febr. 6.
MegaSphere - antonkudin
Anomaly update is going strong, here's a few of the new mechanics and enemies!

As always, to keep up with development follow me on twitter (@antonkudin) or join game discord.

Thank you!

Anomaly scanner

Melting metal

New boss

Air ducts

New fighting enemies!

2018. nov. 22.
MegaSphere - antonkudin
Hello and welcome back to Anomaly!

Its time to get a peek beyond those gates.
Heres a few WIP mechanics and enemies of the expanded Anomaly.

New MagWalls that allow you to walk on walls!

They're movable! Get ready to solve some placement puzzles ;]

Gravity wells got a fancy upgrade too

New enemy, some kind of anomalous spawn! It can conjure up gravity a vortex!

This one will fly, crawl on walls, have varying attacks. Beware!

Maybe just let them duke it out!

Thats it for now! Keep an eye out for update coming later!
Remember to check twitter for more frequent updates: @antonkudin and be sure to join the game discord for discussions about game's mechanics, story or anything else!

Thank you so much for playing my game!
2018. szept. 26.
MegaSphere - antonkudin
MegaSphere update with new areas, enemies and mechanics is now available!

Watch new trailer:

Explore two new areas for the game, meet allies and enemies, use new suit functions, solve puzzles and navigate dynamic mazes. And watch your energy bar!

Also in this update
Improvements to 'Suit restoration' objectives and beginning of the game
Updates to movement mechanics
New health mechanics
Visual and performance improvements with new rendering technique and SSAO
Frequency locating feature via interface tab
Bug fixes and other improvements

Please report any issues you find in the forums.
Thank you for being a supporter of the game!

Stay tuned for more!
2018. aug. 14.
MegaSphere - antonkudin
Few cool changes in new update that are currently available to try out in 'development' beta branch:

New health mechanic with healing items!

Use Interface and Navi to track down strange frequency emitters.

Sprinting and dashing is as fast and fluid as ever!

Get to kicking!

New TURMS interior area tested and waiting to be explored.

Thank you!!
2018. júl. 2.
MegaSphere - antonkudin
Here's something for the players who want to get into early builds!

New TURMS area is finally is out in development branch (pinned post explains how to switch). New mechanics, visuals and area design in place, with final polish coming later (expect some missing/temporary sounds and dialogs).

It'd help me out if you try new update and new content specifically, and post feedback on the forums, discord {HIVATKOZÁS TÖRÖLVE} or send it directly to me via email: antonkudin@me.com).

To access new content directly: start up the game, select 'New game' and switch to 'Hacks' tab. From there, top backup will load you up right before TURMS area, as you and Novikov are about to board it from Habitation.

Several sequent backups are shortcuts throughout the new area (its pretty big), in case you get lost or stuck.

Thank you for playing my game!! ;]

2018. márc. 27.
MegaSphere - antonkudin
Here's a sneak peek at some of new mechanics that I'm building for TURMS interior area of the game.

TURMS is your companion ship and it will be fully explorable and will be almost always available to revisit.

Slidy things, lasers, cameras and power transmission

Coolant containers


Long elevators ;]


Wires transmitting power

Simple puzzles

Teleport system keeping you out of danger

Thank you very much for keeping interest in my game!! ;]
2018. febr. 10.
MegaSphere - antonkudin
News been slow lately, but its only because I've been busy working on new area! Its gonna have completely new mechanics and will introduce a weapon type, thats completely different.

Here's a preview, enjoy!

PS. ICYM, new update is now in open testing (switch to development builds in game's preferences in steam), hope to hear more feedback from you!

Hello, I'm home!

Interior of your own TURMS vessel.

New instant checkpoint mechanic

Data cables

Power cables

Thank you, for being patient players! See you soon!! ;]
2017. dec. 23.
MegaSphere - antonkudin
'Nova' update development build is out for testing!

Currently in development builds branch (Beta tab in game properties), pushing to main branch if testing doesn't reveal critical issues.

New enemies!

New environments!

New challenges!

New quest, new character, new mechanics...

A WHOLE lot of work, plus improvements to performance and visuals.

I think you'll like it!
Let me know how it runs for you! Please report any issues you encounter on steam forum or catch me on twitter: @antonkudin
MegaSphere - antonkudin
Interface and radar functionality
Expanding on Interface tab, updated interface tab lets you locate certain objects in the world, when you discover their frequency or complete a research: Backup stations, Layout terminals etc.

New procedural challenge maze rooms

Most update content is done, hope you'll like it!

PS. If you're eager to try the new content and willing to help, follow me on twitter: @antonkudin, I'll be looking for testers in a few days time.
2017. okt. 31.
MegaSphere - antonkudin
Happy to share that new update is finally feature-complete! Heres just one of the features: a special puzzle!

Power capacitors

Power routers and the works

Bonus: accidental face ;]


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