Virtual Battlemap - MWMDragon
Welcome Everyone,

Windows Update had caused a bit of an issue with Virtual Battlemap's ability to export images more than one at a time. We've had a team working on this for a while, and it is now...


Enjoy exporting all you like.. using the "Numpad Number Keys" for [Web Quality] exports and the "F Number Keys" for the [Print Quality] Exports!

** Thank you for being patient while we resolved this issue!
8 listopada 2018
Virtual Battlemap - MWMDragon

We are happy to announce that a shader that failed to compile in the last update has been fixed.

The issue it caused was a failure to display any textures on the Nature DLC Background Mountains.. making them appear Pink.

Thank you to Matt Metcalfe for pointing out this issue today so we could fix it.

Have fun making maps,
Virtual Battlemap Team

Virtual Battlemap - MWMDragon
Virtual Battlemap - MWMDragon
The rivers that have been requested by the community have now been added to the Overworld DLC for free.. 84 more placeables ;)
Virtual Battlemap - MWMDragon
This is a huge release for us, we hope you really enjoy making overland maps with our new DLC!
4 kwietnia 2018
Virtual Battlemap - MWMDragon
This patch is an ease of use patch and a preperation for the Overrland DLC.

Ease of Use Changes

  • the Delete key can now be used to delete objects
  • Snap is enabled by defult when first placing an item

Overland DLC Preperation

  • [NUMPAD *] Move to Top Layer (When Tile is Selected in edit mode)
  • [NUMPAD +] Move to Middle Layer (When Tile is Selected in edit mode)
  • [NUMPAD -] Move to Bottom Layer (When Tile is Selected in edit mode)
  • Help screen updated with this info
Virtual Battlemap - MWMDragon

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