Xenomarine - logophil
Just a quick one: this patch adds the ability to recover and continue an existing game (in both roguelike and adventure mode) in the event of a crash. In the event of a crash while generating a new level, you can recover the game from the point just before entering the teleporter.
Xenomarine - logophil
The 'Ascension' update is here! This major update introduces some completely new game mechanics centered on 'science terminals'. At these terminals you can access log files from the space station's former inhabitants and discover the astounding truth behind the alien infestation. At the same time, you will decrypt a complex digital key allowing you to access extraordinary multidimensional technology and 'win' the game if you choose - or if you prefer, continue the game with a major bonus.

There's also a new Steam Achievement, numerous bugfixes and some significant balance adjustments to make for a more gradual increase in level difficulty and increased challenge at very high levels.

Here's a full list of changes:

NEW: Ascension Mechanic
NEW: Lore available through science terminals
NEW: Ascension recorded as part of morguefile
NEW: Ascension Steam Achievement
NEW: camera shake effect for explosive attacks
NEW: log messages for when aliens acquire status effects
MOD: removed regen globes from game to improve late game balance
MOD: increased chance of finding singularity globes relative to other globes
MOD: reduced number of small and large equipment crates at higher levels
MOD: various adjustments to alien spawning algorithms to ensure more gradual increase in level difficulty and increased challenge at very high levels
MOD: increased chance of finding ammo types other than bullets, especially at higher levels
MOD: reduced duration of radioactivity and paralysis for player
MOD: duration of various status effects is lower for aliens than for player (nerf certain ammo conversions)
MOD: blue aliens no longer vulnerable to stun damage
MOD: max ammo for RPK (machine gun) reduced to 36
MOD: increased scrap/qchip value of mind/alien globes
MOD: large medkits now restore a maximum 30 health
MOD: scrap cost to repair armor significantly reduced
MOD: max size of levels reduced
FIX: divide by zero error when taking damage while not wearing armor
FIX: added some missing trap decription text
FIX: sledge hammer description (which incorrectly states that it requires both hands)
FIX: bug where incorrect total armor value sometimes shown on armor screen
FIX: correct description for 'That's handy' achievement (requires 8-slot belt not 7-slot)
FIX: bug where able to use second weapon turn to reload by pressing 'r' when dual-wielding.
FIX: log message when reloading second weapon now also shows ammo remaining
FIX: bug where illness status can be activated multiple times with cumulative impact on weapon skill not cured by antipack
FIX: bug where opening inventory causes energy fields to activate for one turn without using power
FIX: on running out of power forcefields and energy fields now show as turned off in main display, belt slot and with log message
FIX: ammo and scrap display improved to cope with amounts >999
FIX: bug where hatched eggs leave non-radioactive tiles in radioactive rooms, trapping hatched aliens
FIX: bug with hacker and mindcontrol achievements sometimes not activating correctly
FIX: bug whereby hacking and mindcontrol can be used outside device range using the mouse
FIX: some minor errors in status descriptions
FIX: multicoloured aliens damage type, resistance and vulnerability now working correctly (and deadlier!)
FIX: misleading log message when entering brown goo square while ill
FIX: friendly turrets and drones target neutral drones
FIX: player controlled drones no longer get 'stuck' due to detecting an enemy behind a wall or door
FIX: powered items with empty battery are no longer automatically merged in inventory
FIX: improved misleading log message on failed mind globe attempt
FIX: aliens are consistently described as unseen aliens in log while suffering from severe blindness
FIX: confusing order of some combat log messages
FIX: incorrect power value shown in pop up message on acquiring forcefield or energy field
FIX: 'hostile' or 'neutral' more prominently displayed in turret and drone descriptions
FIX: telepathy globe can no longer detect turrets
Zombotron - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Sin Vega)

Oh, the many things I cannot tell you, readers! They are many, and they are things. One thing I can tell you is that argh, howl, yes, I am indeed working on the enormous pile of hundreds upon hundreds of indie games that are surely aiming to destroy me. The second thing is that it’s time once more for the world famous round-up of the best indie games on Steam that, round here, we call Unknown Pleasures.

Maintaining a stoic silence this week: spikey frights, fighty tykes, and flighty sprites.


Xenomarine - logophil
Xenomarine - logophil

First of all a big thank you to those who have contributed to the Xenomarine community with suggestions, bug reports and other discussions. All feedback is carefully considered and I’m happy to announce an upcoming update that aims to add some of the most widely requested new features.

The ‘Ascension’ update will add a completely new game mechanic that allows you to ‘win’ the game after unlocking access to an astounding new technology. At the same time you will also gradually learn of the radical - and dangerous - science experiments that took place on the station prior to your arrival.

After earning this highly challenging ‘win’ you will still have the option of continuing the game to reach a new highscore - with a nice bonus to help you on your way.

(Of course, there will also be numerous bug fixes/minor improvements in the update as well.)
Xenomarine - logophil
Just a quick update with a few post-launch bug-fixes:

MOD: when equipping an item from a belt slot, belt slot now fills with item being swapped out
FIX: when equipped weapon/armor is also a belt slot item (now rare), belt slot display reflects changes in ammo/armor condition
FIX: bug preventing batteries being replaced on stealth, cloaking and phase shift fields
FIX: bug causing nonexistent ammo conversion type to be generated when picking up equipment crate ("Nothing [Device1]96" log message).
FIX: speed run achievement not activating correctly
FIX: bug causing occasional unpredictable behaviour when attacking bare-handed
FIX: improved display of 'to use' % for hacking devices to avoid text overrun
23 apr
Xenomarine - logophil

Yes, you are reading your scanner right - Xenomarine version 1.0 is here to meet all your alien-busting needs.

Check out the devlog for a full list of changes but here's a summary:

  • Complete set of achievements (27 new achievements added)
  • Long-awaited balance improvements e.g. better distribution of terminals
  • UI improvements e.g. scrolling with middle mouse button
  • Many, many bugs fixed

Overall these stability and balance improvements mean that you can now take full advantage of the ever-changing challenges, ever-new equipment and ever-more deadly hordes of aliens to level 30 and well beyond!

Xenomarine - logophil
Movement. Signal's clean. Range 10 meters and closing...Xenomarine is transitioning to FULL RELEASE on 24th April 2019!

Xenomarine - logophil
This update is mainly aimed at improving performance in some key areas, which should result in increased framerates and faster load times for most players.

NEW: improved average framerates on most systems
NEW: time taken to generate new level significantly reduced
MOD: darkened fog of war shadows
FIX: bug with log messages when destroying walls etc
FIX: scout drone not sorting in inventory
Xenomarine - logophil
A few minor fixes:

FIX: bug with unintended motion of player direction indicator
FIX: wall tiles at the edge of the map made indestructible
FIX: added plural to log message when trying to push group of alien eggs
FIX: confusing log message when trying to use antipack to cure incorrect status
MOD: minor adjustment to responsivity when holding down movement keys

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