5 dec.
Hellsplit: Arena - SayHelloToGrux
Hello everyone! We are pleased to announce updates 1.02! This update changes the way that those smelly zombies die! Bug fixes and other minor features and changes. More updates are just around the corner with new zombies, game modes, bug fixes, and more!

- Zombies now have death animations
- Skeletons death behavior is now improved
- Zombies now play animations in ragdoll
- Now you can kill a zombie by stabbing him in the stomach
- Fat Zombie and Dead King react to unarmed hits
- Dark Knight's spinning is fixed
- Player's starting rotation on Oculus is fixed
- Fists whoosh sound while running is fixed

15 nov.
Hellsplit: Arena - SayHelloToGrux
Hello, guys! Update 1.01 is available now!
  • Ragdoll settings for zombies and skeletons were changed, their stability was improved
  • Parrying mode was refined
  • Response threshold is now reduced when kicking in the enemies legs
  • The reaction of different enemies to the kicks was changed
  • Enemy body recovery system was added (enables bug reduction due to the enemies interaction with the environment)
  • Deactivation of enemy weapon collisions apart from the player was added
  • Moving with the touchpad is restricted after the death and on pause
  • Cutting of zombie's throat with a blunt weapon was corrected
  • Repulse sound volume was reduced
  • Fire sound near the mirror at the hub location was added
Hellsplit: Arena - SayHelloToGrux
Hello everyone and Happy Halloween! I have some excited news to share with you all! In spite of the Halloween spirit there will be a small cosmetic update for the game where the undead got there heads stuck in some pumpkins and placed witch hats on there heads! But that’s not all folks as I’m pleased to announce The Torture Chamber map update! Tired of just hacking and slashing zombies? Don’t you feel like you need to slaughter the undead in a more brutal fashion? Well now you can with the new mechanics added in the map. Place some of the zombies on hooks or roast them in lava and pull there charred carcass from it. Or maybe you want something more classic like the Iron Maiden? Just toss them in and forget. Have fun and get smiting!

11 oct.
Hellsplit: Arena - SayHelloToGrux
Hello, guys! Update 0.99 is here!
  • New trap type - Thresher on rails
  • New trap type - elemental traps (fire, ice, poison)
  • Spikes mechanics is changed. Now the spikes activate when the units step on it. Now the spikes also impact all types of the enemies, including armored ones
  • Stand now impacts the armored enemies
  • Thresher and cutter impact the armored enemies and can destroy their armor
  • Now the player can get down under the cutter without being damaged
  • Traps distribution updated on all levels
  • Joystick support is added for Windows Mixed Reality controllers
  • Smooth movement by default is updated for Vive
  • Touch mode is enabled by default
24 sept.
Hellsplit: Arena - SayHelloToGrux
Hello, guys! Update 0.98 is here right now!
  • Game data loading was optimized (should reduce the problem of a black screen when loading)
  • Blob shadows for Fat Zombie and Zombie King was added
  • Ability to set fire to weapons on roasters was added
  • The likelihood of a ragdoll effect when slipping on a banana peel was added
  • Increased durability of wine bottles
  • Wine bottles can be burned now (light version of Molotov cocktail)
  • Final boss (Zombie King) is now subject to elemental damage

Hellsplit: Arena - SayHelloToGrux
Hello Everyone!

As you may know, our game is in the very early stages of development and we are working very hard to push more updates and features for you all to enjoy! We have made a Discord for everyone for ease of access to information as well as chatting with fellow Gladiators and Warriors! The link is https://discord.gg/vVw93XV. See you in there! Within the next couple days we will be releasing a small cosmetics update but rest assured we are listening to the people and are planning on releasing something IMPRESSIVE!
19 sept.
Hellsplit: Arena - SayHelloToGrux
Hello, guys! Glad to present you our new update!
  • New grab mode was added (grip hold, grip press)
  • New turning mode was added (hybrid)
  • The ability to kill armored zombies by stabbing in their face was added
  • The ability to put one-handed weapons in back slot was added
  • Disabled sounds of weapon when it is in the slot
  • Increased busting potion activation zone on Light Mace
  • Reduced sound of metal ringing in swords
  • Movement speed of some shields was increased (for more convenient bashes)
  • Saving equipment configuration in training mode was added
  • Strafe enabled by default
Hope you like it and see you soon on the Arena!
14 sept.
Hellsplit: Arena - SayHelloToGrux
Hello, guys! We are glad to present you our new update, where a part of your
requests upon controls were taken into account,
new game mechanics was added and some of the bugs were corrected as well
  • Smooth turning is added
  • Strafes and turning options for Oculus are unlocked
  • Improved bashes for swords and maces
  • Now you can bash enemies with the sword handle
  • Avatar's rotation axis is fixed
  • Improved shield fly up
  • Fixing of the bug relating to the possibility of random activation
    of weapon boosting potion, when the weapon is not in hand
  • Activation of weapon sound when appearing on the level is fixed
Thank you for staying with us and see you soon on the arena!

11 sept.
Hellsplit: Arena - SayHelloToGrux
  • Disable blood screen effect (temporally)
  • Reduced hit screen effect (temporally)
  • Improved stabbing by swords
  • Increased damage by stabbing (sword and axe)
  • Now stabbing can cause a ragdoll reaction
  • Now you can grab the enemy at any time
  • Now you can grab skeletons
  • Improved fist punch (fist hit sound, fist hit detection)
  • Increased damage by fist punch
  • Now the kick can cause a ragdoll reaction
  • Rebalanced Flaming skeleton
  • Holding the weapon while walking is made more tougher (reduced hand flexibility)
  • Removed slowdown walking of avatar when approaching an enemy
  • Improved ragdoll state for the enemy (experimentally)
  • Reduced threshold for animated reactions when hitting legs
  • Fixed sound of a blow when breaking a head
  • Fixed sound of hitting shields

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