Kioki islands take a look at the GIF above!

Worlds Adrift will continue to evolve throughout Early Access, based on the extensive feedback you, our loyal band of Travellers, continue to provide. To follow progress and receive the latest updates sign up to our newsletter and follow our Roadmap.

See you in the Skies!


Worlds Adrift is launching with the latest build, 0.2.0, updates include:
  • Additional servers for both US and EU regions
  • The world has been wiped, and will launch with a brand new layout with brand new islands
  • The new world is now separated into two diverse cultural regions; Saborian and Kioki, the
  • latter bringing with it all-new music and assets
  • Numerous new clothing items from Sabor, Bandinia, Ishgiru, Karem, Pin
  • A brand new in-game feedback form
  • Multiple bug fixes
  • Probably new ones...
  • VFX and SFX improvements
Surgeon Simulator - ricardo.rego

Cut up when finished with Surgeon Sim? Then get ready for your next slice (see what we did there?) of physics-based play from your old pals at Bossa Studios!

Introducing Worlds Adrift, a Community Crafted MMO launching on May 17th! Explore a shattered world. Build a legendary skyship. Unite a new civilisation.

Check out the brand new trailer below...

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