2012년 3월 6일
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X3 Albion Prelude review
The Albion Prelude expansion to X3: Terran Conflict adds a healthy dose of war to the exploration and freeform space trading sim, along with 30 new ships and a dynamic stock exchange designed to liven up X3’s commerce.

The tension between expansionist human colonists and the alien races that occupy the X universe has finally ignited, triggering a massive space war. X’s hungry corporations are taking advantage of this to create new business, and there’s plenty of room for a lone entrepreneurial trader to make millions.

That lone trader is one of a series of pre-made starting profiles that present differing angles on the conflict. You can sign up as a fighter in the army and play through a lengthy series of combat missions. You can become a well funded intelligence agent in charge of building fleets. You can become a space pirate desperately trying to scrape out a living in the face of pursuing law enforcement agents. In typical X style, from these jumping-off points, you can go anywhere and do anything you like.

This sounds much more glamorous than it actually is. The ambition of Albion Prelude is undermined by the tedium and plodding pace of every basic action. As a trader you’ll be picking up goods from one part of the universe and selling them for a profit a few systems away. The new stock exchange function throws open much of the behind-the-scenes workings that drive X’s economy, an excellent addition for those who want to play X as an absorbing galactic numbers game. But the act of docking, loading up and shifting your goods around to take advantage of a gap in the market takes so long that I often forgot what I was supposed to be doing by the time I reached my destination.

The space battles are much better, and act as a great showcase for the considerable graphical updates made by the expansion. Albion Prelude’s combat ships aren’t lithe enough to allow for proper dogfights, and there’s not much depth to the action, but the spectacle and sheer volume of lasers involved makes the combat pilot a good way in for new players. The campaign objectives get repetitive quickly, however, and there’s almost no guidance or tutorials to guide you round X’s multi-layered interface.

When one battle went bad, I headed for the nearest stargate and deserted. “Sod this, I’ll become a space pirate!” I thought. An hour later I found myself lost in the void, wading from system to system, still trying to find the first rung on the galactic trading ladder.

If you’re willing to put up with the pace, Albion Prelude’s simulation of a universe in turmoil provides the most dynamic and interesting sandbox yet presented by the X series. If interacting with it wasn’t such a pain, Albion Prelude would be a tremendous achievement.
2012년 2월 24일
Product Update - Valve
The update 2.0 of X3: Albion Prelude has been released. The update will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

New Features and Improvements:
- New mini-plot: The HUB
- New mini-plot: Player HQ and UFJD
- New ships
- New graphs
- Added option to disable war reports
- Megalodon and Xenon I rebalanced and adjusted
- Introduced setup time for new lasertowers
- Made USC Baldric Miner available for purchase
- New sector music tracks in certain sectors
- Prevent purging all marines, so theres always some available
- Improved UI handling of typing repeated letters in text fields
- Improved graph axis display to use round numbers where possible
- Added minimum notoriety requirement for buying Lasertowers.
- Added achievements for new mini-plots
- Added war missions to stats export

- Fixed Major Miner achievement
- Fixed more cases of stuck comms windows
- Fixed formatting of numbers in certain cases
- Fixed issues with missing voice when loading saved game in a different language
- Fixed attacked signal for Sector/Universe Trader
- Fixed weapon switching when going out of sector
- Fixed menu display for Defend Sector command
- Fixed RRF stopping ship commands when it shouldn't
- Fixed emergency jump and 100% shield recharge for RRF ships.
2012년 1월 17일
Product Update - Valve
X3: Albion Prelude Update Released

This update, to version 1.1, brings several improvements and bug-fixes, including the fix for mission-related slowdown in games that have been running for some time.

New Features and Improvements:

- Added various performance optimisations
- Made several balancing changes to improve gameplay
- Reduced excessively loud weapon/explosion sounds
- Improved missile friendly fire behaviour
- Push effect of "push" lasers now uses falloff
- Player missiles now immune to bullet damage for 2 seconds after launch
- Reduced missile spam from missile boats
- Improved missile barrage command for M8 ships
- Out-of-sector combat fine-tuned for better simulation
- Game now uses a wider range of combat music tracks
- Valhalla's jumpdrive will no longer jump to gates (because it's too big!)
- M8 ships now considered more powerful than M6 ships for mission balancing
- Reduced excessive Stock Exchanges profitability
- Graphs show zero lines for X and Y axis if values above and below zero are present
- Improved behaviour of Home and End keys in menus
- Wider range of quotes used when starting a plot game
- Added localised Loading screen messages
- Improved target rectangle scaling at high screen resolutions
- Steam achievements can now be obtained while in offline mode


