Them's Fightin' Herds - Mane6, Inc

Small patch going out to improve performance on the new stages and fix an issue with Oleander's new Study effect.

  • Fog effects on Tianhuo's and Velvet's updated stages can now be disabled using the Weather Effects setting in Game options. Please let us know if this improves performance on these stages.
  • The Stage Select screen now displays the updated versions of Tianhuo's and Velvet's stages as well as the Training stage.
  • Fixed various prop layering errors in Velvet's update stage.
  • Added snow pileups around the corners of the shops in Velvet's updated stage.
  • Enhanced the look of the statue in Velvet's updated stage
  • Oleander: Fixed a bug where the new beam effect on Study would not reposition properly during a crossup
Them's Fightin' Herds - Mane6, Inc

Hotpatch time! There's some general bugfixes, changes to the AI, plugging holes in the walls of Ari's pixel lobby, and temporarily removing the ice effect on Velvet's throw whiff. The list of known issues from the previous patch notes still stands, for now...

Pixel Lobby
  • Pummelin' Plains: Reinforced weak spots in various walls that allowed players to travel out-of-bounds into the void.
  • Velvetbot uses shatters far less often on easier difficulties.
  • Tianhuobot is now a little better at doing combos.


  • Fixed an issue where KO'ing predators or being KO'd by predators in arcade mode sometimes caused the screen to shake more than normal.
  • Fixed an issue that caused characters grabbed by various air throws to snap to the wrong position during the tech window.
  • Removed the ice effect during her throw whiff, as it was being misread as an attack.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the cinnamon roll to float into the air if used during an opponent Arizona's Magic Dash.
  • Fixed an oversight that prevented Paprika from being able to block out of successfully landing her level 1 super: Smother.
  • Fixed an issue where fruit thrown by Arc Gift Toss wouldn't have an attack hitbox while Paprika was under the effect's of Velvet's level 2 super.
  • Fixed a rare issue where Fred's 1D would sometimes produce the wrong type of knockback.
  • Fixed an effect layering issue where the new Study beam effect would appear in front of magic chapter trap.
  • Fixed an error where Oleander had two books during her throw tech animation. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE.
Them's Fightin' Herds - Mane6, Inc
Our 06/28/19 update is now live on Steam. If you haven't yet, restart your games to receive it. Verify your files to get the update instantly.

Join us for our post-patch stream where we discuss the content of this update on Monday, July 1 at 3PM PT (

"A long series of tremors has shaken the Huacaya Mountains today in the early hours of the morning. As a result of these quakes, there have been reports of collapsing bridges and opening sinkholes, as well as of the closure to the general public of the local touristic grotto due to flooding. FNM news recommend tourists exercise caution when visiting the zone, or better yet, avoid the place entirely and vacation somewhere nice for a change.

These quakes have happened just as Alpake clans were starting to relocate into their seasonal camps. Why they would pick such A Dreary Place to make camp is anybody's guess, but that's Alpake for you. We sent our Star reporter FHTNG to the Scene to interview the locals. They responded mostly with plaintive sighs. When questioned about the event, the local clan leader said "Well, of course this happened. It's Friday."

A couple of tourists from Reine were also in the area as the tremors occurred, and have received immediate emergency medical attention, as their floofs were roughly ruffled during the event. They have been admitted to St. Matewe's Hospital and attended by Reine's top floofoligist, who in a statement to the press has declared their condition "critical, but might be able to be improved after a few weeks of shampoo and brushing therapy. We'll see how it goes." More on their floof condition as it develops.

