Stationeers - Heightmare

It's coming up on a month since our last update, so we thought we'd give you a sneak peek at what is coming up in the next update. It should make its way to stable in the next week or two.

Introducing Vulcan - a tough new challenge for experienced Stationeers. You'll rely on trading to obtain gases as you won't find any ice on this fractured planet. The dense atmosphere of Volatiles and its close proximity to the Sun also mean any Oxygen that gets a chance to mix with the air outside will have potentially explosive consequences.

Internal testing is underway for an upgraded engine version, this will address the infamous stuttering issues that have crept into the game throughout development. As this is still experimental at an engine level it is subject to change, but if it improves the situation then we'll look at rolling it out to the beta branch as soon as possible for public testing.

Additionally, a lot of work has also been done on stability in large bases - particularly in multiplayer. So if you're one of the groups who have had to retire a base around the 15'000 object mark due to players not being able to connect - now might be the time to revisit those bases on the beta branch.

This is just a short summary of the main points, so keep an eye out for the full patch notes when the patch goes live. As always, thanks to everyone playing on the beta branch and keeping us posted with your bug reports and suggestions and don't forget you can check out the Stationeers Discord for the latest patch notes for the beta branch.
Stationeers - Heightmare
We had a couple of technical issues in the previous stable build that didn't present themselves until we'd already added quite a few drastic changes to the beta branch - so consider this a bit of a hotfix with extras!

This bug resulted in games not saving correctly, and requiring a bit of fiddling to get them working again, so apologies to those affected.

Expect the detailed write-up of the new additions once some of the other work surrounding these features is complete.

As always, we'd love to hear your feedback, suggestions and bug reports in the Stationeers Discord!

Hotfix Version 0.2.2080.9490
  • Disabled floating origin until all side effects can be resolved.
  • Added ability for Ores to stack when mined via an explosion on the same grid.
  • Fixed connection problem joining huge worlds in multiplayer. Instruction to spawn objects on network clients was not being throttled, and in the case of large worlds (18000 objects+) attempts to join would likely fail.
  • Fixed various null exceptions when receiving network messages of non-existant things.
  • Fixed issue where Grenades failed to explode when taking damage.
  • Optimized network configurations.

Version 0.2.2077.9476
  • Added the ability to damage Gas Canisters on dedicated servers.
  • Added wreckage spawning on broken structures when they are in the their damaged state.
  • Added new variants of Stairs available on the usual kit featuring rails on either or both sides.
  • Added new models for the energy pistol and rifle.
  • Added missing color setting to Diode and DiodeSlide.
  • Added a unique health stat to all Things.
  • Added feature where Dynamic Gas Canisters take damage when the pressure if over the limit.
  • Integrated floating origin to fix spatial jittering due to limited floating-point precision. It's available only for host player when saving and loading world.
  • Changed Players no longer ejected from Sleepers when regaining consciousness.
  • Changed how explosion force and radius is calculated for Canisters and Dynamic Canisters (Based off pressure).
  • Changed the mesh on the Dynamic Gas Canisters.
  • Changed how collision damage is calculated slightly to prevent scaling issues that could occur at low framerates. (Thanks Risu)
  • Altered the cooldown on the energy weapons, these are also now affected by the outside temperature of its environment.
  • Fixed broken Atmospheres in rooms on load due to their location not being saved correctly. This was a result of the floating-point precision change noted above.
  • Fixed issue where time would persist from the previous loaded World to a newly created World.
  • Fixed issues where gun shots were sometimes hitting invisible objects, this included a pass on the way the gunshots are calculated (Bullet drop, bullet spread).
  • Fixed null error related to atmospherics.
  • Fixed null error related to Logic Displays and setting their digits when destroyed.
  • Fixed Gameplay settings page was prompting for a folder path when you tried to reset to defaults.
  • Fixed issue with character suits casting darker shadows than everything else on terrain.
  • Updated Localization Dictionaries (Current 24th July)
Stationeers - Heightmare

We've got a few new things coming to the beta branch in the near future that could be disruptive, so this is just a small update to get the stable the latest batch of fixes and improvements.

What's Coming to Beta?
The main thing is the implementation of the zero-point shifting we started investigating ages ago. This will allow us to start to push the game futher away from your start point without the risk of bugs caused by dealing with large numbers in object positions.

In addition, we're going to start experimenting with content for the Incident system - which initially will be small challenge events you can invoke via the communications computer. Depending on how these go, we could look at introducing them as part of a random event system to make the standard survival game a bit more interesting, such as short periods of drastic outdoor temperature changes, meteor strikes etc.

As always, keep an eye on the #beta-changelog channel in Discord!

