3. des. 2017
Project AURA - PixelQuality Games
Greetings Community!
We are bringing to you a new patch today where its main feature is a first Campaign available which has been done with new players in mind. But there is much more! And without further delay we invite you to continue reading about the details for the 2.96.9 patch:

• New Eco core-technology available: "Empathy", with it, recruits will inherit your colony's average stats Hydration/Nutrition/Morale/Health when joining your colony.

• There is a new technology available: "Market", which will allow you to open Corporation Markets. Previously markets were unlocked by "Diplomacy" tech.

• New Inventory technology available: "Stocks", it will allow you to automatice productions by setting min and max stocks at your inventory and even auto-sell depending on market prices.
*This is still a very beta feature.

• The amount of water and seaweed obtained on game start have been halved.

• We have reworked the ship accident algorithm to reduce its randomness.

• Ship factories were producing only yellow innovation, now will produce magenta as well.

• Specialized recycling productions will be now unlocked together with the corresponding tracking technology. E.g.: You will be able to recycle garbage with high content in steel once you get the tracking tech which allows you to mine with your ships that same kind of garbage.

•Electronic Equipments are no longer required to build the Hub Stations for the inner platforms. *Hub Stations are required to be able to build on those platforms.

• Crafting wiring requires copper scrap instead of copper ingots.

• Beta and Gamma plastic processing required work points have been increased.

• Electric Transformer require now less Electronic Equipments to be crafted but now they require also: Prefab Gamma.

• Disassembling Gadget has been rebalanced to produce more Copper but the chance to find other metals like Tin, Platinum, etc. has been lowered.

• "Medic" profile has been renamed to "Sanitarian".

• Recover Organic Waste blueprint, the one used in residential buildings, has changed from Green to Blue and its ideal profile has changed from Recycler to Sanitarian.

• Residential Buildings:
Values have been modified for residential buildings: Hostel, Block, Apartment, Estate.
Comfort consumption: 1, 1, 1, 1
Morale production: +1, +2, +3, +4
Capacity: 15, 12, 10, 8.

• Stats average daily effect has been removed for hydration/nutrition/morale.

• Building Search panel now works properly.

• There is an extra option available to work with the market:
Drag an item from the available items list to the purchase list to add it (or vice-versa).

•Auto Fill option in the Org charts, will now fill the full chart instead of only the selected nodes.

• In order to clarify queues behavior:
Starting a production queue will set your initial production to what your queue points to, instead of what you would have selected in the production panel.

• Corporation Buildings design have been improved.

• It is now possible for a building to start producing just after been built. *Previously it required to wait a cycle until being able to start producing.

• Reduced game-loading launch time.

• Optimized interface global responsiveness and performance.

• Optimized platform rendering in the outside rings, this will earn a few FPS for big colonies.

• Electro Refinery template size has changed.

• Tutorial voices are all now back again.

• Numbers in the Energy panel were sometimes incorrectly formatted.

• Assembling and Disassembling blueprint audios were not playing.

• We are opening in the coming days a specific forum for translations with all instructions and help for the players willing to translate the game to their own languages.

2.96.9 Became finally a big patch with a lot of changes and tweaks affecting playability, and the good news are that we are getting close to the 1.0 release. For the next patch expect in-game quests, events, victory conditions and a lot of new Steam Achievements and numerous surprises we won't unveil for now.

As always, we keep listening for feedback and thank you for your interest in Project Aura ;)
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27. aug. 2017
Project AURA - PixelQuality Games
Greetings Community!

We are bringing to you a new patch today and it is all about game rebalance. This is only our first step in the process, so we keep waiting for your feedback and suggestions after trying it. So, without further delay, next are the details for the 2.96.2 patch:

Please note you need to join the game's test branch to play this patch. You can find here instructions about how to access it.

Changes to market
We have made major changes to market in order to make it more interesting and to start to approach the survival factor:
• The number of available items have been greatly reduced.
• Your colony's starting money has been reduced, The final amount will depend on your difficulty level chosen.
• Your colony's relationship with Corporations will determine the available items for sale at their respective markets.

Very bad Relation <10: Will close its market for you.
Bad Relation <40: You can't trade influence with them.
Neutral Relation <75: Will sell you only the basic materials.
Good Relation >75: Will sell you Corp's security boxes.
Very good Relation >90: Will sell you Corp's core-security boxes.

