Asteroid Fight - Katta Games
In the midst of the summer heat, things are going well for Asteroid Fight! A lot has changed! Network, physics, graphics, maps, usability, functionality,... everything is progressing. In fact, we worked so hard on the game that we hadn’t found any time for writing announcements. ;)

We are already organizing weekly test games and are in the middle of making the game capable of handling bigger numbers of players. If you want to join the pool of testers for this weekly event write us an email ->
26 gen 2017
Asteroid Fight - Gogol

We're glad to have finally launched our steam page! We've updated the descriptions with lots of new images and infos on the progress we've made and the goals we're aiming for.

Hopefully we’ve covered a lot of your questions with this summary and overview! Please feel free to reach out in the comments below, the steam forums, over twitter or discord! > Links below :)

We’re looking forward to our EA-launch in the near future, while fixing bugs and making everything clear for the first waves of players :) Exciting times to come, we are very happy and thrilled to open the gates and finally let you get your hands on Asteroid Fight!

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