Version 0.2.2066.9437
  • Added World type (mars, moon etc) to the load game info pane.
  • Added save world delay of 5 seconds to prevent saving world multiple times when repeatedly pushing the button.
  • Added Multiplayer and dedicated server support to Trading, however a limit has been put in so only one landing pad used or trader be contacted by one player at a time.
  • Added Stylized loading screens, with a few options for each base world type chosen at random.

  • Changed minimum Clearallinterval to 60 sec on dedicated server. Can still be disabled with 0 or -1.
  • Fixed an issue where a trader would be locked if the person interacting with them were to die.
  • Fixed an issue where a trader ship would depart when another player tried interacting with a locked trader.
  • Fixed an issue related to when a player left game while contacting a trader, it would be locked indefinitely - the contact will now be reset.
  • Fixed "Cartridge wasn't destroyed properly" message on client when server shut down.
  • Fixed issue where load world screen would not correctly select the first world in the list automatically.
  • Fixed wrong overwrite popup and workshop file name on save world panel.
  • Fixed player name in chatting panel. It couldn't get player's name before spawning player.
  • Fixed save world having a small chance of not properly saving the world settings.
  • Fixed issue where loading a world that was missing the world settings file would result in an exception error.
  • Fixed issue where the SatelliteDish was providing incorrect logic values.
  • Fixed a null sent to clients when the server interacts with landing pad.
  • Fixed traders de-spawning when still being interacted with (Thanks Clever)
  • Fixed filters and foods quantities are now the correct value displayed in the trading interface.
  • Fixed stackable item merging issue on client. It was trying to merge stackable item without authority.
  • Fixed missing spawn prompt when human is already dead or unconscious. Toggled spawn prompt by ESC key.
  • Fixed possible null spam and permanent lockout when interacting with a trader. (Thank you Clever!)
  • Fixed Trading currency not being synced correctly, also the cost of an item is now correctly removed from a credit card.
  • Fixed Index out of range error caused by the incorrect contact index being passed through. (Trading) Thank you Atom Heart!
  • Fixed an issue on vending machine where index started from the wrong point. (Thanks Risu)
  • Fixed Mars scenario gravity, reset it back to -3.7.
  • Fixed lag spiking when placing landing pad.
  • Fixed Colliders for each seat in the rover are now sized and positioned around the door handles rather than the door themselves, so they no longer obscure vision when looking out the side windows.
  • Fixed Issue spawning multiple Rovers in multiplayer upon completion of the structure version, due to a missing server check. This meant that each client in the game at the time also sent a message to the server, telling it to spawn a Rover.
  • Fixed world setting sync issue and missing planet prefab in saved world. Local world setting wasn't loaded property once joined another server.
  • Fixed NetworkAnalyser issues when too many cables are connected. It couldn't output data and broke game logic when disconnected a network cable while holding NetworkAnalyser on the other hand.
Stationeers - Heightmare

This patch was a while coming, but I'm sure when you see everything we've got crammed into it you'll understand why!

The first pass of traders is complete. By using the satellite contact system we added in a previous update you're able to request that traders visit your base to exchange resources. You'll find on your uniform a new slot to store a Credit Card (can be manufactured in the Electronics Printer) that will track your credits obtained via trading. The traders have varied inventories and pricing is based off the materials used to craft items - helped by raw material costs based on the rarity of minerals on your world. You'll need a landing pad and computer with a Communications motherboard in order for them to be able to land. We'll be looking to expand the range of things you can do with these satellite contacts in the future.

Cargo Rover
The first land-based vehicle can now be manufactured via a Kit (Rover Frame) on your Fabricator. This lets you place the foundations and progress through several build-states before you get your completed Rover. They'll require batteries to run and oxygen tanks if you wish to utilize the internal atmosphere. They also have a couple of storage slots on the rear to carry around Dynamic Crates or Portable Gas Tanks which can be attached using your Wrench from nearby.

Species Packs
So as most of you following the game know, we've spent the last few months investigating several large technical refactors as detailed in previous patch notes. Instead of letting our asset backlog grow even further, the art team were tasked with creating something we could implement with minimal programmer input, outside of the already promised scope of the game, to not only gift to the various contributors that have been particularly dedicated to helping the community, but also to allow those who had asked for a way to further support the game the means to do so.

All those in Discord with the rank Community Developer or Community Contributor should now have been sent their redemption keys for one or both of the new species packs. We'll detail these more below, but while they'll be available in any game, only those with the packs will be able to actually take control as one to play with.