*The corporation you have affinity with, will sell you an additional object in the market.

Check the wiki for more info: http://en-wiki.projectaura.com/Market#Available_Items

Changes to Diplomacy
Corporation buildings built in your colony will have a negative effect on your relations with their rival Corporation only if you have the rival's diplomacy tech developed E.g.:
An Eco Corp building will sub 1 reputation point with the Neo Industrial Corp (Eco's rival) only if you have Neo Industrial's diplomacy tech developed.

Monuments become highest tier buildings and now they have only a positive effect on reputation. (+0.1 Reputation daily) Effect which you can increase by improving your relationship technology.

Colonists' compatible profiles
Any work position has an ideal profile to be developed with. This way, Farmer profile will be ideal to work in the Greenhouse; The Heavy Operators will be ideal for the Electro Refinery, etc.
A worker in an ideal position earns a morale bonus daily but, on the other hand, if the place is inappropriate he will receive a morale penalty. However, there is also the compatible profile, where the colonist will receive neither bonus nor malus.

The profile compatibility table has been updated to:
Versatile: Compatible with any profile.
Artisan: Operator.
Recycler: Technician.
Programmer: Researcher.

This way next profiles have no other compatible one but versatile:
Heavy Operator.

* Note versatile profile can go in any position being always compatible.
* For this patch we have updated again the Resource Scheme Guide, which now includes also information about the ideal profile for each work position.

Changes to construction materials
• We have reorganized buildings' tiers, with the goal to make the game play more fluent.

• The plastics quality required by buildings in Tier 1 has been reduced from plastic prefab modules (craftable in the Prefab Factory) to polymers (craftable in the Plastic Factory).
• All the construction materials for buildings have increased their cost in ingots.

*We will update wiki ASAP with detailed information about building tiers.

More Balancing
• Innovation points generation has been increased on first colony levels.
• The experience required for junior colonists to level up has been increased.
• Colonists recruiting price (SC) has been reduced, but its price will increase by a 50% for each colony level.
Junior: 500 SC
Senior: 2,500 SC
Master: 5,000 SC
Super Engineer: 10,000 SC

*In the recruiting panel you can choose a profile to recruit or just go for the first available. Doing so, will bring to your colony a random profile reducing the default cost in SC by 1/2 and, in the case the recruit would cost influence, would turn it to white color.

• Ideal profile for Plastics Factory is now: Operator instead of Heavy Operator.

Beta testing
• Attending to community feedback we have:
Reduced by another half the energy required by shields.
Reduced the duration of climate threats
Restored Diplomacy technologies to previous values.

Other Changes
Electrum is a new item alloyed in the Assembly Tunnel building and used to build the highest tier buildings which include a bit of "luxury" like the Estate residential and Corporate Monuments.

• To use an item in your inventory now you just need to click on it. Previously it required the combination: Ctrl + Right-Click.
• New shortcut to add all the available productions in a blueprint to its queue: Hold Shift key and click on "Add To Queue button". If you wish the opposite, Hold shift and click on the Remove production from queue button.
• Stockpile and other packings available have been updated.
Check the wiki for more info: http://en-wiki.projectaura.com/Colony_Packing

• The initial value for colony's maintenance and comfort points is now 50 for every difficulty level.
• Energy/Maintenance/Comfort estimation values for the next cycle are shown now in red when negative.
• Available productions listed in Blueprint and Resource panels are now ordered by unlock/lock status and then alphabetically.
• The Eco technology: Dome Setup is now a default tech instead of core-tech, so you can obtain it with simple invention docs instead of Core ones.

*Check the wiki to know more about how your dome grid setup can help you to resist climatic disasters: http://en-wiki.projectaura.com/Colony_Shields#Dome_Grid_Setup

• Shields were always fully protecting your dome, even when not receiving enough energy. From now on, the shield power assigned will be reduced in the same proportion than your dome is lacking energy. E.g.: If your energy is only covering your dome a 20% and you had assigned to a shield: 5 power points, your shield will be really covering only 1 point (a 20%).
*Your dome protection is indicated in the Energy panel and should be always 100% :).

