They Are Billions - Numantian Games

We continue working to improve the game and, our number one priority, to fix all the bugs and issues. Since the release They Are Billions has between 15,000 and 20,000 simultaneous players, and has been played for more than 2 million hours in the last week. Amazing! A billion thanks to all players!

Something pending to include for future versions is the counter for the total number of zombies killed by all TAB players, updated in real time on the game's menu screen. That could be very, very interesting :)

Now, let us run you through everything you can find in the new version, of course, we’ll continue listening to all your feedback:

Issues when saving or reloading Games

We have detected that Steam Cloud was interfering with the game recording and the user's progress, so we have disabled it. As the game state is huge, They Are Billions uses file compression and it seems that Steam Cloud can affect the recording process when it synchronizes.

All the TAB user data (saves, settings, custom levels, screenshots ...) can be found in My Documents\My Games\They Are Billions, in case you need to move them to another computer.

New Option to Save a backup of the Campaign

From the game menu within the Dashboard of the campaign you’ll find a new option to record the current state of the campaign in a new slot. You can continue when you want using the Continue option in the main menu. (This is not available inside a mission, just in the campaign dashboard).

We have implemented it for two reasons: First and foremost, we do not want anyone to lose the progress of the campaign. In such a long game losing the advances due to an error or a disk problem can be a disaster.

This will also allow you to perform tests with the technology tree or try different levels of difficulty... in short, experimenting a bit more with the game.

In addition this new option will work very well together with the following new feature…

Replay Completed Missions

Now you can play missions that you have already completed, as many times as you want in the difficulty level you want. This functionality is just for fun, it will not affect any aspect of your campaign, nor the victory points or the defeats counter.

Bonus Objects on Tactical Missions

It seems that this mechanism is the one that has caused the most concern to the players and after analyzing the issue among the team we think we already know why.

This mechanic was designed to encourage exploration and reward progress little by little. We love when the hero opens a door, react to the situation, kills the enemies and then explore the room’s content, finding useful objects or research points, it is a good way to constantly reward the progress of the mission.

The testers knew that these bonuses are optional, so they explored the fortress, met the objectives and finished the mission, usually with 70-90% of the points earned. That's why the campaign was balanced to get that number of points on average. Those players that were more into exploring and observing could get extra points, and that’s phenomenal.

However, we realized that most players take it as if it was mandatory and in no case want to pass on any of the available points. So, when they achieve the mission objectives, they feel compelled to look everywhere for remaining objects, instead of leaving the mission and continue the Campaign. That of course is a boring and tedious job. It was a mistake to include in the interface the total available points in the mission because players will not finish the mission until they got them all. We didn’t take into account that most players want to complete and get everything that is available, and this mechanics would bother them too much.

To improve this mechanic, we have activated the flash for objects in all difficulties and increased their visibility. Now finding all the objects should not be a problem. The campaign has been balanced for an average get of 70% of the objects, so nothing happens if you have left any behind. In any case, we take good note for future campaigns!

Improvements in the Technology Tree

Now the technologies that you have unlocked since the last mission can be modified if you fail in the new mission. That is, if you have chosen one or two technologies that have not worked well in a mission and you have lost, you can pick up others and play the mission again with the new technologies.
Once a mission is completed, the unlocked technologies become permanent as before.

We have also added the costs of unlocked units and structures in the help messages of the technologies, and solved the problem of the Veterans Snipers that did not receive the attack improvements of the normal Snipers.

Changes in Difficulty

It turns out that we missed a parameter in the Storm Cape mission swarm and the veteran community of TAB claimed that we were nerfing the game!?! Please calm down guys, wait until you hear the official voice of Numantian before drawing conclusions. TAB is an old-school and hardcore RTS, that's our hallmark and it will always be!

In recent patches we have improved the difficulty curve of the campaign to make it more accessible in the first missions of the game as they are where new players without previous experience learn the mechanics of the game. That is why we have added new tutorial messages to improve learning. The rest of the missions of the campaign (80%) remain the same as they were originally designed.