The Zrillian Species Pack introduces the Zrilians, who feature a startlingly similar physiology to our own - except requiring Hydrogen to breathe and exhaling Nitrous-Oxide. This makes their ideal breathing environments particularly hazardous, and any attempt to create a breathable atmosphere for both them and humans even more-so.

The Hazardous Environment Mechanical Droid or H.E.M Droid was created to venture into the most dangerous areas of space without risking human life. They don't need to breathe like we do, but need to carefully manage their power usage as they rely on batteries to function. If unable to draw sufficient power from their battery, they'll slowly lose consciousness until they pass out.

The way Stationeers is designed made these gameplay changes incredibly simple to apply. We were able to just make a copy of the existing human lungs and change the gas values it consumed. For the Droids we were able to use our existing power consumption code, but apply consciousness damage if none was available. We already had the fade to black and passing out done for humans, so got that for free!

Modding Fixes and Improvements
We did a pass several long-standing bugs around mod data loading for recipes and items, as well as made all mod data now sync from server to clients on join. This should reduce instances of issues caused by server and client having mismatched mods or mod load orders.

What else we're working on...
As always, we like to include a bit of information about what is being worked on but didn't make it this update. Work continues on the session abstraction, meaning a game lobby will be able to exist independently of the game world. This will smooth the way towards round-based play, as well as other game modes that take place across multiple worlds with the same players/inventories. We're also looking at a large optimization pass on terrain saving/loading to prevent the issue we've currently got where spawning in a lot of terrain can blow out your save size significantly. In addition to this we'll continue to evolve the Rover and trading mechanics, and start looking at expanding some systems that were put on hold so that we could focus on the recent technical refactors - like the incident and expanded scenario system. No doubt this time will also include numerous optimizations and quality of life improvements based on the feedback we receive on Discord.

Last but not least, the potential replacement for the existing tutorial is available for testing on the workshop! We're committed to improving the new player experience in the game, so as soon as we have the last few bugs squashed on this one we'll make it available to everyone.

Hotfix Version 0.2.2035.9345
  • Fixed missing recipes for Satellite Dish Kit, Landing Pad Kit and Comms Motherboard.
  • Fixed DLC characters not appearing for players that haven't purchased the DLC.
  • Changed some of the trader names due to readability issues.
  • Updated the LandingPads turned off animation.
  • Fixed robot main menu characters eyes floating about. (Thanks GhostMan)
  • Fixed world setting data sync and mod issue. It didn't override world setting data(SkyBoxMaterialName, TerrainPrefabName, etc) from mod or saved world.
  • Updated Localized Text (Current 14th June).

Hotfix Version 0.2.2029.9331
  • Fixed issue causing many object textures to appear incorrectly.

Version 0.2.2028.9326
  • Added first-pass of resource trading. There is a chance one of the signals will be a trader when you first contact them if you have a powered landing pad connected to the same network as the computer with the Comms motherboard, they'll be able to request to land. Your inventory is calculated from the contents of any vending machines on the same network as the computer, and this is where goods will be delivered to. See future patch notes for more details.
  • Added Rover to survival mode. Recipe for the 'Kit (Rover Frame)' can be found in the Fabricator. You'll then need to go through several build stages before it turns into a functional Rover.
  • Added storage connections to the rear of the Rover. You can now load up both storage slots with either a Dynamic Crate or Dynamic Gas Canister using your wrench.
  • Added credit card slot to both the Marine and Commander uniform alongside a new Slot icon addition.
  • Added two logic values for Satellite Dish. Strongest Signal which is pretty self explanatory, and SignalID which is a unique ID applied to each contact.
  • Added a credit card item which can be made through the Electronics printer to handle currency.
  • Added a new slot to the uniform to hold your shiny new credit card.
  • Added Debug Key to help capture data for bug reports. Left CTRL + G will now print out the targeted items grid coordinates to the in game console window and the games output_log.txt.
  • Added World settings, modded items and recipe data now properly sync to clients when joining a server.