• There was a bug with sabotages, where they were wrongly triggering under some weird circumstances.
• Sea worm processing blueprints were displaying an error message on use.
• Accidented Alpha Ships, when rescued by your drones, were returned to inventory in a wrong position.
• Assembly Tunnel building was asking for Artisan profile instead of Heavy Operator.
• Resolved issue where being outside the colony, the button to return to colony wasn't appearing in all cases.
• Blueprint panel had a performance issue when being displayed with a queue set.
• Resolved issue where buildings appeared misplaced in construction menu. (need to test further).

...What is next?
After this patch, we will keep testing the changes applied and listening to community. Meanwhile, we are going to update tutorials and focus in the ingame-assistants, to make it easy the approach to new players and help understand all the new features to the current ones.
And we have already started quests!

We are happy to see that, day by day, things are getting close to the release version! And, as always, we thank the community for the support on Project Aura development, its feedback and suggestions ;)
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12. aug. 2017
Project AURA - PixelQuality Games
Greetings community!

We have just released 2.96.1 version. Next, you can find in detail all the new features and improvements the last patch brings:

Please note you need to join the game's test branch to play this patch. You can find here instructions about how to access it.

Threat System
• The Threat System has been fully implemented and it brings new challenges and even situations where you may lose the control of your colony, but don't worry, you will be notified by your AI-Assistant with detailed information and tips on how to overcome each challenge.

• We have grouped the threats into three categories which you will be able to enable or disable when starting a new game.

The Victory Conditions to win the game are scheduled for next patch which will include also new Steam achievements.

Ship System
•The ship system has been reworked with special mention to the new: risk of accident, which you may take in count from now on for each one of your missions to the outside. The value of this probability -which will take in count things like the components setup attached to your ships- will depend on several factors:
  1. Your chosen difficulty level: The harder the difficulty level, the higher the risk of accident.
    *If you choose the easiest difficulty level, the risk of accident will disappear.
  2. Ship type: Being Alpha the fastest ship bringing resources to base but, on the other hand, the most vulnerable.
  3. Ship Components attached: Shields will make your ships more resistant, etc.
  4. The rank of the pilot: It will be less frequent to see a higher rank pilot to fail.
  5. Your Navigation Technology: The more developed you have this technology from the Conservatives, the lower will be your risk of accident but, be ready to count with a good deal of Core Documents...
More info: http://en-wiki.projectaura.com/Colony_Ships

Hangars Redesign
• All the hangar buildings have been redesigned and now count with new animations.

Colony levels
Colony capacity and the population required to level up have been reduced:
  • A level 1 colony has a capacity of 30 colonists and you can level after reaching 1/3 pop of its capacity (10).
  • A level 2 colony has a capacity of 60 colonists requiring 20 pop to level up.
  • And so on...
*Remember that leveling up your colony will grant you benefits but, at the same time, your colonists demands (daily morale consumption) will increase.

Cooking System
• We have added two new modules for the kitchen, this way the cooking system becomes fully implemented. These modules are bringing two new food bases and plenty of recipes to produce the best quality food for your colony:
Bakery: based in Sweet Base.
Distillery: based in Fermentable.

More info: http://en-wiki.projectaura.com/Crafting_Cooking

Colonists stats
• In previous versions, colonists were dying if any of their stats: hydration, nutrition, morale or health went to zero. Now it will be the case only for health and the rest of stats may trigger social events.
• Health panel has been adapted to the new changes.

Reputation System
• It has been partially implemented where contracts and quests will arrive within next update: 2.97.
• Influence is now traded through diplomacy, so wildcard influence item will no longer be available at the market.

*Be careful to degrade too much your relations with a Corp, because they may interact with your colonists or use their diplomacy against you.

More details: http://en-wiki.projectaura.com/Colony_Diplomacy

• Manufacture additives in the Chemical Plant to grant additional properties to your dome.
• Setup your dome properties to make it resistant to some climate disasters, but, on the other hand, vulnerable to others.
• Remember to activate your shields to protect your colony!

More details: http://en-wiki.projectaura.com/Colony_Shields

Maintenance & Comfort
The changes here had a great impact on the game mechanics.
• Maintenance and Comfort points become global to your colony, instead of specific to your buildings.
• We have added Workshops. A building category and, from now on, the new habitat for your technicians, which will help you managing your colony's Maintenance and Comfort points.
• New Conservatives Infra: Zeppelin
The zeppelin will daily transform 100 Comfort Items into 25 colony's Comfort Points.
As all the infrastructure buildings, it will work autonomous, so you only need to worry about keeping a constant supply of Comfort Items to sustain your zeppelins production.

