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It's finally time for us to show A Year Of Rain in video formats! Of course, for a game like A Year Of Rain, there is only one format that would fit for a video content reveal: A live tournament!

4 teams - 6 live streams - BO3 Round Robin online matches and one grand finale! That is Undead Champs 2019! The name is inspired by our second faction Restless Regiment that will be shown to public for the first time in this tournament. So better not miss the live streams!

August, 14th 2019, 20:00 CEST
Berlin eSports vs. TKA E-Sports
August 21st, 2019, 20:00 CEST
HARPYIE vs. Underdogs
August 28th, 2019, 20:00 CEST
TKA E-Sports vs. Underdogs
September 4th, 2019, 20:00 CEST
TKA E-Sports vs. HARPYIE
September 11th, 2019, 20:00 CEST
Berlin eSports vs. Underdogs
September 18th, 2019, 20:00 CEST
Berlin eSports vs. HARPYIE
Grand Finale:
September 28th, 2019, 19:00 CEST
* Schedule might change during the tournament. Check for updates regularly.

All matches always live on https://www.twitch.tv/wardiii (our Caster) as well as on https://twitch.tv/taketv (hosted)!

Meet the teams

The folk-metal band HARPYIE already got some experience with A Year Of Rain. They recently played A Year Of Rain against challengers on the HyperX eSports Truck stage at Wacken Open Air (Read More).

Team 2: TKA E-Sports
This eSports team from Austria joins the tournament with their two players HateMe and Cube. They bring expertise in other eSports titles with them which should be a great basis to build on.

Team 3: 1. Berliner eSports Club e.V.
From the wonderful capital of Germany the Berliner eSports Club e.V. sends in a team consisting of their two best Starcraft 2 players. HolyHit and eonblu bring many years of experience and a strong will to win the tournament!

Team 4: Underdogs
This team, chosen by Daedalic Staff, will join the tournament. @Udwin and @Deathmic join the battle. Both experienced in other RTS titles but also ready to learn new mechanics.

We're really looking forward to this happening! All live streams will be in English. So join us on this adventure and tell us what you think!


Let's play.
The A Year Of Rain Team
A Year Of Rain - Cleverbyte
One of the biggest Metal Festivals in Europe: the Wacken Open Air in Wacken. Every year, ten-thousands of Metal fans join the festival in northern Germany - this time, we were waiting for them on-site.

Wacken Open Air was our very first public appearance with A Year Of Rain. We were excited and a little bit frightened by the thought that strangers can play our game for the first time. Our doubts were unfounded. Players loved it - especially those with an RTS background in the past years.

We had a small tent with six game stations. Four of them dedicated to A Year Of Rain. We offered a local 2 vs 2 Skirmish setup. Most of the time, we were able to fill all 4 spots. Only on rare occations we had to get back to our AI opponents to show the game.

We were not only showing the game in our event tent, but also on a stage! Thanks to our friends at HyperX, we had daily spots for matches on the HyperX eSports Truck stage.

On the image above, you see the Folk-Metal band HARPYIE practising for their big match against strangers on stage. Two of them versus two players from the audience. Those matches were brilliant!

Thanks to our stage moderators Jonathan from the HyperX eSports Truck stage crew as well as the German video game expert Uke Bosse with whom I (Cleverbyte) moderated two of four shows. One of the matches had to be ended manually because both teams successfully harvested all wood from the map and cleared all mines on the map which resulted in a dead end of the match. Our game design team is onto this issue now.

Meet Arne (image above). Arne was a regular guest at our booth as well as on the stage. He not only beat Game Designer Ahri and me (Community Manager) in a match with a stranger as a team mate, but also beat HARPYIE on-stage single-handed!

Arne is truly our Wacken Open Air A Year Of Rain Champion. Together with his team mate Alvar, he won some HyperX and Daedalic prizes on stage - and earned our recognition. GG WP, Arne and Alvar.

We would like to thank everyone who made this event such a great happening: The HyperX eSports truck crew, the Full Metal Gaming Village crew, our booth neighbor Lukas on one side and our booth neighbors from IF(game)SH and eSports Nord e.V. on the other side.

Next up on our Event Summer: Gamescom

We'll be at gamescom 2019 in Cologne, Germany! Play A Year Of Rain in Hall 10.1, Booth B078/C079 at LOOTBOY. Pay us a visit and play our second faction, the Undead Restless Regiment, for the first time!


