31 июл. 2019
Unending Dusk - dwayne
Content Update!

Added a new Pet: Shielder.

This pet is a tank. It should survive a lot longer than the Inspector, but generates at the forge at a lower rate.

Added a Quick Rise feature. Players can now press the block button while hitting the floor after being knocked down. This allows the characters to get up 50% faster. A flash and sound cue should occur on activation.

Added language translation support through the Community Workshop. Help us translate the game in other languages!

Language setting is now available only in the main menu. New languages will be added dynamically after download from the Community Workshop.

Translation Guide

General Fixes
- Fixed an enemy hit flash crash bug
- Removed the main menu from the pause menu during a level (players can now only enter the main menu from the lobby, this prevents accidental exits)
- Increased odds of the map showing up on the Apex level
- Some enemies moving behind the player will now face them briefly
- Added some spark particles on dead robots
- Fixed some ranged enemy behavior
- Fixed a crash bug caused by the Succubus

Boss Balance
- Increased the chance of Six Sisters casting a blockable fireball instead of the dark unblockable fireball
- Reduced the damage reduction of the Six Sisters ability


For the next update we'll be working on another new character and more background tiles.
24 июн. 2019
Unending Dusk - dwayne
Content Update!

Added more Endless Levels! Endless levels now reach 22.

A special more difficult Demon Lord boss appears at levels 11 and 21.

New 3rd level upgrades are now available for many mods to match endgame stats and damage.

Added 12 new mods only available from Endless Generation in the Forge.

Aura Keystone: Dark Aura
Orb Keystone: Dark Orb
Ability Nova Keystone: Dark Nova
Light Orbit Keystone: Holy
Light Orbit Keystone: Dark
Heavy Orbit Keystone: Holy
Heavy Orbit Keystone: Dark
Heavy Missile Keystone: Dark Meteor
Ability Missile Keystone: Dark Mirrors
Wing Keystone: Dark Wings
Special Vortex Keystone: Dark Beams

General Fixes

- Fixed some grammar issues
- Added a flash when changing characters during selection
- Added visual for upgrade paths in gear confirmation
- Fixed player's pets sometimes not being launched in the right direction

Thanks! Next we will be adding another pet and background tiles.
27 мая. 2019
Unending Dusk - dwayne
Content Update!

You can now play with your low level friends!

We added scaling which increases damage and decreases resurrection costs for players who are playing with a higher level host. This bonus applies to players who are atleast 5 levels below the host.

Example: A level 1 character playing with a level 50 host, in hell mode Highway, will resurrect for 400 credits instead of 40000. They will also do significantly more damage.

Added an alternate skin for the Rogue.

General Fixes
- Fixed crash issues when players disconnect
- Added a slight transparency to Engineer Mind Over Matter Orb
- Removed extra engage distance to ranged enemies during wave spawn
- Added fps limit in video settings
- Fixed some tech descriptions
- Removed close button on map select for remote clients in digital form
- Fixed an issue causing the revive text to remain on the screen
- Added a dialog to real Engineer story area to help transition

Balance Changes

Add changes to promote other play styles and increased effectiveness of the characters where they were lacking.

Light attacks now have decreased damage against tank enemies (non-bosses).
Light attacks were also increased across the board.

- Finesse tech damage increased to 15
- Ethereal tech additional slash now deals 40 damage
- Kill Them Faster tech now grants additional 20% damage to bosses

- Power Slam tech now adds 150 damage to ground slam
- Retro tech additional effect now deals 100 damage

- Grenade Mastery tech extra grenade now deals 200 damage
- Charged Shot tech now increases damage of Repel by 150
- Added Laser tech additional laser now deals 45 damage
- Distance is Key tech now increases damage by 12
- Barrage tech now increases damage by 30

- Mind Over Matter tech additional orb now deals 200 damage

- Finesse II tech increased to 20 damage
- Spinning Blade tech effect properly changed to Power scaling

Thanks for the support!

Next we will be looking at endgame content and adding more mods / endless levels.
3 мая. 2019
Unending Dusk - dwayne
Content Update!

NEW character: Rogue

Rogue is available to everyone after the update.

The Rogue has a fast but risky play style. She has a very powerful dash move with a low cooldown at the cost of low health. She also cannot run but has the fastest walk speed.