More details: http://en-wiki.projectaura.com/Colony_Maintenance%26Comfort

• We have restructured the main interface to show you all your colony's relevant info in a glance.
• New panels to search colonists and buildings are now more intuitive.
• Contextual help menus have a bigger background, allowing for more detailed info and sharper text characters.

Platforms Specialization
• When expanding your colony, you can decide the kind of platform specialization you are going for: maintenance, comfort or optimized for extra space for buildings.

• From now on you will be able to recruit colonists of any rank, as long as you have enough reputation with the Vital Reserve and influence of the appropriate color for the colonist's profile you want to recruit.
E.g.: To recruit a farmer (Eco) you will need green influence, blue for a scientist (Cosmos), etc.
• The required influence color to awake and promote director colonists has been changed from violet to white.

*You may guess that recruiting super engineers will have very high diplomatic requirements. Our plans for later patches are to promote to Super Engineer through a challenging system based in opportunity. But we will tell you more about it in due case, on Steam forums.

Other Features
• Entertainment buildings no longer require a blueprint to work, and they will produce morale daily, depending the amount on your technology level.

• The Tech Tree has suffered numerous changes to be adapted to the new version.

• We have added a new item: Bronze Alloy, which is now the main required material for the construction of monuments and entertainment buildings.
*You will need copper and tin ingots to produce this alloy in the Assembly Tunnel.

• The Food Menu has been simplified and the option to refill larder is now more intuitive.
1. Indicate the number of days you want to keep your larder filled.
2. Click on Refill and the required food will be sent from your inventory to the larder, according to your colony's menu setup.
*If you enable the AutoFill option, the larder will keep daily the food levels you specified.

• Those Blueprints -like Vestige Extraction- where any of the produced items is unknown (indicated by a question mark icon), will display now info about your chance to find something.

• Recycling (destroying) a building, will return its construction materials intact, as long as the building has never produced before. Otherwise you will get its construction materials equivalent in raw materials.

...This has been a really big update!
And we are getting closer to the release version each day, however, there is still much work to do.
During the next weeks, we will keep fine-tuning the new version, before jumping to the next patch which will improve the diplomacy system bringing quests and new challenges for your colony, updated tutorials, in-game help, assistants and much more. It all, inside a more immersive environment with numerous surprises we won't unveil for now.

As always, thanks for the interest in Project Aura ;)
Pixel Quality Games
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4. des. 2016
Project AURA - PixelQuality Games
Hello community! We are very happy to announce a new patch has been released for Project AURA and we invite you to read below for details:

Steam Cards
• We have enabled the steam cards feature. It includes a set of badges, 12 cards, 5 emoticons and backgrounds to obtain.

Colonists Recruitment
• We have reworked the way you interact with the Vital Reserve to obtain new colonists. With these changes we want to open new game strategies and make the colonist resource really valuable and something to care about :).

You can check the wiki to obtain info about the new system.
*This new feature, which is already linked to the incoming reputation system, will lead to a reset to "neutral" in the affinity you chose in previous games.

New items
Acorn (fruit) and Sugarcane (cereal) are available, together with all their associated productions: cultivation, seed processing, etc. They may be specially interesting for dishes and drinks elaboration.

• In the previous patch we added Cooking technology, it enables the preparation of dishes based in Seasoning, but this technology will unlock also a production in your labs: Research Seasoning, which will let you improve your recipes and learn new ones.

Resource Panel extended help
• Unlock/Upgrade your productions:
Now it is possible to know how to unlock or upgrade your productions. When needed, a lock (or your tech level indicator) will be displayed, simply hover mouse on it to obtain the information.

• Production amounts displayed:
  1. For those productions where you may or may not success, the % chance will be displayed.
  2. For those where the amount produced can vary, you will see Av. preceding the number, indicating the amount produced is the average.
  3. For the standard-fixed productions, the produced amount is displayed as usual.

Other Features
Immersion: We have added an audio effect when you go outside dome. A flashing button to return to colony will be displayed as well.

Food variety bonus: Managing to provide your colony with higher food tiers will bring a special bonus, as described in the wiki. In the Food Panel, items bringing this bonus will appear remarked.

