Earth 2160 - Valve
- New languages: Italian, Russian, Polish and Czech
- Added Platinum and Titanium map packs. (18 new maps total)
- Added SuperStorm Mod V3:

SuperStorm adds teaming options (with human players and AI), additional resource options, weather and some other features to Skirmish and Multiplayer modes in Earth 2160.

SuperStorm Structures

To play a SS Structures game, select it from the Game Type: drop-down box. This works the same as Destroy Structures but with the following options:

Team Options: This automatically puts players into teams, whether they're human or AI players. The alliances are handled automatically. The following options are available:
Free For All: All players against all players.
Teams of [One-Five]: Team players up (counted by order of players)
Teams as Factions: Team players of the same faction together
No Automatic Alliances (multiplayer only): No automatic alliances made, so AIs will attack human players and human players will start allied with no-one.
AI vs Human (single-player only): AI only targets you.
Resource Options: This contains both Destroy Structures and Uncle Sam options. Options available:
Mining: Destroy Structures default
Mining (4-16x resources): Makes resources last 4x- 16x longer depending on option.
Uncle Sam (1000-15000): No mining, and players get selected resources per minute.
Unlimited: No limit to resource usage.
Weather: Adds weather to the game. Environmental feature :) Options available:
None, Rain, Wind, Rain and Wind.
Special Options: Some other features of SuperStorm can be activated here:
Normal: No special option.
Map Objects On: Leaves on the units and buildings the map maker put on
Explored Map: Removes fog of war on the map
Observer (single-player only): Allows you to watch AI players battling it out - they will ignore you.

Destroy Structures also has the following features:

Live stats: the game displays the following stats as the game goes on:
Time: Players notified of the time every minute
Personal kills: Players are notified of their personal totals every 25 kills they make
Game kills: Players are notified of the total game kill count every 50 kills
Unit destruction: Unlike the normal game, SS Structures destroys all player units when they are defeated.

SuperStorm V3 is scripted by Gary "SpaceTug" Mullins, an FoC-D member. Thanks go to Chip for help with the testing, and CABAListic for the advice :)


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