Supreme League of Patriots - Episode 3: Ice Cold in Ellis - Stika
• Walk speed increased for all characters.
• Skipping through conversation is now faster. Less pause in between lines, in general, as well.
• Hitbox of verb wheel choices enlarged.
• Letterbox black borders do not show character models anymore.
• Audio setting changes are now immediate.
• Streamlined some puzzle logic.
• Fixed a bug which could cause the inventory arrow buttons to stop working after repeatedly loading a saved game.
• Fixed a bug which could prevent the menu buttons from appearing when running in a non-native resolution.
• Fixed a bug which could cause the game to freeze/lock during certain conversations if you're running at a very low frame rate.
• Various subtitle typo fixes.
• New map locations will not be available until you reach the bank.
• You can now exit through the apartment door on the second attempt.
• Underpants sign in Patriotcave is now safe to click for all players.
• Fixed the system menu block in NYPD and Kyle’s bedroom.
• Laptop setup at bank street can now also be triggered by giving it to Mel.
• Laptop on squad car now highlights when spacebar is pressed.
• Transition between bank front office and back office is now quicker.
• Chain at Ellis Island can now also be taken after getting hint from Mel.
• Players can now read what characters were thinking on Ellis Island at showdown.

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