Translations: We have temporarily reset all the translations, but tutorials, to English until we get them properly updated again.

Hostel residential module has changed, increased its floor size. If you created a custom building template containing a hostel you may review it.

Bugs solved
• Solved an issue limiting by mistake the max number of Corp buildings to build.
• Solved an issue with UI misplacing text.
• Security boxes were not dropping properly. Your ships may find them in any of their assigned missions in the outside.
• Resource Panel was not working properly when showing blueprints with upgradeable productions.
• Other minor bugs resolved.

What is next:
The immediate next step is about playability! We are very happy to start focusing 100% in this area. For next patch the reputation system will be ready and, among other things, will change the way colonists are obtained for your colony.
*Check our roadmap for more info.

In parallel, we keep working in our "macro-patch", which will include a lot of new features like the quest system, challenges for your colony, new buildings, in-game help and assistants, etc. It all, inside a more immersive environment where your social policies, Corps and other external factors start to be relevant, together with numerous surprises we won't unveil for now.

As always, thanks for the interest in Project Aura ;)
Pixel Quality Games
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4. nov. 2016
Project AURA - PixelQuality Games
Hello community! We have released a new patch for Project AURA, please, read below for the change log:

New technology: Cryptography
• Cryptography is a new technology available to program deciphering keys and unlock cipher systems and security boxes.

These are some of the items involved in this new feature:
  • Key: This is a deciphering key, will require an Invention document to be crafted.
  • Useless Key: Sometimes things go wrong in the complex process of creating deciphering keys...
  • Security Box: Being empty or not, it is a mystery until you manage to unlock it with a key.
  • Ciphered Message: An intercepted message you may decipher.
New technology: Cooking
• Unlock the Kitchen module and learn its technology available to find new recipes and upgrade your food to the max quality.

For more help, check the wiki.

Improve your productions
• We have added a new type of productions (or recipes) which can be improved from 1 to 3. The higher the level, the more chances to produce an item of a superior quality.
This feature only applies to cooking recipes, but some of the new buildings incoming will also implement it.

The steps are:
  1. Learn Cooking technology in the Cosmos branch (requires a core-invention doc).
  2. Go to Research Lab and you will see a new production available to learn seasoning recipes. *It will require: 1 Seasoning item + 1 Invention Doc
  3. If you success in the research, the produced item is a Seasoning Recipe Upgrader which will go to your inventory. *In this process, there is also a chance to discover a new recipe based in seasoning.
  4. Use the item (Ctrl+Right Click on it) to select a recipe to improve from the displayed list.
Steam Cloud
• We have enabled the Steam Cloud feature for Project Aura, this way your building templates and saved games will be safer and available across any computer.

• All difficulty levels have now same sale/buy ratio at the market. So an item which costs 100, will sale for 100. However it will keep being affected by offer/demand as usual.
• Food hydration/nutrition/morale properties have been rebalanced.
• Core invention doc ratio production has been increased from 20% to 25%.

Other Improvements and bugs solved
• New aesthetic touches to the interface to make it better looking.
• New immersion details and animations to the colony.
• Solved a major memory leak issue related to our audio libraries.
• Other minor bugs resolved.

What is next:
In parallel, we keep working in our "macro-patch", which will include a lot of new features like the quest system, challenges for your colony, new buildings, in-game help and assistants, etc. It all, inside a more immersive environment where your social policies, Corps and other external factors start to be relevant, together with numerous surprises we won't unveil for now.

As always, thanks for the interest in Project Aura ;)
Pixel Quality Games
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8. okt. 2016
Project AURA - PixelQuality Games
Since the launch of the 2.95 patch we have released 11 minor patches and multiple hotfixes which have helped us to tweak the game and resolve issues reported by the community.
Today, we announce the 2.95.11 version, where have been made numerous improvements which are detailed bellow:

• Platforms have been retextured and new details added.

•We have added new animations to buildings, to improve immersion and the answer to your actions in-game. *This feature will keep improving within next updates.

• We have reworked the mouse activity reading system to improve the interface responsiveness and avoid "miss-clicks".

• There are two new modules available for the Kitchen building, specialized in the cereal milling and bread baking tasks.