  • Fixed Debug tool for grid locations now performs a null check and added small grid coordinates if available.
  • Fixed Rover now ejects its contents if it is destroyed.
  • Fixed input panel popping up on client when server accesses hash reader. (Thanks spunky)
  • Fixed only the Fertilized variant of eggs was spawnable via the creative menu and appeared in the Stationpedia. [Thanks Austin]
  • Fixed issue where loading mod data for some items would break their functionality elsewhere in the game, ie. when being smelted. [thanks Risu]
  • Fixed null reference exception when the game tried to select a default recipe of Fabricator before fully spawned character on creating or loading a world.
  • Fixed mouse not appearing upon interacting with landing pad.
  • Fixed Modding recipies for the Fabricator. It didn't update screen job correctly.
  • Fixed Consumable and Food mod data. It didn't update mod data properly.
  • Fixed Loading issue when modified specific item in mod. It threw null exception while loading Stationpedia.
  • Fixed Loading issue on dedicated server. Game data wasn't initializing properly.
  • Fixed Reagents recipe bug. It didn't correctly initialize pressure and temperature values.
  • Fixed Config cartridge values. It now returns 3 fractional digits.
  • Fixed headlamp not using power.
  • Fixed missing world data loading step for Centrifuge recipes. [thanks Risu]
  • Fixed signals not being read correctly from logic reader.
  • Fixed contacts spawning outside of scannable range on planets.
  • Fixed credit card visual display not refreshing after purchases (Thank you for your feedback everyone!).
  • Fixed SatelliteDish out of range spam.
  • Fixed incorrect consumable displaying in trading interface.
  • Fixed world loading failure when there are more than 5 worlds setting and fixed mining effect in Europa, where the wrong mining effect was being used.
  • Fixed localized text in mods.
  • Fixed broken Atmosphere when mining. It would sometimes throw an "Argument is out of range" exception and crash the atmospherics thread.
  • Fixed long-standing issue preventing the proper display of bedrock textures when deep mining.
  • Fixed display issue with the main menu characters eyes when idly looking around.
Stationeers - Heightmare

Our second patch for the week closely follows the pattern of the first. This might otherwise be a hotfix if it weren't for the impromptu addition of another new piece of kit, the new Heavy Mining Drill! We've also replaced the model on the old one.

We've also put in a couple of overlooked aspects of the Arc Welder added in the last update, namely the recipe required to craft one.

This will (hopefully) be the last couple of urgent fixes required for the main branch until we officially release the next major features to the game, so keep an eye on the beta branch and the news page for an announcement in the next few weeks!

Version 0.2.2005.9159
  • Added particle effect to new Arc Welder.
  • Added Mining Drill (Heavy). Much more effective than basic mining drill but requires advanced materials to make and uses more energy.
  • Replaced Mining Drill with new model that looks more consistent. Also is now paintable. Animation improved.

  • Fixed issue with helmet being visible in first-person view after exiting any entity slot, such as a Chair, Sleeper pod or Rover.
  • Fixed repeating error when attempting to smelt an item (eg. in the furnace) that has no reagent mixture defined.
  • Fixed Arc Welder not using power correctly. Now consumes 2kW per weld, which equates to roughly 72 full frames per large battery.
  • Fixed missing Mode interaction button on both old and new mining drills preventing players from selecting 'Flatten' mode.
Stationeers - Heightmare

Another little patch this week, which would typically be a hotfix post if not for the sneaky little addition of the Arc Welder. It'll take a lot of power, but is significantly less prone to exploding. You'll still have plenty of time to explode though, as the materials to craft this won't be available to you until you've been able to smelt some of the more advanced alloys.

Hotfix Info
The most impactful bug we're patching is one where eating something will result in you hearing yourself eating that thing forever, even after loading a new world - and nobody likes a loud eater. Sorry for this one, and doubly sorry it took so long to get the fix across to the main branch!

Work in Progress
Work continues on the Rover and Trading features planned to be live on beta in the very near future, with the Rover just getting an audio pass and some tweaks on some extra features besides just personnel transport. You're able to take the Rover for a spin already if you wish, it can be spawned in creative mode. Keep in mind this is still very much in testing though, so let us know in Discord if you encounter any bugs.

Version 0.2.2001.9148
  • Added Arc Welding tool. This is a welding tool that uses power, rather than fuel, to weld. Useful for late game. Requires advanced resources, constructed from Tool Manufactory.
  • Updated Localization Files (Current 14th May).
  • Added event so that scenario authors can trigger events based on suit temperature changes.
  • Added event so that scenario authors can set entity nutrition levels.

  • Fixed null reference exception when displaying tooltip over a structure while holding non-item thing in your hands.
  • Fixed Error caused when the game couldn't find a player to attach a 'harvested' sound to (in the case of Automated Hydroponics etc). [thanks Eearslya]
  • Fixed Error on Dedicated Server when it tries to process its own notice message due to not having the same type of chat window as clients. [thanks Eearslya]
  • Fixed stuck in loading screen when there is a duplicated recipe in ChemistryStation, Microwave, PaintMixer, ReagentProcessor.
  • Fixed incorrect interaction cursor. It displayed wrong interaction cursor when picking up an item into an empty hand.
  • Fixed hidden slots items [Thanks Risu]
  • Fixed null reference exception when reloading world mod on workshop. It didn't clear cached data.
  • Fixed client unable to destroy with Authoring tool fix.
Stationeers - Heightmare

Just a mini-update this week, we're back working on some big features. We'll save a big write-up of these for when they're fully released but a large portion of the implementation is already done, so don't expect they'll be too far away.