Pixel Lobby

  • All lobby characters now have a proper spectating animation while swimming.
  • Fixed an issue where the transition from day to night and vice versa skipped ahead abruptly. This issue appeared mysteriously the first time. While we think it’s fixed, let us know if it appears again.
  • Fixed an issue where the music would restart when it became daytime if the “Music at Night” option was turned on.
  • Fixed an issue in Velvet’s lobby where the music would spike in volume as it looped.
  • Fixed incorrectly transparent pixels in water-floating salt crystals in caves across all lobbies.
  • The sound effect emitted by fight clouds now respects the Sound Effects Volume option.
  • The sound notification played when multiple overworld chests spawn simultaneously is no longer really, really loud.
  • Fixed an issue in the Salt Mines where red health wouldn't get refunded to your total health after a fight.
  • Fixed an issue where typing \ or / in the chatbox displayed {crsr} in the chat.
  • Fixed a typo in the onscreen prompt received during training partner requests.
Arizona (Pummelin’ Plains)
  • Fixed fires not having a crackle sound effect.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to stand in the water inside the caves.
Paprika (A Dreary Place)
  • Now with bigger tents!
  • Fixed a missing tile in the northeast cave.
  • Fixed several instances of inconsistent collision boxes.
  • Fixed several instances of flickering layering during cliff-jumping.
  • Fixed a lighting layering issue in the northeast cave.
  • Fixed incorrectly tiling grass patches.
  • The opening credits now displays the link to our official Discord server.
  • The main options menu now pulls text from localization files, so each option now has a proper title instead of just a variable name. Organization of options in general still needs work. We are planning menu reconstructions for a later patch.
  • Descriptions for many options have been revised for better clarity.
  • We’re rolling out a first-pass revision to our AI system to better align CPU behavior with player expectations. Feebdack regarding this change is greatly appreciated. We’ll continue to iterate in subsequent patches.
  • CPU difficulty levels have been renamed. From easiest to most difficult: Sleeptrot, Greenhorn, Contender, Champion, and ¿NSP§KBL?
  • The option to change CPU difficulty has been moved to the top of the Gameplay options menu to improve visibility. We’re still planning to add a difficulty selector at the beginning of Arcade Mode in a later patch.
  • The default CPU difficulty level is now Greenhorn, and everyone’s current CPU difficulty level has been reset to default.
  • The Training stage now has a grid in the background.
  • Tianhuo’s stage has overhauled textures and lighting to improve character visibility.
  • Arizona’s stage has updated textures, and the nighttime version is a bit brighter to improve character visibility.
  • Oleander’s stage has updated lighting.
  • Velvet’s stage has new shopfronts and updated textures.
  • The morning and nighttime variants of Velvet’s stage have been temporarily disabled until the next patch while we update them with the new textures.