In addition, following the feedback of the most veteran players, we have increased the level of challenge of the modes Brutal and Nightmare between 20% and 50%. And, in case you think this is not enough,... please keep reading :)

New Game Mode: Apocalypse!?!

Was Nightmare mode not enough for you? So get ready... the evil TAB developers have created a new way in which the infected are hungrier, more nervous and more billions than ever. We assigned one of our testers to try the Apocalypse Mode during the weekend and, when we returned to the office, we found him huddling in a corner crying and sobbing. Burbling again and again: "Why…? Why did we do it... ? " Guys, it was very disturbing...

More changes in version 1.0.8

We have re-enabled the feature that allows that the new version changes can be consulted from the main menu. We had taken it away because translation to so many languages could take many days, something we can’t afford when they are so urgent. So we have implemented a self-translation system using Google Translator to translate them from English. Apologies if the translation is not very good or results in something totally crazy!

- We have fixed the anti over-kill feature that made sometimes the units to waste shots when targeting enemies.

- Mine traps works now as expected according to the delay time set by the player.

- Also, dwelling without colonists (waiting the train arrival) no longer spam zombies when they have been infected.

The list of all changes can be also found here on Steam forums.

And this is all for now... we’ll keep on working on improving the game while you continue to reconquer the World after the zombie apocalypse. Good luck and see you soon!
They Are Billions - (Nic Reuben)

Occasionally, when I pause They Are Billions and zoom out on my tightly packed, grid-based steampunk settlement, I think about how the tiny families in the centre could have just as easily lived their entire lives without ever seeing a single zombie. There s little in the way of a fixed story or characters in this survival strategy, either in its separate challenge maps or ambitious, flawed campaign. But there is a constant mood of melancholy, darkening the air like industrial smog; the uneasy feeling humanity died out a long time ago. As the saying goeth, you either watch your settlement get munched to bits by zombies, or you live long enough to continue colonising hell to extend the borders of a grim dystopia. Jolly good, then.


They Are Billions

A new patch coming to survival real-time strategy game (RTS), They Are Billions, will lower the difficulty and remove some time limits following fan feedback of its newly launched campaign mode.

The complaints have seen the game drop from its overall rank of Very Positive to Mixed, prompting developer Numanitan Games to state: "We have to say that we are saddened to see that many players with hundreds of hours of play in Survival mode have written very negative reviews for the launch of the Campaign."

"The launch week is becoming really intense. We never thought that version 1.0 would generate so much interest, opinions and feedback," the developer said by way of a recent Steam update. "That's a sign that They Are Billions is becoming a very popular game and, as such, generates intense debate.

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They Are Billions

Survival RTS They Are Billions came out of Early Access recently with a full campaign mode to supplement its existing survival mode. It received a rough reaction on Steam's user reviews, with recent reviews dropping from Very Positive to Mixed. Developer Numantian have responded to the feedback with the first of many updates

The difficulty of the first few missions has been lowered, and the default mode is now Accessible rather than Challenging to encourage new players to start there and work their way up. Time limit objectives, which resulted in a game over for not hitting a population goal within a set time, have been removed from some missions and relaxed in others.

Other changes include adjustments to the tech tree, and in hero missions the objects you hunt for will now flash intermittently to make them easier to find. These are all improvements to the campaign mode, with Numantian saying the next major update will address survival mode.

They Are Billions - Numantian Games

The launch week is becoming really intense. We never thought that version 1.0 would generate so much interest, opinions and feedback. That’s a sign that They Are Billions is becoming a very popular game and, as such, generates intense debate.

First of all, thank you very much to all the constructive feedback that helps us to improve the game and to correct mistakes. Thank you very much for taking the time. You know that our team is always open to everything you want to say to us.

During the development of the Campaign we had a few dozens very different testers playing the campaign from start to finish using very different strategies, and always in Challenging difficulty.

Although we’ve worked hard to achieve the best quality, making it as challenging and with the widest range of strategic possibilities, with hundreds of thousands of people, playing the game there are many aspects that may require adjustments and improvements. That’s what we are here for, to improve it and give you the best possible experience.