You will be able to prepare your first dishes in the kitchen. Put your chefs to work and provide your colony with a delicious elaborated dish reward. Furthermore, through the new Cooking technology (which will be available in the coming days), you will be able to discover new recipes or improve those you already know to raise your dishes to a superior quality.

• The Project Aura Resource Chain Guide has been updated to the last version.

• As you know, it is possible to convert the blueprints you programmed in your labs to those you wish to use more specifically in any of your buildings.
Blueprint conversion window will add a market icon to the blueprints displayed in the list which are also available at the market, so you can easily decide to convert it or purchase from market.

Other improvements:

• Item context property (the popup appearing when mouse is over an item) will show now a border representing the item tier. From lower to higher quality: White, Green, Blue, Violet, Orange.

• The new Item split window allows you to send the new item directly to the inventory instead of manually having to place it.

• We have replaced the previous text font for a new and higher one to improve the interface readability.

• To avoid modules being accidentally removed from buildings templates in the Construction panel, we have added a rubber checkbox to activate/deactivate the remove mode.

What is next:

In parallel, we keep working in our "macro-patch", which will include a lot of new features like the quest system, challenges for your colony, new buildings, in-game help and assistants, etc. It all, inside a more immersive environment where your social policies, Corps and other external factors start to be relevant, together with numerous surprises we won't unveil for now.

As always, thanks for the interest in Project Aura ;)
Pixel Quality Games
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Project AURA - PixelQuality Games
Hello Community!

It took a while to release this new -major- update. The amount of new features, like a brand new tech tree, has been a challenge to integrate, but we are happy with the new step in quality achieved and the amount of possibilities opened :).

Most of the work has gone -again- to the sandbox: bugs, stability and the tech-tree implementation, we have started to add, as well, macro-management tools like the production queues for the blueprints.

We have finally started to work towards the experience, introducing the first immersion element where you may decide your ideological affinity in this new adverse times. Decision which will have its consequences!

After this patch, the update frequence will be much higher, and we will be able to focus on the story and playability enrichment, with the introduction of colony threats: climate disasters, social riots, logistical challenges... quests and your assistants to help you in the beginning; and much more surprises!

Next you can see the modifications introduced in this new version:


Reworked Main Menu
•Main menu has been upgraded to Beta3 look and it brings new colony activation options. Set your affinity with any of the existing Corps, choose your packing to go your own strategy.

Reworked In-game full GUI
•The main GUI template has been redone. In later patches, it will allow players to setup its color and opacity.

Char sheet panel
•Will indicate if the colonist got any disease.
•Char skills will be shown now with a decimal point.
•Stat values estimation for the next day is also displayed now.

Other Panels improved
•Residential building's Tenants panel has been simplified.
•Item conversion panel now allows to input the amount to transform, it required to manually go one by one before.
•Inventory new category FAV: Drop on it any item you wish to have more in hand.


•The 5 Tech Trees (Corps + XXI Knowledge) working, bringing 11 new infrastructure buildings and the 6 entertainment buildings.

Blueprint Production queues
•Blueprints can now work also in queue mode.
•Added "Has Mats" option to filter available productions by those you own or not the mats to be produced.
•Added "Production Info" option to display information related to any selected production in the blueprint panel or queue.

•Develop Diplomacy Technology to access Corp. markets. While closed, they will appear with a lock icon in red on them.
•The quality of the items available in the markets will depend on your colony level.
•Items to buyback in the market will be reset at the start of each new day.

Reworked Colony level system
•A brand new colony has a category of Experimental Colony which is the equivalent to level 1. While there is no limit on how many levels a colony can progress (just your skills), there are 10 categories a colony can achieve, bringing special bonuses like allowing for extra platforms expansion.

Other changes/features
•The available space to build on outer platforms has been reduced. *In later patches, it may be usable by very developed colonies for special constructions.
•Buildings construction costs have been rebalanced and some of the new buildings require now a few special items in order to be built.
•Workshops require now 0 energy (they will pick it from the buildings they belong directly) so it is easy to make your energy costs calculations.

•The max speed you can play is now colony size dependent: At level 1 you can raise speed up to x12 but, this value will go decreasing as long as your colony is getting bigger.

•Workers needed for corporations reduced from 8 to 4
•Workers needed for research and programming labs reduced from 4 to 1.
•Productions requiring innovation, now return the innovation points used if stopped.

---Bug fixing, tweaks everywhere and new performance improvements.