General Improvements
  • All characters’ magic meters now have an animation when a stock is filled.
  • All characters have proper throw whiff and throw tech animations. We are planning to make further enhancements to the readability of throw whiffs in a later patch.
  • There is now a graphic for when a match ends in either a double KO or a time up.
  • All characters now have an animation when defeated by time running out.
  • The color of the level 2 super meter bar is now less banana and more orange.
  • Cross Canter now has a proper afterimage effect.
  • Slightly embiggened the size of the offscreen player position icons.
  • All of our input shortcuts for specials now have a rule to only allow inputs that AREN’T the opposite direction of the final input right before the attack button. Before this change, it would allow ANY input before the attack button. This change is intended to prevent 2364{Atk} and 2146{Atk} from producing special attacks.
  • Made minor revisions to dialogue in various sections of the tutorial to improve clarity, particularly in supers for all characters.
General Bugfixes
  • Fixed an issue where the game froze for a second or two before a match vs a CPU would begin.
  • Fixed an issue where the onscreen reversal indicator did not appear when using a normal attack from a hard knockdown.
  • Fixed an issue where certain animations wouldn’t have stage lighting applied.
  • Fixed a long-standing issue where graphical glitches would appear at characters' feet during some animations (most obvious on Paprika).
  • Fixed an issue in Arcade Mode where if the player got a double KO during the predator fight, they would proceed to the next fight with full health.
  • Fixed an issue in Training Mode where character portraits would not match the actual character when loading different combo recordings.
  • Fixed an issue where the music would stop if you moved to round 4 through a double KO.
  • Fixed occurrences of opponents’ names not showing up during matchmaking fights.
  • Fixed various instances of moves being printed incorrectly in combo recordings.
  • The Panther now has a stand idle animation.
  • The line color on all predators has been brightened slightly, so they stand out more.
  • Arizona gains less super meter from successful ropes.
  • Magic Counter damage has been reduced.
  • The required amount of meter points to reach a full bar of super have been increased slightly.
  • Broadened the cancel window of Trample into Rebound, making it more easy to execute.
  • The color of Arizona’s magic meter has been changed to forest green.
  • Smoothed out the afterimage pulse effect for gaining magic from a successful lasso.
  • Temporarily removed the color difference between Arizona’s near and far legs on the “Nebraska”, “Dangerously Cheesy”, and “Koi Cow” palettes. This is to prevent the visibility of a bug that changes the color of the far legs during certain animations due to a problem with the shade layer. The intended appearance of these palettes will be restored in a later patch.
  • Fixed an animation glitch where the grounded version of Velvet’s ice shield formed during her crouch block animation would persist when jumping.
  • The hurttbox of her launcher has been adjusted to better fit the effect animation.
  • Fixed an issue which allowed her to special cancel j.A and j.B on whiff.
  • Fixed minor color layer errors across various animations.
  • During Study, the beam effect between Oleander and the Unicornomicon is no longer cardboard. There's still a little more we want to do with this effect, so we’ll be making further adjustments in a subsequent patch.
  • All Chapter Traps have a new effect animation.
  • Magic Chapter Trap has a smaller hitbox, doesn’t travel as far during creation, and has increased startup time.
  • Shortened the input window of Teleport to prevent accidental inputs during combos.
  • The color of Oleander’s magic meter has been changed to magenta.
  • Added an additional sparkly effect during the “power-up” phase of her intro animation.
  • Fixed an issue where the first hit of Doom Claw (6C) would not produce a groundbounce immediately after a throw.
  • Fixed an issue where her far leg would disappear during j.B.
  • Fixed a color layer issue around her eye during her character select animation.
  • Filled in Master 01 combo trial, which was previously missing.
  • Replaced all remaining references to “Fel Spark” and “Dark Spark” in combo recordings and tutorials with “Shadow Spark” and “Shadow Blast” respectively.
  • Revised dialogue in Oleander-specific specials and supers tutorials for better clarity.
  • The color of Paprika’s magic meter has been changed to deep lavender.
  • Fixed the “fake eat” issue, where Paprika would try to eat her own gifts, but sometimes the animation would play out and the gifts wouldn’t actually be eaten. Apologies from the entire Mane6 crew for leaving this bug out in the wild for so long.
  • Fixed an issue where Paprika couldn’t boop her gifts while frozen by Velvet's level 2 super.
  • Fixed an issue where if she was grabbed just before her super connected, the screen locked in position as if the super hit.
  • Fixed a color layer error with her hair during her stand idle animation.
  • Fixed an animation error where her blanket was missing during the last frame of her super level 1 whiff.
  • Replaced Intermediate 04 combo trial with one that works.
  • References to “Smothered with Love” have been replaced with simply “Smother” in combo recordings and tutorials. The emotion implied is now up to interpretation.
  • New palette: “New Sheep”.
  • The color of Pom’s magic meter has been changed to light pink.
  • Replaced Master 03 combo trial with one that works.
  • Fixed an oversight where all her normals were whiff-cancelable into a super.
  • Fixed an issue where Firecracker Attacks and Flips could be cancelled into specials during recovery.
  • Fixed an issue where Men Shao Ti would activate on things other than the opponent’s character.
Known Issues
  • Tianhuo’s magic meter flashes to green instead of white/yellow on stock fill. This is a long standing bug that will be fixed in future iterations.
  • The fountain’s water in Paprika’s lobby remains static. It will flow properly in subsequent patches.
  • The preview images during stage select currently reflect their versions prior to this patch. We’ll be updating them to match next patch.
  • In Velvet’s stage, there is a minor layering issue where the banners strung across the top will disappear behind the snow on the roofs of the shops.
Them's Fightin' Herds - Mane6, Inc
For the last few weeks our team has been away on a triple event showcase tour. We made an appearance at Xanadu here in Maryland, hoofed it over to Combo Breaker in Chicago, then immediately flew out to Dallas for Dreamhack. The overwhelmingly positive response we received from players, other developers, and event coordinators was truly moving. Everyone took great care of us. We got to meet some of our top players, connect with tons of new folks, and have drinks with other super-cool indie devs. It’s been quite a month, and now that we’re getting back into the swing of things, I wanted to share our upcoming plans.