We have to say that we are saddened to see that many players with hundreds of hours of play in Survival mode have written very negative reviews for the launch of the Campaign. We understand that there are people who prefer to play Survival and are not interested in the campaign, and prefer that development efforts be directed only to the Survival. That is totally legitimate, and we are delighted to hear that feedback and we will take it into account. But we've done an update with new free content, which we promised from the first day of the Early Access. And we’ve even improved the Survival with two new maps and the wandering Mutants. So, we ask for your patience as the advances in the development will come in order. The next big update will be for the Survival, but we are working on one thing at a time.

Campaign improvements V.1.0.5

Here are the most important improvements:

Difficulty in General

Here we made a mistake when leaving the Challenging mode as the default difficulty level. In addition, many players haven’t noticed the small screen of difficulty level that appears on the Missions screen and are not aware that you can change the level of difficulty at any time.

Improvement 1: Now the default mode is Accessible, which maintains a good level of challenge and is more progressive than the Challenging. Also, now when playing the first mission you will see the difficulty window explaining this functionality.

Improvement 2: The general difficulty of the first missions has been lowered a bit so that it is something more accessible, especially for first-time players

Time Limit in Misiones
Some missions have a time limit because the challenge lies in getting a colony of certain characteristics within that time frame. It seems that this limit has taken many people by surprise or is simply too short for less experienced players.

Improvement: So, we have removed the limit in the first missions and expanded generously in all the others. It should no longer be a problem, but we will continue to listen to your feedback and make further adjustments if necessary.

Hero Missions and Search for Valuable Items

We understand that there are players who prefer to focus on the colony mode and are not that interested in tactical missions. We see them as bonus reward phases which our testers really enjoyed playing.
For those who are not very interested in these phases, we recommend playing them with the lowest level of difficulty. This will allow a quick walk through the fortresses.
While searching for objects, that for us it is something that enhances the exploratory nature of the game, it’s much easier if you zoom in. Also, they’re optional, it is not necessary to collect them all. Even so we have made some improvements:

Improvement: Now the bonus objects flash every so often, so it is very easy to identify them. The period of blinking changes according to the difficulty, the easier the more often they will blink. In Difficult, Brutal and Nightmare levels, they will never blink for those who enjoys a greater challenge.

Technology Tree

Some players mentioned that if you don’t achieve certain advances you won’t be able to progress in the missions.
In our tests we have completed the entire campaign in Challenging with very different (and crazy) tree settings. We have even completed the campaign with only one unit: the soldier with all his improvements, without attack towers, and without any micromanaging, simply making hordes of soldiers and sending them to hunt. Also, using the Inn and its rewards without investigating any unit. And so many other situations and game styles just for fun.

In the end, what we want to say is that the fun comes from exploring and creating your own strategies with the resources at your disposal, to adapt and survive, that's what the game is all about. We hope you’ll agree.
Still, if you get stuck in a mission you have several options:
- There are always other missions to complete first, in which your technological configuration may have an advantage, and then you can return to the previous one with more progress made.
- If you are still stuck, lower the difficulty for a specific mission. The only change is that you win fewer victory points.

Improvement: We have made some adjustments in the tree to make the beginning more accessible.

Bugs & Crashes
We continue working hard to correct all reported issues. We have already fixed many and we’re still working on them.

We have fixed a memory leak problem related to sound that made the game consumes much more RAM than needed so it can lead to crashes and freezes. A thousand apologies for this! Now the game should be 100% stable while playing hours.

Another issue we’ve fixed is that the game counted a defeat in the event of a crash. It’s already been fixed, apologies for those who have suffered it.

EDIT: Also we are examining if there is any problem with the anti-overkill targets feature that it seems to work worse than in the last version.

To force the update just restart the Steam client. It should be now the 1.0.5.

We continue working to improve the game. Thank you very much for your support, we will continue to post the most important changes here.

