25. Juni
Extreme Drifters - HAL_9001
Summer Sale’s here and everything melts - especially our game prices! Get your 75% discount on Extreme Drifters and play!

Your BA Team
Extreme Drifters - HAL_9001
Merry Christmas! Simulators Live offers a 75% discount on Extreme Drifters. Get it now!
Extreme Drifters - HAL_9001
Hey guys, we have good news for you! Our other game Frozen Soul is out! It's a hardcore quest for survival among the snow-covered rocks. If you manage to overcome all the difficulties, you will see... What will happen to your hero then? You'll know it only if you go through this ice adventure to the end.
Check it out and let us know what you think!
Simulators Live Team
Extreme Drifters - HAL_9001
We're proud to announce that Extreme Drifters is now available on Steam for Windows PC and Mac!

Ready, steady, go! The greatest racing championship starts! Compete for the First Prize in two cities. Drift through their twisty streets and overcome tricky turns. To make the race harder, there are tasks to complete during the race. Do your best to win!

We'll be glad to see your feedback in comments!

Simulators Live Team
Extreme Drifters - HAL_9001
Greetings from the craziest drift championship!

Take part in the high-speed drifting race with our new game - Extreme Drifters! This racing championship will soon be available on Steam. Get ready for the racing in 2 huge racing cities with lots of twisty tracks. Drift and overcome tricky turns, complete tasks and win!

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 We look forward to your feedback!

Simulators Live Team

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