Customized Characters

Your customized character can now be set on the options screen and will now be your default for any new worlds you create or join. The menu character will now also reflect these options.

Dynamic Item Deconstruction
You can now destroy draggable items, for those of you sick of excess crates and dynamic canisters cluttering up your little corner of Mars. This is as simple as just targeting them with an Angle Grinder equipped. Any objects contained within the destroyed item will appear in-world, and any gas remaining inside will be released when you cut into it - so be careful as a destroying a pressurized tank will be very dangerous.

Authoring Tool Improvements
A much-requested feature of the authoring tool was the ability to remove objects quickly and completely, without extra cleanup of loose dynamic items being required. You can now do this with the tool wielded by holding down your QuantityModifier key which is C by default.

Coming Soon
These features are still being fully implemented and tested, but to give you a bit of an idea what to expect in our next big update - here:

Version 0.2.1984.9058
  • Added the ability to see your customized character in the main menu screen.
  • Added the ability to deconstruct various portable atmospheric devices using the angle grinder.
  • Added the ability to delete items and structures using the authoring tool. Delete Structures with Authoring tool by holding down the QuantityModifier key (C by default).
  • Updated Localization Files (Current 17th April)
  • Improved Destruction of large dynamic items with the Angle Grinder. Now applies to all draggable things, not just atmospheric devices. Also now properly ejects the contents of all slots and atmospheres when deconstructed.

  • Fixed issue where chute junctions placed directly next to device inputs/outputs would not always 'connect' correctly through save/load. [thanks Risu & Zaneo]
  • Fixed slot numbering on Battery Charger. [thanks Austin]
  • Fixed interactable order caused by yesterdays slot number fix on Dynamic Crates. [thanks Rob The Dude]
  • Fixed issue with DynamicCrate slot ordering. [thanks Sharidan]
  • Fixed double brown hair issue & not being able to change hair colour without hair.
  • Fixed authoring tool deletion; you must now hold the modifier key to delete anything, also increased the time it takes to delete from 0.1 seconds to 0.5 seconds.
  • Fixed facial hair is now displayed on the main menu character.
  • Fixed bug preventing automatic rotation button from automatically setting values for objects with a single rotation plane that aren't face mounted.
  • Fixed automatic rotation on FlagSmall.
  • Fixed atmosphere being released when destroying gas canisters with authoring tool.
  • Fixed typo in description of bdseal and bdnsal [thanks Andir]
  • Fixed bug that set IC stack pointer value to 0 on load regardless of what it was when saved.
  • Fixed Inability to unwrench gas canisters from connectors.
  • Fixed 'InvalidCastException' when targeting certain objects.
  • Fixed Object fall-through-world protection. Made more reliable and now removes any forces applied on the falling object in an attempt to prevent any more 'accidents'.
  • Fixed sleep command on IC only working first time it was called.
Stationeers - Heightmare

Still working through the big-ticket technical backlog, but as usual we have a bunch of fixes and your requests that are worth getting into the stable branch. We're also going to endeavour to keep the 'what we're working on' section of these notes going every patch, to more clearly illustrate that what you see in these patch notes every few weeks is not the totality of what has been done since the last update.

Things people keep asking for in Discord
We've added the ability to search for recipes in manufacturing machines. For the IC programmers, we've also added a sleep command. They're small things, but many of you have been very passionately requesting them so we hope you enjoy it.

Audio Improvements
The first of many audio improvements have taken place in the last couple of weeks with the addition of a new team member dedicated to audio. In addition to bringing across some audio functionality from another project at the studio, we've been able to start looking at some of the most noticeable holes in what you hear while playing the game. We'll be experimenting with a lot of the systems and sound, so give us your feedback and keep in mind that it'll be a continually evolving thing as development continues.

New Tutorial on Workshop Next Week for Testing
Work continues on the new tutorial, and we'll look at getting this up on the workshop in the next week as well as making available the documentation for authoring your own tutorials or scenarios. Once it has been thoroughly tested, we'll look at introducing it in the beta branch. As this will ideally be a brand new replacement tutorial, we need to ensure it is a bug-free and comprehensive introduction to the game before it makes it to people playing for the first time.

Work In Progress
Some of these have been posted in past patch notes, but rather than regularly field questions about it in Discord and on Reddit, we'll try post more regular updates for works-in-progress here.