Our next patch will be releasing towards the end of this month. As always, you can expect items in the usual areas:
  • Quality of life improvements, especially issues reported to us over the course of our event tour.
  • Filling out placeholder effects and animations.
  • Balance changes and bug fixes.

Interspersed in the next few patches, we’ll be releasing three major features we’re actively working on that must be completed before we’re ready to move out of Early Access into 1.0:
  • Level 3 Supers
  • Salt Mines 2.0
  • Chapter 1 of Story Mode (featuring Arizona)

We still want to do an update to our AI system, but we’re scaling it back from an “overhaul” to an “adjustment” for now. That means focusing on the main goals: bring the medium and lower difficulty levels in line with players’ expectations, and add new battle tactics to certain bots for higher levels.

Next on the list: we’re changing the types of streams we do. Previously we promised a “patch preview” work stream every month, but after doing a few, we learned that this type of content requires too much focus for a team this size. Now we’re experimenting, to capture something of similar value but with less drain on the devs. We’re keeping Monday post-patch streams a regular thing, though. They're fun to do, and the community seems to get a lot from them.

To kick off our new stream campaign, we’re broadcasting three separate shows each day this weekend. Here’s the schedule:
  • Friday the 14th, 3pm PT: “ManeCast” is a podcast-style roundtable. Join Oreo, Cam, MPK, myself, and lead designer Nappy with community members Amaron and Candel to chat about the state of the game and play some casual matches.
  • Saturday the 15th, 3pm PT: “Lindsay’s Work Stream”. Our infinitely talented background artist Lindsay will be streaming her work on a new cave stage for the salt mines. Come hang out and ask questions!
  • Sunday the 16th, 3pm PT: “Sunday Stompin’” is where hitsparks fly and the salt flows. Community members Bubbleboots and Linkster play first-to-10 scrimmage matches with commentary from the dev team, and likely some screaming.

And there you have it. But before we leave the subject of streams, I have some unfortunate news. The VODs from weekend of Combo Breaker, including the Sunday tournament, are no longer available. I did not archive the streams on Twitch in time; I missed the auto-deletion date by 1 day. It was entirely my fault, and I’m deeply ashamed. While it’s unfortunate that the video evidence is lost, the stories remain, and we will make new memories together, starting this weekend.

So concludes my report. We’re hard at work on Early Access Patch #17, dropping in only a couple weeks. For more juicy bits on the specific things we’re working towards, hop in the stream this Friday. Hope to see you there.

Aaron Stavely
Mane6 Production Manager
Them's Fightin' Herds - Mane6, Inc

Our 05/21/19 update is now live on Steam. If you haven't yet, restart your games to receive it. Verify your files to get the update instantly.

Another quick patch before we leave for Combo Breaker! By the way - If you want to see our updates from the event, follow our new Instagram @manesixdevteam

We're starting to roll out some adjustments to colors in the fight HUD and character effects in an effort to standardize and unify. Super meter bars now match the colors of the new afterimage effects during superflash, and each character will have an established "color of magic" that will be reflected in all the relevant places. We're implementing some of these design changes now, but there is more to come in the weeks ahead. Take a look!


