BattleSky VR - ZiX
Finally, here's our big Update that we've been waiting for:

New Hero: Lady V
Lady V flies around with her Gravitation guns, with the ability to "Blink" teleport in the air. Her gravitation gun shoots lightning bolts that follows the enemies.
And her super power is to summon a huge Black Hole!

New Map: Iceberg
Inside the deep crack of a floating iceberg sheet is Lady V's secret hide out base of the resistance army she commands. Explore the underwater world!

New Game Mode: Team Deathmatch
Engage in classic team deathmatch to see whose team can get the highest kills!

New Lobby
The new lobby allows you to switch between Heroes to learn the basics. It's also a great place to hang out with your friends!

And, of course, bunch of bug fixes
BattleSky VR - ZiX
We will be dropping a huge update by end of May: the new hero Lady V, a new Iceberg Map! And there will be a new Lobby as well.

Now is the perfect time to get the game while it's on sale before our next update, cuz we will be increasing our price with the new content update!
BattleSky VR - ZiX

We've been working on the new Lady V character and should be releasing it for beta test in a week or two. She will be equipped with a gravity gun and will have abilities such as Blink (teleportation in the air), Electric Bolts, and Black Hole super attack.

You got any ideas for her? Any suggestions what kind of special powers she should have?

Join our Discord Group to stay updated!
BattleSky VR - ZiX_BatlleSkyVR
We are honored to win 2nd place for VDA 2018, under the Arcade Category. We celebrated at the Viveport Party during the GDC week and mingled with other developers. There were even drinks named after the 10 winning titles! It was surreal to have a drink named after our game!
2018년 3월 15일
BattleSky VR - ZiX_BatlleSkyVR
Congratulations winners! Please contact us on Steam, Facebook or Discord to claim your prize!

BattleSky VR - ZiX_BatlleSkyVR
Added volumetric light effects. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Also fixed the bugs: when falling to death, it would trigger dozens of death counts and death announcements. this bug should be fixed now.
BattleSky VR - ZiX
join us online for some multiplayer games during these time slots:

1. Saturday 2:00pm UTC/GMT (saturday 10:00pm Taipei time)
2. Saturday 8:00pm PST (sunday 11:00am Taipei time)

The first leaderboard challenge is ending this Monday, March 12! Come claim that first prize of $25 steam gift card!
BattleSky VR - ZiX

Great News! BattleSky VR has been nominated for the 2018 Viveport Developer Award! Thank you, fans of BattleSky VR, for your continuous support and encouragement through out our early access development. We still have a long way to go, and we are truly grateful to have our fans helping us along the way.

Congratulations to all the nominees, it is truly an honor to be recognized among these amazing VR titles.

We will be heading to the GDC at SF on March 19 to receive the award.
2018년 3월 3일
BattleSky VR - ZiX

Here's our first leader board challenge!

The top 3 leaders for getting the MOST KILLS in multiplayer game modes (Free-for-all, Team Escort) before March 12, 10am UTC will receive the following prizes (in Steam gift cards):

1st Prize: $25
2nd Prize: $10
3rd Prize: $5

So, get online and start playing some multiplayer games!
BattleSky VR - ZiX
We have implemented leaderboards for all game modes. These are the leaderboards we have currenlty:

1. Most Kills in multiplayer Game.
2. Most Kills as Jet-9
3. Most Kills as Draco
4. Top Scores in Single Jet-9 Mission.
5. Top Scores in Co-op Escort.
6. Big Race Ranking / map: Outpost.
7. Big Race Ranking / map: Jungle Isl.

Stay tuned for our annoucements in the coming weeks We will be having weekly leaderboard challenge, and the top leaders will get to win prizes!

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