18. Jan. 2016
Axiom Verge - Axiom Verge
Only 1000 copies being made. Get it while it's hot!

Axiom Verge - Axiom Verge
Это приключенческая экшен-игра, которую вы ждали десятилетиями. После несчастного случая в лаборатории ученый просыпается в загадочном инопланетном мире. Это отдаленная планета? Или далекое будущее? Или это сложная компьютерная симуляция виртуальной реальности?

Проникните в тайны огромного мира, похожего на лабиринт, чтобы раскрыть его секреты и понять свою роль в нем.

Найдите тонны оружия, предметов и способностей, каждая из которых имеет свои уникальные свойства и назначение. Вам понадобится смекалка, чтобы найти их все.

Сразитесь с биомеханоидными конструкциями, смертоносными последствиями древней войны и демонами вашей собственной души.

И, наконец, вскройте саму игру, используя сбои, чтобы искажать врагов и решать головоломки окружающего мира.

Жизнь. Посмертие. Реальность. Виртуальность. Сон. Кошмар. Грань тонка.

Это Axiom Verge.
Kerbal Space Program - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Adam Smith)

We’ve been drawing up our end of year list here at RPS and in trawling through 2015’s releases, I found a fair few that I hadn’t played and feel like I really should have done. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been catching up. Here are the games I missed. Until now.

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Axiom Verge - Axiom Verge
Axiom Verge - Axiom Verge
WeLoveFine is holding their first ever Axiom Verge design contest! Have you explored the strange, mysterious world? Show them your unique and creative designs in your own style featuring Trace, the creatures and the alien world of AXIOM VERGE!

Winners receive cash prizes and commission on each tee-shirt sold!

Visit welovefine to submit!

Submissions accepted until 11:59pm PST on 7/14/2015
21. Mai 2015
Axiom Verge - Axiom Verge
The newest update has a Leaderboard screen found under the Speedrun screen. This is slightly more informative than the Steam website leaderboards in that it has Map%, Item%, and Death Count.

Also for Speedrunners, when you exit to title it returns to the Speedrun screen, and the timer continues to count.

It also fixes the bug where stats for Hard Difficulty games weren't being uploaded. So, these leaderboards will be empty until people finish the game on Hard.

The default keyboard controls have also been changed to be more international friendly. This will only affect new players.
Axiom Verge - Valve
Axiom Verge is Now Available on Steam!

Explore and uncover the mystery of a surreal alien world by blasting aliens and glitching your environment in this intense retro side-scrolling action/adventure.

13. Mai 2015
Axiom Verge

What is it? Sci-fi shooter inspired by classic Nintendo games. Influenced by Metroid, Castlevania Reviewed on GeForce GTX 970, Intel i5-3570K @ 3.40GHz, 16GB RAM Alternatively Mark of the Ninja, 90% Copy protection Steam Expect to pay 15/$20 Release Out now Developer Tom Happ Publisher Thomas Happ Games Multiplayer None Link Official site

Developed by one man over five years, Axiom Verge is a remarkable feat. Not only because creator Tom Happ did all the art, music, programming, and design himself, but because it s damn good too. It s inspired heavily by the Metroid series, but it doesn t feel like a rip-off. The DNA of Nintendo s game is felt in every pixelated corridor—the compelling exploration, the backtracking, the eerie otherworldly atmosphere, the tough bosses—but it has plenty of ideas of its own.

You play as Trace, a goofy-looking scientist who, after an experiment goes explosively awry, wakes up in a strange alien world that looks like something out of H.R. Giger s nightmares. It s a strange bio-mechanical place filled with weird monsters that Trace must battle through to escape. Honestly, I didn t find the story that engaging. It wasn t the narrative that kept me pushing on, but finding out what new boss, enemy, power-up, or weapon was waiting for me around the next corner.

Really, the story is just an excuse to explore, and it s exploration that defines Axiom Verge. The game is comprised of several huge maps, which can be explored freely. You re nudged subtly between bosses and areas, but it never feels like you re being guided. It s through ample use of gear-gating that the game stops you from venturing too far. In true Metroid style, you ll frequently come across obstacles that are seemingly impossible to get past, only to find a gadget later that unlocks the way.

These include a drill to break through blocks, a coat that lets you teleport through solid objects, and—my favourite—a thing that de-glitches parts of the level that have gone all garbled and weird, like a NES cartridge that someone forgot to blow in. That feeling of returning to a section of level you were totally stumped by later with the right tool, and it suddenly making sense, is a constant delight throughout.

Weapons also help you bypass obstacles. One fires balls of energy that can be remote-detonated, letting you unlock a certain type of door. Others, though, are just for killing, and they re all really creative and fun to use. Your ever-expanding arsenal includes a laser-shotgun, a thing that shoots arcs of electricity, heat-seeking orbs, and what I can only describe as a space-boomerang. They all have proper names, but I can t remember any of them. You re never short of interesting ways to shoot things.

The strange, sinister world Trace finds himself in is a vast, interconnected maze. As you explore, a map is filled in that you can pull up at any time to get your bearings. Important rooms like boss and save chambers are marked with a distinct colour, but mostly you ll have to rely on your memory to keep track of where stuff is. I became obsessed with filling in every cube on the map, and my exploration was rewarded with health-boosting power-ups and documents that fill in the backstory. Again, the story isn t really that vital to the experience, but it s there if you re interested.

Trace s movement is snappy and responsive, but I found shooting diagonally a bit clumsy. You can t stand in place while firing, so it s impossible to shoot at an angle without moving forward at the same time. It s a tiny thing, and I got used to it for the most part, but it was always niggling at me. Otherwise, this is an impressively solid, polished game that feels like it was built and play-tested by an entire team, not just one guy.

Axiom Verge joins the superb Shovel Knight as a game that doesn t just borrow the aesthetic of retro games, but understands why they worked so well as games too. It s one of the purest expressions of the Metroidvania genre on PC, focusing on tight design, minimal story, and addictive, rewarding exploration. Be warned, though: another way it pays homage to the past is with its stiff difficulty. You ll need the reliable precision of a good D-pad to get past some of its huge, bullet-spewing bosses.

Axiom Verge - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Alice O'Connor)

Get a couple of folks from Konami and Nintendo around a table with a few drinks inside them and I’m sure it won’t be long before the argument starts again. “What makes you so damn special?” cries a Konamiac slamming down her flagon (she brings her own) of foamy real ale. “Why do you go first?” A Nintendeer sips cooly from his glowing green cocktail fizzing with dry ice before responding, “Because Castletroid would sound daft.”

Whatever you call ‘em (“action-adventure” seems such a useless term), another’s on its way. Following a debut on PlayThings in March, Axiom Verge [official site] is due on PC on May 14th.

… [visit site to read more]


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