Alternate skin for the Rogue will be added at a later time.

General Fixes
- Pressing delete after deleting all of the characters in a save file will now reset the collected currency
- Currency for each save is now shown at the top of the Character Select screen
- Enemies now try to catch up faster to players across the screen when they are spawned
- Fixed a bug where projectiles could hit players during dash frames
- Added a block transition frame to all characters

Balance Changes
- Reduced Normal Warmachine drone damage by 50

Thanks for the support!

Next we will adding more content and quality of life improvements.
10 апр. 2019
Unending Dusk - dwayne
Content Update!

Added the Pet System.

The first pet is the Assistant: Inspector. It's basically the floating practice dummy in the lobby but he fights for you temporarily.

Generate the assistant in the Forge and equip the item in Gear.

Pets regenerate all health and revive after entering each area. They do have limited health and can die.

After completing the stage you will have to generate another assistant and equip it again.

The intention is give newer players an option to pay some credits to make progression slightly easier (Vouchers also work). Pets will die easily in harder encounters.

General Fixes
- Allow cancel while loading for remote clients
- Junkyard random secret area is 3 times more likely to spawn
- Pressing right on the locked maps on the map screen will change difficulties if unlocked
- Removed enemy waves in Raccoon secret areas


Next up should be the Rogue character, other improvements and content.
Unending Dusk - dwayne
Turn up the volume and listen to the music of Unending Dusk for FREE to all owners of Unending Dusk. Starting today, you can download our official music created and scored by Matthew Pablo. As a gift for buying our game, you'll be able to claim our soundtrack from the store page (DLC).

Thanks for your support!
18 мар. 2019
Unending Dusk - dwayne
We are leaving Early Access! Thanks for all the feedback and support thus far.

We are committed to updating the game as frequently as we can.

Content still coming soon:
AI controlled assistants
More characters
More lore objects and destructibles

Content Update

Added new tiles to Highway, Junkyard and Highrise maps

Changed order of starting mods. Attack mods now appear first in the store. Scroll left to access the basic stat mods.

General Fixes
- Fixed Endless Level 10 vouchers not being awarded
- Endless achievement now awarded on completion of Level 10
- Added xbox and playstation button glyphs to all UI screens
- Fixed random disasters hellfire/flamepillar from stacking
- Fixed enemy boss executive engage distance not matching its hitbox
- Improved initial load times to get into a game
- Improved Master Swordsman crushing attack animation
- Added some shadows to cubicle tiles

Please stay tuned and enjoy!
3 мар. 2019
Unending Dusk - dwayne
Content Update!

Added alternate costumes for each character. Press up or down on the Character Select screen to access the new color swaps. Expect more costumes in the future.

Added a new type of trap in the High Rise.

Added new improved running animations for all characters.

Added some animations to backgrounds

General Fixes

- Fixed Executive remaining in stealth after dying in stealth
- Changed fragile objects to be able to break from enemy actions
- Characters can now get knocked into and break fragile objects
- Fixed names in the spoils page to best fit
- Fixed help menu text so sell is under the gear section
- Assassin now unstealths when killed or damaged by demon totems
- Fixed dialog after finishing endless run
- Added more frames to Gunslinger's special animation.

Balance Changes

Reduced survivability of endless enemies by 10% across the difficulties. This should allow easier access to the mode after beating the last stage.

As a result we reduced some of the effectiveness of the characters. Also tried to promote build diversity.

- Reduced Force tech damage to 25

- Increased Normal Punches tech damage to 15
- Fixed a bug where Normal Punches tech does not apply to the second heavy attack
- Reduced Heavy Hitter tech damage to 30
- Increased Leg Day tech to damage 20

No changes since she currently feels under balanced in the endgame.

- Reduced Electrical Affinity tech damage to 15
- Reduced Electrical Mastery tech damage to 15
- Reduced Electrical Mastery II tech damage to 15
- Reduced Electrical Mastery III tech damage to 20


Next updates: Polishing tiles, animations and balance issues.

New characters, enemies, tiles and AI features still coming.

We will be leaving Early Access in mid to late March.
12 фев. 2019
Unending Dusk - dwayne
Content Update!

We've added Endless mode! This is available after you beat Purgatory (last stage). Challenge yourself in 10 difficulties and be rewarded special vouchers. These vouchers let you generate rare mods from the Forge.