Until next time.
The A Year Of Rain Team
A Year Of Rain - Cleverbyte
To support your and your teammate's strategy, we got different Points of Interest on Skirmish maps. Today, we'd like to give you an overview over those. Keep in mind, the screenshots were taken in an Alpha state of the game.

Anorium Mines
At the beginning of a match, you'll start with your Main Building right next to a mine. Workers already start collecting Anorium from there. The mines can run dry, because their deposits are limited.

There are multiple Anorium Mines on the map, ready to be found. The number of Mines depend on the map. There might also be rich Mines. They are good starting points for a second base.

Workers can collect wood from trees. Wood is the second resource in A Year Of Rain and, together with Anorium, also relevant for researches/techs. There are plenty of trees around the map to chop.

Mostly appear in groups. You find them usually around other points of interest. They're perfect to level up your hero at the beginning of the match. In Skirmish, they do not respawn.

Boss battles
Some maps feature bosses*. It can be beneficial for your team if you and your teammate kill the boss. It grants buffs to your team that gives you an advantage over your opponents.

* not all bosses are supersized Runecasters. :P

Healing Well
The healing well is a popular point of interest on the map, because it heals well. Sorry. Couldn't resist. There is usually just one (if any) Healing Well on the map. It heals all units in the area around it over time.

To increase your vision in an area, it might be helpful to conquer an Observatory. One unit has to stand in the area of the Observatory to increase the vision in a circular area around it.

Attention Metal Fans: A Year Of Rain goes W:O:A

We're going to show A Year Of Rain in the Gaming Village area at Wacken Open Air in Wacken, Germany, this year! If you are a lucky owner of a W:O:A ticket, visit us and play a few rounds of our Alpha version with us or your friends.

Not at W:O:A?
Don't worry! We're preparing for more than one event appearance this year. Follow us to stay up to date where to meet us and play A Year Of Rain.


Until next time.
The A Year Of Rain Team
A Year Of Rain - Cleverbyte
To finish the series of House Rupah-related Steam Hub Blogs, we're happy to present you all buildings of House Rupah as well as the upgrades available for research! Additional to that, we're going to share upgrades you unlock depending on the role you select upon match start.

It is possible that some researches/upgrades move from one building to others during the development.
All buildings are subject to change. Some are planned for a visual rework during the Early Access phase.

Without further ado:

This is the main building of House Rupah. Upon start of the match, you start with a Keep placed at a starting position and a hand full of workers are ready to mine Anorium or chop wood. You can build additional Keeps freely on the map, for example next to an other rich Anorium mine.

Units to be trained here:

  • Ability: Desperate Entrenchment - Orders nearby workers to seek shelter in the Keep, enabling it to attack.
  • Ability: End Entrenchment

The first unit production buiding.

Units to be trained here:
Spearman, Pathfinder, Knight

Abilities and Upgrades
  • None

Elven Enclave
It unlocks Pathfinders and is the go-to building for most of the research options.

Requires Barracks.

Additional Info:
Unlocks Pathfinder in the Barracks.

  • Reinforced Shields - Upgrade for Spearman: Reduces damage taken for Spearman.
  • Stormseeker Arrows - Upgrade for Pathfinders: Increases the attack range of Pathfinders.
  • Superior Structures - Upgrade for Buildings: Increases health of all buildings.
  • Spirit Hound - Upgrade for Pathfinders: Unlocks ability to summon an animal companion.

Especially important for players that chose the Support role.

Requires Barracks.

Units to be trained here:
Cleric, Runecaster

  • Truesight - Upgrade for Clerics: Allows them to see invisible units.
  • Restoration - Upgrade for Clerics: Unlocks the ability to undo a negative effect on a friendy unit.


Requires Temple.

Additional Info:
Unlocks Runecaster in Temple.

  • Warding Glyphs - Upgrade for Runecaster: Unlocks the ability to place stealthed explosive traps.


Requires Elven Enclave.

Additional Info:
Unlocks Knights in Barracks.

  • Armored Warhorses - Upgrade for Knights: Increases health of Knights.

Floating Gardens

Requires Temple and Elven Enclave.

Units to be trained here:

  • Thunderwave - Upgrade for Djinnis: Unlocks an abilitiy that deals damage and pushes enemies away.
  • Elemental Fortitute - Upgrade for Djinnis: Unlocks an abilitiy that decreases incoming damage on a friendly unit for some seconds.

Attacks enemies in a circle around the watchtower. Also grants vision.

Requires Barracks.

Abilities and Upgrades
  • None.