As always, thanks for the interest in Project Aura ;)
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Project AURA - PixelQuality Games
Project Aura 2.9 version is almost ready and it comes plenty of new features which are going to be a game changer! Health, disasters, technology... are the most important ones, but you will find many other improvements.

*2.9 will be available in the second/third week of February.

New buildings
We introduce five new buildings, becoming available all the entertainment sources for the colony.
Gather vestiges to improve your knowledge from the 21st Century to unlock them!

A new set of automatic buildings are going to be available and they will:
•support other buildings.
•optimize your valuable platform's space.
•help you out with some needs of your colony.
•not require colonists to work inside.

Based in a tech-tree system, involves technologies from the four productive sectors and Corporations, plus a special category about knowledge from the 21st Century.

New tutorials
Two new tutorials to cover the basics of the main features introduced since beta 2.0 version.

Reworked Market
Prices will be affected now by supply and demand, and special items will be available with a cost in influence.

And many other new features...
Tens of new Steam achievements, reworked colony levels and others we already talked about in previous dev blogs like disasters, health etc.

We wanted to talk also about development times:
2.9 patch has took a while since we wanted to introduce the Health system with it, which is already big by itself. However, to make it substantial, it required the Disaster system as well, which at the same time, required Technology; so this new patch really took its time.
After 2.9 patch we are really close to beta3 and the final release.

As always thanks for the interest in Project Aura ;)
Pixel Quality Games
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Project AURA - PixelQuality Games
Hello everyone!

After the 2.8 patch release, we keep working hard to release the 2.9 version, one more step towards the major Beta3 version. Meanwhile, here we are again to tell you about the most important upcoming features of Project Aura!

1- Health

The new health system is almost finished. We have introduced new features since the last time we showed you a sneak peek of it. Here you have a summary of the new features available for your colony management:

  • Doctors will be in charge to treat your colonists producing "treatments" in the infirmaries, usable later to raise your colonists stats.
  • New “medication productions” for the Pharmaceutical Building. These meds will be needed to eradicate certain illnesses and will require investigation -blue documents-.

Illnesses can strike at any time at your colony, so remember to be ready for this kind of eventuality, whenever it appears.

2- Disasters

Disasters are challenges that your colony will have to face from time to time. Resolving them in a satisfactory way will bring major benefits or adverse effects if failing.

3- Automatic buildings

We introduce automatic buildings, a new type of building which will:

  • Support other buildings.
  • Optimize your valuable platform's space.
  • Help you out with some needs of your colony.

Automatic buildings won’t take up more than a few squares of your platforms, will run on their own and will require no workers -no Org chart inside-. However, to work in such automated way you will need the Programming Labs services.

Coming soon:
We’re still polishing the upcoming modkit and all its features, wrapping up most of the basic mechanics and implementing new features to make Project Aura a more pleasant experience for more “casual” gamers.

That’s all for today's devblog. Remember to stay tuned for more info, we hope you have a happy Christmas and new year as well!

Thanks for the interest in Project Aura ;)
Pixel Quality Games
Twitter: @ProjectAuraGame
Facebook: ProjectAuraGame
4. des. 2015
Project AURA - PixelQuality Games
This is a major update, next is the description of the most important features introduced with it:

1. Energy

Finally, energy is fully implemented. It brings full control on management and opens new features like redirecting energy to boost your preferred platforms.

Are your processing plants in the colony struggling with not enough materials?: boost your raw extraction platforms to work faster or reduce the energy for your processing plants until you get a proper stack, etc.

2. Colonists

2.1- Promotion: Colonists, once reached level 10, won't auto-promote to a higher rank, instead you will have to do it yourself with a cost in influence docs (diplomacy).

2.2- Skills: Vital Reserves are becoming more efficient training and evaluating the colonists that will become available later for the colonies. After this patch, picking a char of a profile will ensure he/she has the proper skills and in more according level to their rank.

2.3- Progression: Colonists will improve their skills according to the tasks they do. These skills depend on the profession you assigned to the char, and, you can see it in their sheet.

The numbers in green are the active skills to calculate the workpoints, the number in orange is the skill used to calculate how much xp the colonist will earn (a char with a higher intelligence will learn faster).

2.4- Numbers:Awakening colonists will be now more expensive, on the other hand, the amount of workers required per lane have been dropped substantially.