  • The color of all characters' super meter bars for level 2 has been changed from green to yellow. This should improve clarity and match the color of the afterimage during a level 2 super.
  • The "orb" at the end of the super meter bar now changes color depending on your current meter level. It is no longer character-specific.
  • There is now a HUD element that calls out reversals! Reversals are actions done from block or wakeup as early as possible to evade or interrupt the attacker. They can be either attacks or evasive moves. Not every move that would be a reversal will actually trigger a reversal indicator, yet. Pom's dogs won't.
  • Temporary Fix: To mitigate a known issue with keyboards controlling the wrong player when assigned to player 2, we made it so keyboards may only be assigned to player 1 during controller selection.
  • Arizona now flashes green when she gains magic instead of purple, to properly reflect her "color of magic". Her magic meter will be be updated to match in an upcoming patch.
  • Properly fixed her character select animation and combat portrait that still had the eyebrows issue. We said this was fixed in last patch, but it actually wasn't (our bad).
  • Fixed a model issue where Paprika would gain a goatee made from the void when she blocked low.
  • Fixed a minor color bleed during her 5B.
  • On Pom's command list, removed the "hit" from "During Stampede" for Big Papa as a requirement.
  • Tian's air throw has a new animation.
  • Fixed an issue where Tian was missing one of her back legs during her airblock and air pushblock.
  • Tian's old palette flash effect during Ran Shao Feng now shows up if HQ supers are turned off.
  • Added additional details to her command list.
Known Issues
  • If you have an attack that is disjointed enough, you can still do weird things to Arizona's Trample from afar with proper timing.
  • The day/night transition in Paprika's pixel lobby is an abrupt change. We're still investigating this bug and will fix it in an upcoming patch.

  • On 05/23/19, we pushed a small update that added the long-missing effect to Oleander's intro.
Them's Fightin' Herds - Mane6, Inc

Our 05/17/19 update is now live on Steam. If you haven't yet, restart your games to receive it. Verify your files to get the update instantly.

This is the first of what will likely be a series of patches throughout the next few weeks while we make the rounds, showcasing TFH during our first-ever multi-event tour.

Half of our core development team is clustered around the city of Baltimore, so for you Maryland locals, know that Mane6 will be kicking off our tour by paying a visit to Xanadu in Laurel tomorrow during their monthly. Oreo, Nappy, Leedin, and Aaron will be there! If you're in the area, we'd love to see you. Next week is Combobreaker in Chicago, and the week after is Dreamhack in Dallas. Hoo boy. Heavy breathing.

We'll soon be putting the game in front of a large number of (potentially very influential) eyeballs, so we focused on versus mode quality of life and visual upgrades for this update. Patch notes below.

New Features
  • Local Versus now has Sparring Mode, accessible from the infight pause menu. When enabled, the match is put on hold and you enter training mode seamlessly. Disable Sparring Mode to return to your match exactly where you left off.
  • On character select, the Announcer now calls out the names of each character.

Menu Enhancements
  • All characters' command lists have been updated to improve visual clarity and provide more details on how moves and systems function.
  • On character select, there are now arrows to indicate that you can move left and right during palette selection.
  • In the button configuration menu, "Config all" is no longer the first highlighted option, a change intended to prevent cases of players accidentally FUBAR-ing their controls.
  • The "wraparound" option preview at the top and bottoms of various menus has been removed to improve visual clarity.

Pixel Lobby
  • Fixed an issue where arcade scanlines were not applying to certain objects in Arizona's lobby.
  • Flipped a skull to its proper orientation in Arizona's lobby.
  • Slightly lengthened the time it takes to transition from day to night in all pixel lobbies.
  • Known Issue: There is currently an abrupt jump during the day/night transition in Paprika's lobby. We believe it is connected to network traffic and will be fixed as soon as possible in an upcoming hotpatch.


  • Afterimages during superflashes have a new look across all characters.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Tianhuo's Master 04 combo trial to stop working.

  • Fixed an issue where after a low lasso, Velvet specifically would land much closer to Arizona than intended.
  • Her magic moves now have an afterimage effect.

