Degrees of Separation - fuglesang
The game has been updated to fix issues regarding playing co-op on a keyboard or when playing with a controller+keyboard combo. An important note is that "player 1" and "player 2" use different keys on the keyboard regardless of what setup you use. They are as following:

Player 1
  • Move - WASD
  • Jump - Space
  • Use - E
  • Call Companion - F

Player 2
  • Move - Arrow keys
  • Jump - L
  • Use - K
  • Call Companion - J

When playing single player, the controls for Player 1 is used, with the addition of using Q to change character.

If the game does not update for you, you can restart Steam to force it.

Update March 14
To be clear - you can now play the game coop using the following setups:
  • both players on the same keyboard
  • one player on the keyboard, one player using a controller
  • both players using a controller each

If you own a controller that does not work with the game, please let us know.
14 lutego
Degrees of Separation - acirej
Greetings everyone!

Happy Valentine's Day! We are more than happy that the DoS launch is finally here!

We know many of you are excited for our online co-op feature, and so are we! We’re working on a patch right now that will allow you to play with your friends online. We’ll keep you updated on our progress! Thanks for your patience everyone!

12 lutego
Degrees of Separation - fuglesang
Unleash the powers of hot & cold to solve puzzles and embark on a journey with Ember & Rime in the visually sensational world of Degrees of Separation, launching Valentine's Day!

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