Time is reset after beating each endless stage.
Rewards are received after returning to hideout for the highest level beaten.
Currency is carried over to each stage.
Gain the Unending Dusk achievement after beating the 10th endless level.

Added new tiles in Factory
Added a new destructible to Highway
Added some running civilians at the start of the game (Highway Normal)
Added a new Shoveler charging enemy in Junkyard
Added a new Duelist melee enemy in Highrise

Added two extra save slots (3 total). Press the heavy attack button to alternate between the save slots. You may also delete characters by pressing the block button then holding the submit/jump button.

General Fixes

- Added scroll markers in Gear and Store to show that there are other pages
- Fixed pause/resume sync issues for players and enemies
- Fixed an issue with the Fresh Meat achievement and its related tiles
- Changed a frame in the Engineer recover animation
- Removed shadows from Demon and Demon Lord charge flames
- Fixed blood decal on Demon Lord
- Fixed fire trap not scaling with Hell difficulty
- Fixed crash when quitting to main menu while gear page is open
- Fixed junkyard boulder trap shadow disappearance
- Fixed hit depth of war machine projectile
- Moved dungeon skeleton tile further back to fix depth

Balance Changes

- Further reduced health of enemies in the first area (highway)


Next updates: Continued polish of tiles, animations and balance issues.

New characters, enemies, cosmetic and AI features still coming in the future!
20 янв. 2019
Unending Dusk - dwayne
Content Update!

Final level is here!

Purgatory map is now available in Hell Mode.
Recommended for characters level 45-50 (mostly green gear and up).
Demon Lord boss
Demon minion
Lesser Demon minion
Dark Soul minion
Hellhound minion
Hellfire traps and waves
Fissure traps
Team versions all of the previous bosses

Includes 3 new music tracks (one for Downtown Club).
Added a bunch of new SFX.
Add new tiles to Temple map.
Added some parallaxing clouds to Highway map.

General Fixes

- Players and enemies now turn toward the direction they are knocked from
- Afterlife achievement now properly unlocks after seeing the 5th dialog from the Engineer
- Fixed an issue causing multiple map globes to appear in junkyard areas
- Fixed a pathing issue when entering secret merchant in Highway
- Fixed more long sound clipping issues
- Homing projectiles are now destroyed by the alternate Special move
- Fixed the animation from looping on Dragon and Void mods
- Fixed memory leak with certain specific projectiles
- Fixed splash screen text to start and end properly on all resolutions
- Improved assassin stealth animation to be more obvious
- Improved brawler heavy art to match new hitboxes

Balance Changes

- Heavy attacks now do 20% more damage to enemies classified as "tanks". Tanks are the enemies which can't be launched.

Some techs have been changed to promote better balance and difficulty.

Assassin's sustain and mitigation is too strong for his speed and versatility.
- Bladethirst reduced to 2% health
- Bladethirst II reduced to 3% health
- Avoidance reduced to 5% less projectile damage
- Ethereal reduced to 10% less damage
- Focused Blade special charge reduced to 25%

- Retro tech shockwave damage increased by 50% but now scales with energy
- Improved hitboxes for Brawler heavy attack

Reduced sustain from vampire to follow suit.
- Vampire reduced to 3% health
- Grenade Mastery tech second projectile damage increased by 50% but scales with power

- Mind over Matter tech second orb delay increased
- Mind over Matter tech damage increased by 50% but scales with power

Mod Changes

- Reduced damage of Meteor Fall slightly
- Reduced damage of Fork Lightning slightly

Enemy Changes

- Six Sister boss attack speed in hell reduced to 1.5
- Six Sister boss now periodically fires a normal fireball
- Six Sister boss damage reduction reduced to 50%
- Six Sixster boss damage reduced by 33%
- Spearman health reduced to 350, 1050, 2100
- Axeman health reduced to 400, 1200, 2400
- Archer health reduced to 350, 1050, 2100
- Succubus now teleport further more consistently
- Executive boss attack now has extra frames to prevent damage loops

Thanks for playing!

Next update we'll be adding Endless Mode. This mode will cycle maps randomly while scaling difficulty and rewards. Intended for maxed out characters post endgame.

Expect more frequent updates to polish tiles, animations and balance issues.

New characters, enemies, cosmetic and AI features still coming in the future!

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