Session Abstraction
We're working on a lobby system to break up the multiplayer and the game world. This will allow players to join a game before the world is created. The next step will be the preserve this lobby/player data even while cleaning up the world, then once we support being able to transition into a new one with the same set of people then round-based play is just around the corner.
While we're trying to leave the bulk of optimization until more of the core features are into the game, occasionally certain things stand-out as being strong candidates for optimization. We've identified a couple of these in the last week or two, so it's too soon to speculate on how impactful they'll be - keep an eye out on the beta branch patch notes.
As mentioned above, the team now has a dedicated audio tech/programmer! The focus in the immediate future will be sounds local to the character (ie. suit noises), with additional movement sounds to go with the just-added footstep ones.

Hotfix Version 0.2.1956.8894
  • Fixed various side effects of refactoring.

Hotfix Version 0.2.1954.8891
  • Fixed several missing references to NitrousOxide in tooltips etc. [Credit: Risu]
  • Fixed issue where randomize on the Character Customization screen allowed invalid selections, which if retained would prevent save games with that character from loading correctly.

Version 0.2.1952.8883
  • Added the ability to search when using various printers.
  • Added sleep command to IC that pauses execution for the supplied number of seconds.
  • Added new audio pipeline allowing greater control and supporting simpler addition of new audio assets to the game.
  • Added first pass on footstep sounds.
  • Added ability to include custom translations to mods, not just scenarios.
  • Updated all prefabs that play sound as part of new audio manager.
  • Updated Suit audio parented to local player are now 2d.
  • Updated Localization Files (Current 19th March).
  • Removed audio-sources form prefabs that shouldn't have them.
  • Fixed Duplicated entries in the IC Code entry help windows.
  • Fixed bug where IMergeable structures could be used to change ones already flagged as indestructable.
  • Fixed null reference exception that could be caused by exploded gas canisters.
  • Fixed broken AtmosAnalyser when accessed to already destroyed atmosphere.
  • Fixed issue where nutrition was not being consumed, leading to hunger never increasing.
  • Fixed issue where the printer search bar text was not resetting.
  • Fixed bug when items leaving Sorter could get stuck when items were already in chute (props to Risu and Kamuchi)
  • Fixed error that could occur on ListenerEffectManager when loading some Steam Workshop saves.
  • Fixed AudioSources that are not playing are disabled.
  • Fixed Missing font causing fabricator construction list entry titles and quantities not being displayed.
  • Fixed error when attempting to change objects that are in the process of being destroyed since engine upgrade.
  • Fixed remote control save command. It failed to save world.
  • Fixed bug that would cause some structures to lock when accepting stuff from chute
  • Fixed an issue where Hunger critical was playing at the wrong time
  • Fixed ReadByte out of range error when receiving atmospheres from server.
  • Fixed bug with IC Library containing 'ghost' entries at the top for missing library entries, with buttons that weren't clickable.
  • Fixed bug preventing aliases from highlighting correctly.
  • Fixed bug that allowed pipes/cables to be placed inside objects.
  • Fixed fabricator recipe selection dropdown entries only displaying thumbnails without labels due to font change resulting in size value being incorrect.
  • Fixed issue with text not appearing on the manufacturing computer due to an invalid font being specified.
  • Fixed Fabricator bug that could cause it to lock if it export chute weren't clear.
  • Fixed issue with character hair occasionally not loading correctly. [Thanks Tassyr]
  • Fixed if a player changed their identity in game, after death they would revert to their old identity.
  • Fixed volume not being applied correctly to speakers when loading a save due to move to new audio system.
  • Fixed bug that made merging on some cable arrangements difficult.
  • Fixed human being unable to respawn if completely dead.
  • Fixed if you fall below the world you will now be teleported to the surface again.

Stationeers - Heightmare

Another bunch of fixes this update, with a couple of quality-of-life improvements for multiplayer and cable/pipe placement - but a lot of progress on some of the slow-burn features we've been working on for a few months.

Cable/Pipe Merging (pictured)
Rather than having to remove pipes and cables to add additional connections, you can now place cables/pipes on top of each other at which point they'll merge into their larger variant with more connections. No removal required! You will, however, be required to have the normal removal tool in your off-hand - so in the case of pipes, you'll need to have a pipe kit in your active hand and a wrench in the other.

Peer-to-Peer Multiplayer
Some players have issues in multiplayer with port-forwarding and connecting to Steam Matchmaking servers. You can now host a multiplayer game using Peer-to-Peer instead, joinable either directly by IP address on the server list, or by joining off your Steam friends list.

