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There's a new content-update available:

New Multiplayer Doctrine
Mark W. Clark - Armored Doctrine
The veteran of WWI, US military leader Mark Wayne Clark commanded the American Fifth Army and 15th Army Group during the Allied invasion of Italy. He lead the attack that captured Rome during the campaign and earned the rank of General by the war’s end. Clark was an expert in infantry tactics and warfare.
Utilizing unique Allied tank hunter units and a specialized skill set, this commander opens new tactical opportunities to defeat your opponents.
Destroy your enemies with the new A39 Tortoise tank destroyer and obliterate any oposition with the A43 Black Prince heavy tank.

New Multiplayer Map
  • Battle for the control of a plateau in the new multiplayer map „Plateau”.
New Vehicles
  • A39 Tortoise - Tank Destroyer
    A43 Black Prince - Heavy Tank
  • Also you can now utilize medical trucks to assist your infantry forces in multiplayer or skirmish matches.

Sudden Strike 4 - Unerde

we have released a small hotfix for Friday's version 1.12 update.

  • Polish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese localisation issues fixed

  • "Achievement on start" issue fixed
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Sudden Strike 4 - Unerde

Add-on Brings New Missions, New Commanders and Challenging New Environments

Kalypso Media is thrilled to announce the release of Africa – Desert War, the next chapter in the World War 2 strategy title, Sudden Strike 4.
Released today for PC, and Xbox One (with PlayStation®4 following on 15th October, Europe only) the Africa – Desert War add-on is based on the most notorious desert skirmishes in North Africa during World War 2.
Sudden Strike 4: Africa – Desert War features two new campaigns with six new single player missions from the North African campaign of World War 2.
In the Axis campaign, you will start the Italian advance on Egypt to take the city of Sidi Barrani, besiege the city of Tobruk and take over its harbor, as well as break through the Kasserine Pass in Tunisia. In the Allied campaign, take part in Operation Compass and retake the village of Sidi Barrani, relive the watershed of the Western Desert Campaign, the Second Battle of El Alamein, and break through the German defensive line in the Battle of Mareth. Fight in an unforgiving and harsh desert setting with sandstorms to challenge your tactical wits.

As well as the new campaigns, players can choose from five new doctrine commanders to lead their troops into battle.
On the side of the Axis, armchair generals can choose from the highly decorated German general Erwin Rommel, as well as three additional Italian commanders, including renowned field marshal Giovanni Messe. On the Allies, play as legendary armored division general Sir Richard O’Connor.

As the war heads into new territory, Africa – Desert War introduces over 30 new vehicles including an all new medical truck, the Marder II Tank Destroyer, the British Bishop SPG, as well as the Italian Semovente da 105/25 Assault Gun.

View the Sudden Strike 4: Africa – Desert War trailer:

Africa – Desert War is available now for PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One and PlayStation®4 (PlayStation®4 out 15th October, Europe only).

The Sudden Strike 4 base game is required to play.
Sudden Strike 4 - Unerde

We have released a new update!

Doctrine skill rework
  • Reworked the improved camouflage skill, which now allows the vehicles affected by it to remain hidden, even in open terrain.

Group selection rework
  • Players have the opportunity to select a subset of the selected unit with the TAB key, which will allow you to use the unit's skills more effectively.
Sudden Strike 4 - Unerde

Stay ahead of the game by re-evaluating their strategies and preparing for the future!
Kalypso Media is excited to reveal a roadmap of free updates planned for Sudden Strike 4.
The first of these updates arrives today for the Steam version [full changelog here], and will arrive on consoles in the near future.

More details follow soon!

Sudden Strike 4 - Unerde

This new update for Sudden Strike 4 introduces a new commander, new heavy tanks and two additional multiplayer maps!

New Features
New Armoured Doctrine
  • Sermyon Timoshenko is now available for all players!
    • Utilizing unique soviet tank hunter units and a specialized skill set, this doctrine opens new tactical opportunities to defeat even your deadliest enemies.

New tanks
  • Destroy your enemies with the new ISU-122 and SU-100 tank destroyers
  • Obliterate any opposition with the soviet IS-3 heavy tank
  • German Army now has the fearsome Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf. B Tiger II, the renowned “King Tiger”, at their disposal
  • Allied Forces will receive the late-war T26E4 “Super Pershing” with its powerful 90mm gun

New maps
  • Fortify defensive positions and launch counter offensives in the new Canyon and Twin Towns multiplayer maps
Sudden Strike 4 - Unerde

In this update, we brought you usability changes, feature extensions and skill balance changes.

Find more details and the full list of changes below:
Custom Key Bindings
  • Added the community requested feature for you to be able to customize the key bindings. You can find it in Settings -> Mouse and keyboard layout menu.

Extended Ping functionality
  • Added two new ping actions in Multiplayer battles to ask your teammates for defensive and offensive support.

Doctrine skill rework
  • Reworked the APCR ammo doctrine skill, which will now penetrate half of the target's armor, instead of giving a flat damage bonus.
Sudden Strike 4 - Unerde
we have released a hotfix right now.

The hotfix will contain following fixes:
  • Fixed an issue when broken savegames could render the savel/load UI unresponsive
  • Fixed an issue allowing in-game chat to occasionally appear in global chat
  • Fixed a case when global chat connectivity issues prevented the creation of multiplayer games
Sudden Strike 4 - Unerde

Finland – Winter Storm brings sub-zero conflict to Kalypso’s strategy heavyweight

Kalypso Media is excited to announce the release of the next chapter in its World War 2 strategy heavyweight Sudden Strike 4. Finland – Winter Storm releases today on Steam and other platforms, and is based on the events of the Russian advances on Finland during and after the Winter War, up until the Vyborg Offensive in 1944.

Offering two new mini-campaigns and six missions, the DLC faithfully recreates some of the war’s most important conflicts between the Finnish and Soviet forces. In the Soviet campaign, players will attempt to capture the village of Suomussalmi, protect the railway to Murmansk against a German-Finnish offensive and break through the Finnish defensive lines during the Vyborg Offensive. In the Finnish campaign, you must retake and hold the village of Suomussalmi while crushing Soviet reinforcements, seize back the Lähde sector and hold the final defense line in the Battle of Tali-Ihantala.

Alongside the new campaigns, Finland – Winter Storm also introduces three new doctrine commanders to choose from; artillery expert Vilho Petter Nenonen, tank general Ruben Lagus and renowned general Karl Lennart Oesch, all of which introduce new strategic options for tackling this latest set of challenges. You’ll also have 19 new vehicles to deploy, including new rescue vehicles, the Russian KV-1 and BT-7M, and the Finnish Stug III G and Flak 36.

Finland – Winter Storm is available now on PC via Steam.

To celebrate the release, Kalypso has prepared a new trailer showcasing the new DLC in all its glory:

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