  • Now has an ice shield effect on all blocks and pushblocks.
  • Both her standing and air throws now have actual ice effects.
  • Fixed an eye zone color error in her trip and low standing gethit animations.

  • Fixed an issue where her line layer had inconsistent colors across various animations.
  • Fixed eye zone color errors across various animations.
  • Fixed issues of missing eyebrows across various animations and her combat portrait.
  • "Fel Spark" and "Dark Spark" have been renamed to "Shadow Spark" and "Shadow Blast" on her command list.

  • There is now a magic button (D) indicator over her picnic basket when you are in range to use it for Free Gifts.
  • Smother has a new animation on whiff/block.
  • All characters now have proper animations when they are constricted by Paprika's throws.

  • Ran Shao Feng now has a new effect during the install portion.

Known Issues
  • If you have an attack that is disjointed enough, you can still do weird things to Arizona's Trample from afar with proper timing.
Them's Fightin' Herds - Mane6, Inc

More exciting news!

Them's Fightin' Herds is showcasing at Dreamhack Dallas on May 31st - June 2nd!

Three Mane6 staff members will be going:
  • Nappy, Combat & Animation Director​
  • Oreo, QA Analyst​
  • Aaron, Production Manager​

If you're in the area please come and say hello at our booth in the Indie Playground section - We're really excited to be able to display our game at the event!
Them's Fightin' Herds - Mane6, Inc

Our 05/07/19 update is now live on Steam. If you haven't yet, restart your games to receive it. Verify your files to get the update instantly.

It's finally here! Our giant pixel lobby update is available for explorin' an' fightin' to your heart's content. We're sorry this one took longer than expected, but the extra development time gave us the opportunity to include some really cool features and much-needed bugfixes. Details below.

Looking ahead, we've got only a few weeks before Combobreaker 2019. Until that time, we're focusing hard on polish so TFH can make its first public appearance dressed to the nines. If you're going, we'll see you there!

There are a few extra items on the list along with the pixel lobby stuff. Here's our patch notes:

Pixel Lobbies

New Features
The Pummeling Plains local tourism board has announced that it has relaxed its aquatic activities and camping restrictions. Please be courteous and verify that all your campfires are properly extinguished when not in use. Only you can prevent Prairie Wildfires.​

The Council of The City of Reine has approved building expansion of the North Residential District, and new Inns have been erected to satisfy the increased tourism demand... And promptly been filled to capacity. In related news, due to the seasonal daylight changes, public illumination in the Northern District has boosted its power by at least 62.35% - The winter sprites in charge have declined to comment on the rumors this was in response to increasing reports of nighttime brawling in the district.​

Look away, look away! The announcement that the Reine Long Distance Ferry System has now opened a new route to the Huacaya Mountains, and now offers a tour of the...quaint... local architecture has been met with dread, panic, but mostly, with indifference from the locals of Reine City. Jarl Stronghoof Hoofstrong declined to comment on the situation. Vixen, of the Elite Eight was also interviewed, and replied: "Enh".​

If any Reindeer citizens really must visit such A Dreary Place, caution is recommended when traveling near the edges of the plateaus that make most of the visitable landscape; minor injuries and ruffled floofs have been reported. Requesting your Sprite Retinue don't forget your umbrella is also to be kept in mind, for the area's weather forecast has been, in the words of our local weather deer, "dreadful with some possibilities of horrible. Mainly westerly 6 to gale 8. Rain or thundery showers. Exhaustion. Boredom. Decay. Moderate or poor."​

  • You no longer have to reequip everything every time you join a server. The game now saves your character and cosmetic loadout (AT LAST).
  • Fixed an issue where cosmetics unequipped after a character change.

Known Issues
  • A stone fence on the bottom right of The City of Reine lobby has odd lighting currently applied.
  • Extremely infrequently, one of your cosmetic slots will NOT be remembered.
  • The bushes by the waterfall in Arizona's lobby have temporarily shaved. Don't worry, they will grow back in a week or so.