Savegame Improvements
Many improvements were made to the save process, with it now running in a separate thread. This means there will be no game 'freeze' whenever an autosave happens, but it'll still be processing the save data in the background. There will be an indicator on screen to tell you that an autosave is taking place, and you'll be unable to quit the game at this time. There will also be an audible tone when an autosave begins.

Coming soon to the Beta Branch
A sneak peek at the items that will be coming to the beta branch in the next week or two:

Recipe List Filtering
We're adding a search box to the top of the recipe selection window on construction machines, helping you find what you're looking for a bit easier.

New Tutorial
We have a rewritten tutorial that includes previously overlooked aspects of the game, like Mining, constructing an airlock from scratch, using access control, setting up solar power, status updates and more. This included a lot of foundation work on the system used to create these, so it'll be much easier for us to make additional tutorials on subjects like smelting, hydroponics, more advanced logic automation etc.

Client/Server Recipe Synchronization
Instead of the server assuming that the client uses the same recipes, they will now be sync'd to the client when they connect. This will allow for better mod support for multiplayer games, and reduce the likelihood of issues arising when clients are using different languages to the server.

Version 0.2.1914.8736
  • Added support for alternative custom voice collections (Status Voices)
  • Added FX sounds when auto-saving
  • Added Priority option to Existing Audio System.
  • Added description of lr command on ProgrammableChip.
  • Added Cables and Pipes will be merged when placed with any existing one in cell if deconstruct tool in offhand.
  • Added save path to settings. A few player have troubles to save world in "My Documents" folder. Once you change it, it can't be uploaded to steam cloud. You need to copy your save files to other pc manually.
  • Added Steam P2P which allows to play with your friends under NAT or VPN. There is an option in setting > Muliplay > Enable P2PHost. Once it's enabled, "Advertise Server" option is disabled. Steam P2P isn't compatible with it. You can join friend's P2P host through "Join Game" on steam overlay.

  • Optimized memory usage when saving world.
  • Improved Audio Fidelity on Helmet Open/Close.
  • Improved saving world performance. It indicates saving message at the bottom right corner and can't leave session while saving.
  • Removed ability to paint LED Light.

  • Fixed bug that caused arc furnace to output unpredictable substances and quantities.
  • Fixed missing syntax highlighting for lr and define commands on IC.
  • Fixed bug that prevented logic from telling the arc furnace to print when new ore of same type entered input slot.
  • Fixed bug that caused BatteryCellCharger to bring down power network.
  • Fixed Incorrect value on Max distance causing Powered Sound to Play Everywhere.
  • Fixed P2P connecting problem when it's already in game. It couldn't connect to P2P Host.
  • Fixed total thing counts in loading screen. It was always 0.
  • Fixed batteries in BatteryCellCharger no longer charge one at a time.
  • Fixed BatteryCellCharger no longer wastes power if more than one battery placed requires charging.
  • Fixed bug that prevented cables being placed immediately next to ChuteBin.
  • Fixed null referenced exceptions in Human. Dead player's head animator wasn't set for new connected player.
  • Fixed bug preventing cables, heavy cables and pipes from being placed in authoring mode.
  • Fixed LED when placed from painted ItemWallLight kit will now always be white.
  • Fixed couldn't set LED colour from Logic devices.
  • Fixed bug allowing heavy cables to be merged into normal cables and vice versa.
  • Fixed bug preventing painting Pipe Kit.
  • Fixed an issue where you were unable to continue building some structures after a certain point.
  • Fixed unexpected error message when player respawns after starting to decay. It respawned twice and accessed to uninitialized data.
  • Fixed connection problem in password P2PHost. It failed to connect to P2PHost after input password.
  • Fixed unable to save world when chick npc is spawned. It threw null reference exception.
  • Fixed bug in which ladder end wouldn't return kit on deconstruction.
  • Fixed unexpected error log when connect to dedicated server("Spawn scene object not found for 1"). It's side effect of Steam P2PHost.
  • Fixed bug that prevented placed LED from being painted.
  • Fixed bug preventing displaying of some Polish special characters.
  • Fixed null references in HydroponicsAutomated. It tried to harvest potato on game client. Automated harvest is available only on host or dedicated server.
  • Fixed broken Programmable ChipMotherboard when input enter before click it. It wasn't initialized properly.
  • Fixed wrong access to GasDisplay. It often happened when removed device from Motherboards.
  • Fixed wrong access to color swatch. The index was wrong and broke game logic when loading world.
  • Fixed broken graphics when saving world over read-only attribute files. It forces to remove read-only attributes world save files.
  • Fixed null reference when closing character creation panel in settings.

Stationeers - Heightmare

Everyone is back on the ground after the holidays, and work continues on the major pieces of work we mentioned toward the end of last year - with a couple of additions. As always, we've included a smaller fixes and changes.