- Fixed slowdown over time caused by missions (existing savegames should speed up too)
- Fixed crash when jumping in-sector while player ship turrets are firing
- Fixed freeze caused by RRF script priority conflict
- Fixed claiming of abandoned ships
- Fixed Terran Complex Construction Kit
- Fixed handling of war objects that are boarded
- Fixed OWP firing at targets that have been captured
- Fixed turrets "losing" weapons when going out of sector
- Fixed default shield on Lasertower
- Fixed missing docking slots on Kyoto
- Fixed Pike so that it can now carry shields it can fit
- Fixed price of Griffon Sentinel
- Fixed Traveller achievement
- Fixed several Stock Exchange bugs and exploits
- Fixed sector blacklists for Mk3 traders
- Fixed OOS mining not working
- Fixed various minor issues with marines, fleets and RRF
- Fixed custom menu selection for certain menu items
- Fixed incorrect mod path
- Fixed global parameter for number of missiles in a swarm
- Fixed interface animation speed when running SETA
2012년 1월 17일
Product Update - Valve
X3: Terran Conflict Update Released

This update, to version 3.2, brings several bug-fixes and performance improvements that have been back-ported from X3: Albion Prelude.

New Features and Improvements:

- CIG push effect now uses falloff
- Improved missile friendly fire behaviour
- Player missiles now immune to bullet damage for 2 seconds after launch
- Added new windowed mode resolutions and support for res.dat file
- Improved target rectangle scaling at high screen resolutions
- Several performance optimisations


- Fixed ships never docking at docking clamps unless SETA is engaged
- Fixed hitting Boost sending you back through the gate you have just come through
- Fixed some dialogue choice lines in the Buy Sector Information service
- Fixed rare broken handling of right mini-monitor
- Fixed rare crash when Game Over is shown
- Fixed rare Alt-Tab problem during startup
2011년 12월 20일
Product Update - Valve
X3: Albion Prelude Update 1.0b

The 1.0b update for X3: Albion Prelude features a number of fixes.

Version 1.0b features:
- Fixed freeze/crash in Stock Exchange menu
- Fixed several mission problems
- Fixed achievements "Albion Pride" and "Survivor"
- Fixed issues with missile defense
- Removed incorrect ships from Race Response fleets

Available Languages: English, French, German, Italian and Russian.

Product Release - Valve
X3: Albion Prelude, a new expansion for X3: Terran Conflict is Now Available on Steam!

X3: Albion Prelude is the latest game in the X3 space game series. TRADE, FIGHT, BUILD, THINK in a living and breathing universe. A new plot and many additions to the open free-form gameplay.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Alec Meer)

Albion? Is this a Fable crossover?

The many skywalking fans of the X series of spaceship shooty-tradey epics are waiting impatiently for X: Rebirth, a full-on sequel/reboot due next year, but now we unexpectedly hear another game will startjump into our orbit before 2011 is done and dusted. X3: Albion Prelude is an expandalandalandalone for X3, and plans to tell the tale of how the X universe transitioned into the state it’s in come Rebirth. (more…)

Product Update - Valve
Updates to X3: Terran Conflict have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

  • Fixed occasional freeze issue in the Balance of Power mission
  • Fixed case where the Balance of Power achievement may not unlock
  • Some minor mission fixes
  • Fixed some map issues (for new games only)
  • Several text fixes
  • Fixed blank messages when object names are coloured by mods
  • Fixed several passenger transport missions which could break in some circumstances
  • Added Cargo Lifesupport System to Boron Angel
Product Update - Valve
Updates to X3: Terran Conflict have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:
  • The 3.0 Plot Mission
  • Dead is Dead gamemode
  • Added a reward for Operation Final Fury
Product Update - Valve
2.7.1 brings several fixes and improvements to X3: Terran Conflict

Version 2.7.1 features:

  • Fixed achievement "Reboot" and related Xenon boarding statistics
  • Fixed a stall during the Final Fury plot
  • Fixed plot character Mahi Ma getting stuck on a station
  • Fixed the deliver illegal goods mission from not spawning
  • Added ship cleanup code to the return matching ship mission

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