Colonists new defrost price:
  • Junior from 250 to: 500
  • Senior from 500 to: 2,500
  • Master from 1,000 to: 5,000
  • Super Engineer from 2,500 to: 10,000

2.5- Directors: Finally, becoming more relevant for the buildings they are in.
  • A worker will add points to the blueprint he/she is linked every time his/her production is finished and the blueprint will stack these points until getting the required work points to produce.
  • The work speed for a colonist depends on his/her morale.
  • The amount of points a colonist adds to the blueprint depends on his/her profession involved skills, and, from now on, there is a new "third" skill summing up, which is the director's leadership.

How does the activity system works?:

Imagine 2 persons, A and B, bringing boxes from point 1 to 2.
The fast they move the boxes depend on their morale and the amount of boxes each one carry depend on their strength. 2 persons with the same morale will move at the same speed, but, if person A is twice stronger than B, person A will carry 2 boxes and B only 1 box.

Our system works the same. Colonist morale tell us how fast they progress in the blueprint, and, once it’s finished, the skills will tell us how many “boxes” (work points) are added to the blueprint.

3. Organization Chart
Nodes will show now more information, and, a new "manual" mode is available. This mode allows you to share the director leadership bonus point manually among your blueprints.

4. GUI

4.1- Construction panel: Templates will indicate now also its energy consumption per cycle.

  • The sum of all the buildings’ energy consumption, on a platform, will tell us its energy consumption.
  • The sum of all platforms energy consumption will tell us the colony total consumption.

4.2- Help panel (F1): Help windows have been updated according to the last patch.

Redesigned the main window to show more clear that you can drag it.

4.3- Char sheet: Char sheet has been redesigned.

Promote char button has been added.

4.4- Log: There is a new button in the management bar, on top of the Log panel, to display the health panel, but it is still in-progress (disabled).

5. Key bindings

5.1- Ctrl+Click:We have set the Ctrl+Click combination to go anywhere in the world. Do you see any word in brackets in the log? Ctrl+click to center the screen on it.

E.g.: In the log, click on a char in brackets to open its sheet, or Ctrl+click on it to go to the building he/she works. Click on a production in brackets to open its Org Chart (its related blueprint will be remarked), or Ctrl+click on it to go to the building. In a char sheet, Ctrl+click on the org chart button or residential to go to the building that char works or lives respectively.

5.2- Management bar shortcuts: Use numbers to open/close all the management bars in the same order as they appear in the management bar: 1. Market, 2: Quests, 3...

  • Some extra key shortcuts:
    • I key: Opens/Closes the Inventory.
    • C key: Opens/Closes the Construction window.
    • M key: Opens/Closes the Market window.
    • O key: Opens/Closes the Organization Chart window (only if you have selected a building).

5.3- Building Search window:
  • Click on a building to open its Organization Chart.
  • Ctrl+click on a building in the search window table to find it in the scenario.

6. Productions:

6.1- Generator components new production values:The materials needed to craft generator components has been modified to a more easy combination. Basically you will need x4 items of a quality to craft a new one of a higher quality + some extra component. *Core qualities require x8.

6.2- New diplomacy items: Use the corporation buildings to produce influence documents of their color or transform them into Vital Reserve and the rest of corps influence docs.

*Until the diplomacy is implemented (very soon) there is only one source to obtain influence docs: through a special production in the corporation buildings.

6.3- Farming
The production times and costs have been changed to a more realistic values.
To extract or recover seeds, it will require Green Investigation docs.

7. Minor bugs and fixes
  • Help windows updated to the last changes.
  • Wrong resolution for DPP >96 screens resolved.
  • Cabbage seeds was missing in the Botany Lab.
  • WASD keys were blocking game hotkeys for opening inventory, market, food and other menus. Now you can access any game shortcut at the same time than moving camera.
  • We uploaded a new dll version for our audio libraries to help on some users issues.
  • Morale bonus from entertainment buildings was giving always the max bonus.

8. Performance improvements
  • Interface text generation has been optimized to run faster.
  • Log message queries have been optimized to not impact FPS on new queries.
  • UI responsiveness improved (still more work to do in this area).

As always, thanks for your interest in Project Aura ;)
Pixel Quality Games
Twitter: @ProjectAuraGame
Facebook: ProjectAuraGame

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