What we're working on...
Peer-to-peer Multiplayer
We're in the process of refactoring some of the multiplayer code to support peer-to-peer networking, which should prevent many of the issues people were seeing with port forwarding and make the multiplayer system easier for us to work with. This should be available on the beta branch tomorrow.

Pipe & Cable Placement Improvements
We're also adding a quality-of-life feature based on a very old suggestion from Discord - you'll no longer need to remove cables or pipes to add additional connections. eg. A straight cable can be turned into a T junction with the addition of a corner piece, instead of having to remove it and replace it with the variant you want.

Scenario and Incident Expansion
It's not noted in the patch notes below, but there has been a lot of new functionality added to the XML-authored scenario tool-set, allowing scenario authors to create objectives based on the state of an interactable (open a door, close a chest, turn on a machine), pipe pressure, death of an entity, mine a certain number of voxel chunks and many more. We've also introduced EventActions which occur at the beginning and end of a mission stage, this allows mission authors to directly affect the world by spawning in objects, changing object states etc. While these will be available to everyone who wants to author scenarios, we're primarily adding them for use in an expanded tutorial system in the works.

All of this functionality has also been added to the incident system, which is used to script random events that will be added to the game once we've authored some and figured out a nice way to notify the player that they're taking place!

Patch note title image credit goes to UhOhPolio and their creative use of the various cosmetic cladding options available to create this stylish workshop.

Version 0.2.1879.8621
  • Added a LogicType ForceWrite that, if set to a value above 0, will trigger any LogicWriter to resend its current value.
  • Added Opacity Toggle Button to the IC Code input window to toggle the transparent background. You'll find it at the top to the left of the help buttons.
  • Fixed Error message spam when trying to complete a mission with an atmosphere-related objective (such as the hydroponics one in the Mars mission) due to no support for playing UI audio outside the main thread.
  • Added LogicType and LogicSlotType descriptions to localization system.
  • Added descriptions for PrefabHash.
  • Added ability to retrieve object's (and slot object's) PrefabHash.
  • Added sounds to warn you of appearance of new critical and warning states.
  • Improved home/end/delete/backspace key behaviour in IC IDE.
  • Improved voxel generating logics. Generating voxel close to object first.
  • Changed LogicWriterSwitch saving so that it successfully loads the older version of saves.
  • Changed side of Sleeper player gets out of from base to side with on/off button.
  • Optimized terrain generation to reduce stuttering when generating a large number of chunks.
  • Optimized camera filter effects so that it uses less memory and CPU.
  • Reduced volume of menu music file to bring it back to the level it's supposed to be at (a recent prior update had removed a volume reduction at some other stage in the chain).
  • Changed Lists in the Stationpedia from paragraphs to one entry per line for clarity.
  • Moved the Randomize button in Appearance menu so it doesn't jump around when turning on and off Facial Hair options

  • Fixed tooltip comment on LogicWriterSwitch switch.
  • Fixed Issue causing the Escape From Mars mission to skip the plant growth task, due to a missing check to ensure a plant had actually grown before seeing if it had grown enough.
  • Fixed setting ForceWrite on LogicWriters caused a write even if they were turned off.
  • Fixed setting ForceWrite multiple times within a single tick would cause the value to be written multiple times within a single tick.
  • Fixed bug preventing ChuteBin from locking.
  • Fixed Logic Writer devices now no longer resend values on load.
  • Fixed Jetpack on/off state not persisting through save/load.
  • Fixed the moving item slot sound from playing to everyone, is now playing locally.
  • Fixed Bug where when loading settings, if the settings.xml file was present, but empty, it would still attempt to load utilize the contents causing errors. Now if the settings file cannot be loaded completely without errors the game will not attempt to use it.
  • Fixed issue where jetpack is invisible after dropping it from your InventorySlot.
  • Fixed player being able to pass through glass top of Sleeper.
  • Fixed player sometimes colliding with Sleeper when exiting.
  • Fixed bug that allowed frames to be built over dynamic crates.
  • Fixed issue where status' sometimes failed to redisplay upon opening a new world.
  • Fixed notification sounds spamming on game start.
  • Fixed corpses and unconscious players no longer blink.
  • Fixed memory leak when initializing game.
  • Fixed Music Volume slider not setting the volume correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with UI button hovering sound conflicting with itself.
  • Fixed Issue with the models for some paint cans not being correctly colored.
  • Fixed the sound channel displayed in the Audio settings.
  • Fixed broken button animation for Appearance in Settings
  • Updated Localization Files (Current 21st Jan)

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