Depending on which role you select in-game at the beginning of the match (Tank, Damage, Support), you can upgrade one additional research. The research can be leveled up to level 4. The first level is already unlocked when you select the role.

Communicate with your team mate beforehand to define who selects which role and how you can best play together.

Role: Tank
  • 1: Martial Training: Reduces damage taken for Spearmen and Knights by X% (unlocked)
  • 2: Advanced Training: Reduces damage taken for Spearmen and Knights by Y%
  • 3: Superior Training: Reduces damage taken for Spearmen and Knights by Z%
  • 4: Nerves of Anorium: Reduces damage taken for Spearmen and Knights by A%
Those upgrades can be researched in the Barracks.

Role: Damage
  • 1: Zephyr's Grace: Increases damage dealt by Pathfinders and Djinnis by X% (unlocked)
  • 2: Cutting Winds: Increases damage dealt by Pathfinders and Djinnis by Y%
  • 3: Song of the Storm: Increases damage dealt by Pathfinders and Djinnis by Z%
  • 4: Hearts of Thunder: Increases damage dealt by Pathfinders and Djinnis by A%
Those upgrades can be researched in the Elven Enclave.

Role: Support
  • 1: Mender: Increases healing done by Clerics by X% (unlocked)
  • 2: Battlefield Triage: Increases healing done by Clerics by Y%
  • 3: Healing Hands: Increases healing done by Clerics by Z%
  • 4: Weaver of Life: Increases healing done by Clerics by A%
  • 1: Clear Skies: Increases vision of all of your units (unlocked)
Those upgrades can be researched in the Temple.

That concludes our overview of the House Rupah faction. Find an overview of all content in the Overview Blog Post here.

In future, we'll proceed with different content while we're preparing for a beta test. Follow A Year Of Rain to stay tuned!


Until next time.
The A Year Of Rain Team
A Year Of Rain - Cleverbyte
In the previous weeks, we introduced the Heroes of the first faction, House Rupah, to you in detail. The series of blog posts proceeds with Units and Buildings from this week on.

If you missed the introduction of the House Rupah heroes, read them here:

Find below an overview of all House Rupah units at your disposal. Remember, some abilities require an upgrade of the unit. They require to be researched in a specific building (more on that coming soon).

Please note: The abilities and upgrades are still in balancing and might change until final release.

The Worker
The worker unit, a typical gnome. Ready to mine Anorium from the mines or to cut trees to receive wood. You can recruit more workers in the Keep.

One ability of the Worker is to hide in his Keep, enabling the Keep to attack.

Another passive perk of the worker is that he decreases the construction time of a building by a certain percentage. Using multiple workers on a construction site will reduce the construction time even more.

The Spearman is our basic melee unit. He can be trained in the Barracks.

The upgrade "Reinforced Shields" allows him to take less damage from ranged attacks.

The Pathfinder is a range unit and can be trained in the Barracks as well. To unlock the Pathfinder in the Barracks, you need to build the Elven Enclave (Requires Barracks) as well.

The upgrade "Stormseeker Arrows" allows her to inflict some of the damage to units standing around the target. Another upgrade unlocks the ability to summon an animal companion to fight together with, similar to Shen the Scarred and her fire elemental.

The Cleric is an armored specialist, able to heal other units. You can train the Cleric in the Temple (Requires Barracks).

The Cleric has the ability to instantly heal a friendly unit with a set amount of health. With an upgrade, she unlocks the ability to undo a negative effect on a unit. Another upgrade allows her to see invisible creatures and objects.

The Runecaster is a siege unit which can be trained in the Temple (Requires Barracks), but requires the Library (Requires Temple) building to be built.

Besides his autocast ability, he has an upgrade that allows him to place a stealth trap of exploding runes that does AOE damage when a unit enters the trap.

The Knight is a melee tank unit and can be trained in the Barracks. It does require the Stables (Requires Elven Enclave) to be built as well.

The upgrade "Armored Warhorses" increase its health.

The Djinni is a magical range unit. It can be trained in the Floating Gardens (Requires Temple, Elven Enclave).

Djinnis have an upgrade that unlocks the ability "Thunderwave". It allows them to deal damage on units in a cone area in front of them and pushes the opponents some meters away.

Depending on the selected role at the beginning of the match, additional upgrades unlock. Those are not listed here. Stay tuned!

The buildings will be presented in more detail in the next Steam Hub Blog. In that blog, we'll also list which abilities of which units can be unlocked in which building.

