2017. dec. 31.
Azure Sky Project - Burgee
Happy New Years!

- Fixed a bug where mission pay would be wrong after selecting a mission, then mousing over a vandalism mission.

- There is a crash caused by retreating enemies that I cannot recreate but users have reported. Adjusted some suspicious code, hoping to have found the problem.

Please let me know about any crashes you encounter so I can get them taken care of!
Azure Sky Project - Burgee
Just a real quick update to address a bit of user feedback:

- Tutorial popup tips have been added to the beginning of the game to help clarify what the player should be doing.

They're brief and a bit intruisive, but can be disabled from the options menu for any seasoned players who are not interested.
2017. dec. 8.
Azure Sky Project - Burgee
We are transitioning out of Early Access and into full release!

All of the bugs should be gone, the game is complete from start to finish, and we're excited to share it with the entire steam community!

Full release does NOT indicate that we will no longer be supporting the game. We're still excited for community suggestions and we're still looking to update the game as necessary.

Please enjoy what we've created, and let us know what you think!
Azure Sky Project - Burgee
Just a quick fix for enemy spawn rates in freelance missions - spider turrets and weaponized drones should spawn quite a bit less frequently now.
Azure Sky Project - Burgee
We're really close!

This patch brings some exciting new stuff:

  • Baron's Boss fight is now in game! It needs some tweaking (probably) and may be a little on the difficult side (really likely) but it's there and playable and pretty fun!

  • A group of ladies have joined Azure Sky Group! 7 new Female Agent sprites are now in game!

  • Fixed some bugs and tweaked some numbers and adjusted some UI stuff

During early access feedback has been pretty minimal outside of a few bug reports.

We've added a lot of content off of our own to-do lists and we're relatively happy with the game in it's current state.

We're looking to leave early access and go full release in early December barring the discovery of any major bugs or issues.

Azure Sky Project - Burgee
We've added 11 new Agent sprites, along with Agent ID Cards.

You should see a lot of new faces showing up in your hirable agents pool!

There shouldn't be any issues - however if you DO run into any of the following please let us know!

-Bad collision boxes with agents (running through walls or falling through floors)
-Sprite alignment issues (an agent holding his gun on his head, for instance)

There shouldn't be anything major wrong, and if you do have an issue we'll fix it immediately.

Azure Sky Project - Burgee
The next patch should bring with it a *lot* of new agent sprites!

This one's going to take some extra time - importing the body parts, aligning them in game, and testing collisions on them is going to be... well, painful.

This is one of our major steps towards leaving early access, so it's a good thing! Look for it in the next couple of weeks, along with a bunch of other tweaks.

Thanks everyone!
Azure Sky Project - Burgee
Update Time!

New Content:

Freelance Mission Type: Vandalism Spree
-Your job is to do as much damage to the neighborhood as possible, you'll make a percentage of the property damage value you do as payment - get to work!

Freelance Mission Type: Courier Run
-Get to the other side of the area of operations as quickly as possible! Engage any enemies you need to, but your main objective is to arrive safely at the far extraction point.

-3 New Campaign Missions! You can now play up to mission 18.

Other Stuff:

-Enemies can now use laser guns at higher difficulties / later missions. They're deadly!

-Experimental armor was a little too good - toned it down a bit.

-Tweaked commissions; agents now cost more to use as they level up, but start with overall lower commission rates.

NEW CONTENT MAY BRING NEW BUGS! Please report any crashes or issues here and we'll fix them within the day in most cases.
Azure Sky Project - Burgee
The patch coming on friday comes with NEW CONTENT HORRAY!

Look for two new types of freelance work, and 3 new campaign missions to play with!

Official notes coming tomorrow with the update.
Azure Sky Project - Burgee
Dear Players -

We need your feedback! If you're enjoying ASP - please consider leaving a review!

Hating ASP? Let us know that too! Through a review if you'd prefer, or in the discussion forums where we can respond to your concerns and hopefully address them.

We're taking early access seriously, and we want to use this time to polish the game to a state where tons of people find it enjoyable and rewarding to play.


The next patch is going to be a bit further out than they have been. Since the game is in a relatively bug-free state in its current form we're taking this opportunity to add some content.

Look for new missions after the next update!

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