  • Ropes now have unique grabbed states for all characters.

  • Shatter C breath effect should actually be visible this time.

  • Fred commands can now be performed at the same time as any attack input.

  • All Airdashes now have proper air hurtboxes.
  • Pressing up before float's minimum height no longer allows horizontal momentum despite unchanged vertical momentum.
  • Fixed several cases of pups/mama/papa palettes breaking during certain movement/'pom's in hitstun' states.
Them's Fightin' Herds - Mane6, Inc

Our 04/25/19 update is now live on Steam. If you haven't yet, restart your games to receive it. Verify your files to get the update instantly.

Hello everyone! We've got another round of bugfixes and balance updates coming in hot and fresh. We're pulling back Velvet's overall damage output to be more in line with other characters, and also adjusting the properties of Tianhuo's level 2 Volcanic Ash to mitigate an exploitative loop that was discovered recently. Also, Pom has new palettes!

However, these and a few other gameplay adjustments (detailed below) are the only items included in this particular patch. The triple pixel lobby update promised in the previous patch notes is not ready yet and will deployed separately early next week. Long story short: Paprika's lobby needs a little more work. Our estimates conclude that the lobbies will be ready for launch on Monday, the 29th. We need just the weekend to make sure the seams are properly stitched up.

Since there are major gameplay updates going out now, we're doing a post-patch stream! Catch the usual crew: Oreo, Cam, Nappy, Aaron, and the exalted MPK on Monday, the 29th at 3pm PT. That link again is

And here. We. Go.


  • (Previously undocumented because Nappy's a dummy) Invulnerability during backdash has been increased by 3 frames. This was originally going out with the initial backdash -> jump patch but ended up going in immediately afterwards.
  • All supers PER HIT scaling has been reduced. (Minimum damage is untouched, this simply allows multihit supers across the board to deal slightly more damage earlier in a combo than before).
  • Superjumps and other unique air movement/jump types no longer allow air attacks to autocorrect towards the opponent after crossing up.

  • Fixed an issue with multiple overlayed hitboxes breaking Magic Counter even if they do not have armor breaking properties.

  • Forward Walk animation no longer detaches her shoulderblade.
  • Shatter C animation updated slightly (Ice breath used to spin her).
  • j.B animation updated slightly (Ice shards are smaller).
  • 6A animation updated slightly (Softer background layer).
  • Ice Missiles deal less damage and have reduced minimum damage.
  • All Shatters deal a bit less damage.
  • All Specials deal slightly less chip damage.
  • Level 1 Super damage has been reduced.
  • Slightly lowered damage on 2B, 5C, 3C, and 2C.

  • Fixed a lingering color bleed issue on Paprika's eye during her intro animation.
  • Paprika breathes more smoothly during character select.
  • Fixed minor blanket layering issue during idle animation.
  • Gifts are no longer affected by slow motion until they've been launched or have touched the floor. (Freezing or magic dashing towards paprika no longer disables her magic abilities).

  • Pom has new palettes!
  • Pilot Pup's hurtboxes have been normalized, they no longer shrink significantly during attacks.
  • Pilot Pup's attackbox during swoop has been reduced in height.

  • Volcanic Bash's collision box height has been shrunken so Tian no longer pushes opponents she couldn't hit in the first place.
  • Volcanic Ash during Ran Shao Feng now attacks more quickly between hits 2 and 3.
  • Tianhuo now drops slightly more slowly after the third hit of Volcanic Ash during Ran Shao Feng.

Known Issues
  • If you have an attack that is disjointed enough, you can still do weird things to Arizona's Trample from afar with proper timing.
Them's Fightin' Herds - Mane6, Inc


Them's Fightin' Herds will be exhibiting at COMBOBREAKER 2019: May 24-26 at The Mega Center in Chicago, IL.

This is our first EVER convention showcase! Come visit us onsite or catch us on stream!

More details to come.

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