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Until next time.
The A Year Of Rain Team
A Year Of Rain - Cleverbyte
You already met Morrig, Shen and Killian, the three main heroes of the first faction. Additional to these three playable heroes, the story campaign allows you to take control a fourth hero: Lord Rupah himself.

Lord Jaidee Rupah, third born son of House Rupah, now fielding his own military campaign and leading the eponymous in-game faction. Without spoilering too much, we can say there are reasons why he attracts soldiers for his cause. The lord knows his way around a battlefield and how to handle a sword, but his true strong points are influence and conviction.

Concept Art
Rupah is wearing armor that is inspired by his signature coat of arms, featuring a sun and a fox.

3D Modelling

Lord Rupah's Abilities
Watch Out Milord!
Evenly distributes a percentage of damage taken among all nearby units.
Favored by the Westwind
Summons a Djinni when falling below a set percentage of health.
Gale Strike
A wave of thunderous force sweeps out. Each creature in a small cone originating from you takes damage and gets pushed some meters away.
Unyielding Ambition
Dashes forward and deals damage to the first target hit.

Lord Jaidee Rupah is just playable in certain campaign missions and is not available in Skirmish or Against All Odds.

This concludes the overview of the Lord Rupah heroes. Expect an overview of buildings and units next, to complete the faction of House Rupah.

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Until next time.
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A Year Of Rain - Cleverbyte
Thanks for staying with us. Prior, we introduced Shen The Scarred and Morrig Fogvale. Two of four heroes of House Rupah. If you missed them, make sure to check out our News Section.

Today, we'll introduce the Paladin who is the face of our Social Media channels: Killian Morningview. The captain of the mercenary outfit and a paladin of the morning sun. She’s a veteran of many battles with enough scars to prove that she’s hard to take down. A life of warfare, however, does not only scar the body, but also the soul.

Concept Art
On the first original concept, Killian had pigtails. That's how she is currently shown on our Social Media channels. Since then, she had a visit at the hair stylist who decided that pigtails is not really what you want to wear when in a war. So in the final 3D model, you'll find her with a different haircut.

3D Modeling
Not just her haircut changed. She also got a better armor.

Killian's Abilities
Lay on Hands
Instantly restores some of a friendly unit's health and reduces incoming damage by a set percentage for a couple of seconds.
Fear no Darkness
Shields Killian from some damage and redirects incoming damage in a small area on to the paladin for a couple of seconds.
Killian dashes some distance towards an area and swipe attacks enemies in the area in front of her applying a debuff that slows down for a couple of seconds.
Night's End (Ultimate)
Killian protects all units from incoming damage in a circular area for a couple of seconds.

* Find more Ability Gifs on our Twitter channel.

Killian is the third playable hero of the House Rupah faction. Just one is missing: Lord Jaidee Rupah, the leader of the faction. Read more about Lord Rupah next week. We're looking forward to it.


Until next time.
The A Year Of Rain Team
A Year Of Rain - Cleverbyte
Why we are attractive for existing RTS fans

We strongly believe that we can be your new favourite RTS game. With the help of our friends from TaKeTV and the known StarCraft II professionals HeRoMaRinE (mousesports) and Harstem (Asterion), we developed A Year Of Rain for YOU!

Play in a team and try new strategies
We see a tendency towards team gameplay. While most other RTS games feature 1vs1 modes, we completely focus on 2vs2. With a second player, you unlock new ways to strategically outdo your opponents. Our game features are created and balanced to support team gameplay. A role selection at the beginning of a match allows both players to choose complementary roles to perform even better as a team - or play double support. It's up to you really. Besides an ingame chat, we offer a ping system with which you can communicate with your team partner, no matter if real player or AI, effectively.

Bring your friends - no matter if pro or not
Thanks to our onboarding features (see our latest DevBlog), new players learn quick and can support you in a match already after a few first matches. You also gain extra XP for playing with an unexperienced player in a team.

A great story in a brand new universe
Experience the epic story of A Year Of Rain in three campaigns with ten missions each. All missions are created for co-op mode but can be played singleplayer with an AI. The first campaign will be included upon Early Access release. The other campaigns follow later.

A lot of hotkey functionality ingame
We implemented a ton of different hotkey functionality ingame, inspired by all your favourite RTS games including but not limited to: Unit grouping, grouping buildings, hotkeys for hero selection and idle worker, saveable camera positions, skipping through unit types in current selection, different ways to add or remove units to selection and many more! Key bindings can be changed in the game options.

Still not convinced?
Then check out all the improved featured like: Replays, Ping System, AI, Ladder System, Hero Roles, specific upgrades, or our plans for new game modes such as Against All Odds: A new asymmetrical 2vs2 game mode where two heroes face two entire armies.

Give it a try and wishlist A Year Of Rain today to be the first one to play!


Until next time.
The A Year Of Rain Team
A Year Of Rain - Cleverbyte
How we make our game accessible for new players

It's our goal. It's in our veins. We want it to happen. We believe that we can bring the real-time strategy genre back into everyone's shelves. No doubt about it, that requires a lot of hard work and focus. In todays blog I'd love to share our thoughts on how we want to bring new players to the genre.

While the reasons for losing in other genres are easier to understand, in an RTS, reasons for losing can have multiple layers. One doesn't just had a faster aim on your head or casted the better spell. In an RTS, it could already be over if you don't scout. Or don't know how to scout. Or don't know how to counter the units of the opponent ect. ect. We believe that it is very hard to learn and understand an RTS game. And that is why it is so hard for new players to find their way into this genre. We want to change that with A Year Of Rain.

We're a team-RTS
Take a look at how your team mate plays. Looking, copying and trying is a valid way of improving your own skills. Many of our game modes are set up for 2 versus 2 matches, so you never play alone. Don't worry about your team mate. If he has a higher skill, he will be getting a bonus on XP at the end of the match for being a role model for you through the game. If your opponents are ranked higher in the game, you both are also getting a so-called Underdog bonus for playing against more experienced players.

Build Order Guides help you through the match
You're not completely depending on learning from your team mate. At the beginning of the match, we offer you different Build Order Guides to follow. They vary on the chosen role you'd like to play and list actions we recommend you to fulfill your role. We plan to offer multiple Build Order Guides for multiple playstyles in-game. There is no need to search for those online anymore.

Tips and Hints
We're working on an intelligent hint system that analyses your gameplay and gives you tips and hints after the match on what you can improve. This is a complex thing to do, but we're taking on the challenge.

Watch a replay of your matches
Your matches will be saved as replays. Through an ingame menu, you'll be able to watch your matches again from a Spectator perspective to analyse what happened and to take a closer look at what your team mates did.

Fair matchmaking procedure
We aim for a fair matchmaking. We sort players into leagues and tiers. Advanced players will play in higher leagues. Your opponents will be just about right for you to play against.

That much for our current plan. We're sure there is much more we could do. If you like, let us know more ideas to improve onboarding of new players. Write us in the comments below, in our Steam Hub or in Discord.

All that doesn't mean that A Year Of Rain is boring for existing RTS fans. In our next blog, we'll take a look at how we cater existing RTS fans with A Year Of Rain.
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Until next time.
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A Year Of Rain - Cleverbyte
Last time, we introduced Morrig Fogvale, Ranger from the north, to you. Today we're on fire (pun intended) and show you the next hero from the House Rupah: Shen the Scarred.

Shen is an evoker from the southern lands dedicated to the element of fire. She’s young, but her profession has a tendency to leave people somewhat weathered, burned or worse, even if you’re not on the receiving end of the spell. Her social attitude is warm (no pun intended) and has a definitive no-bullshit heads-on approach to most problems.

Concept Art
Compared to Morrig Fogvale, Shen has no outdated concept art and received no rework. Since she is dedicated to fire, her right arm is partly on fire and looks "slightly burned".

She carries a book and a staff with her, with which help she can summon a fire elemental to fight by her side.

3D Modeling
Very close to the concept art, Shens 3D model was one of the first final hero models for A Year Of Rain. She quickly became the favourite choice for most of our developers in internal battles.

Promo Art
Probably because Shen the Scarred is a developer’s favourite, she is featured on our current A Year Of Rain main promo art, visible on most of our Social Media channels and our Steam Shop Page.

Composition Ideas

Shen's abilities
Deals X damage to all enemies in a circular area.
Fiery Chains
Roots all hostile units in the circular target area in place for X seconds, making them unable to move.
Conjure Fire Elemental
Summons a fire elemental that attacks enemies.
Emberstorm (Ultimate)
Summons a circular firey vortex for X seconds that pulls enemies towards it and dealing Y damage.

* Why are there no values in the table? Because they are still in the balancing process! Meet Christoph, Game Designer, here!

With Shen, you already saw two of four heroes of House Rupah. Receive a notification when we show more by wishlisting and following A Year Of Rain below.


Until next time.
The A Year Of Rain Team

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