Quintus is waiting for you... those wild lands are not going to reconquer themselves! See you soon!
They Are Billions

Survival strategy romp They Are Billions has left Early Access, unleashing the zombie horde and giving players a meaty 48-mission campaign to fight through. Check out the New Empire campaign trailer above. 

They Are Billions splices city building with tower defence in an RTS besieged by the undead. You'll need to collect and manage precious resources, plonk down buildings, recruit soldiers and build fortifications, all so you can survive the next wave of hungry cadavers. And while there are incalculable monsters waiting outside the city, it only takes one of them to start an infection that can rapidly transform your sanctuary into a lively graveyard. 

With the introduction of the campaign, there are now two ways to play. The survival mode gives you a random map and a time you have to survive for, while the undead smash down your walls. The campaign mode, meanwhile, tasks you with expanding the New Empire by building colonies all over the world and protecting them with the Imperial Army. Across the 48 missions, you'll get 90 techs that will you evolve your colonies, and you'll be able to learn about the origins of the infection. 

I've not played since the first days of Early Access, where I thought it was a promising, stressful RTS. It can be exhausting, trying to keep back the tide of corpses, especially when you have to be so diligent while only a few zombies need to slip past your defences to cause chaos. There are always fires to put out and it's constantly escalating. I kept coming back after each failure, though, updating my fortification designs and thinking up new ideas to hold back the tide. They're great zombies, too. Each of them is an individual, but when they spot a snack or hear something interesting, they'll quickly start to gather, eventually becoming a rotting mass that takes up most of the screen. The game can support up to 20,000 units.

They Are Billions is out now on Steam and the Humble Store for £21.59/$26.99.

They Are Billions - (Nic Reuben)

Numerically hyperbolic survival-strategy They Are Billions has added a campaign mode, so we can finally find out why all these nice pale shambly folk are so hungry all the time. The New Empire, as the singleplayer story is called, looks to double down on the latent colonialist fantasies already inherent in steampunk, allowing you to ride your big imperial choo choo across the map and settle you some locations. The update also marks the end of eighteen months in early access, bringing the game to version 1.0. Look upon this trailer, ye mighty, and go “oh, cool, zombies ‘n’ stuff.”


They Are Billions - Numantian Games

At last, They Are Billions reaches version 1.0. We are leaving the Early Access and the great Campaign, The New Empire, will be available for all players.

The Campaign: The New Empire.
Lead the campaign under the orders of Quintus Crane, ruler of the New Empire, and reconquer the lands devastated by the infected.

  • 48 missions with more than 60 hours of gameplay.
  • Build fortified colonies to survive in infected territories
  • Destroy the swarms of infected with the Imperial Army.
  • Make your colonies evolve with more than 90 available technologies.
  • Explore the ancient human fortresses with your Hero.
  • Discover the story behind the apocalypse... how did the pandemic start?

New Maps for the Survival Mode
Don’t forget the new available maps for the Survival mode.
You can see this update for more info.

New DLC Soundtrack & Artbook

Along with the Campaign we will also launch a DLC that will contain the 22 themes of TAB soundtrack at the highest quality, and the digital book “The Art of They Are Billions”, for those of you curious about the sketches and illustrations of the most important elements of the game.

In the game main menu "More" you can find an option "Collector's Edition". Click there to open the content folder with these extra rewards. Hope you like them!

Of course the soundtrack can be player via the Steam Music Player.

Bugs & Feedback
The V.1.0 is the most stable, lots of issues have been solved and the performance is much better than in the old version. Also it has countless of improvements in all fronts.

Although we have tested the campaign to the fullest, we will be ready to quickly fix any bugs or solve any problem after the launch.

As you know, in this section of the forum you can report any issues you have with the game. Please, be patient, we promise to solve everything as fast as possible, as we have always done.

Thanks a lot for your support and feedback during the Early Access time. You have made They Are Billions possible as it stands today, and for that we will always be grateful. We really hope you’ll enjoy the Campaign.

That’s all for now, we don’t want to take much more of your time. Please go ahead and submerge yourselves in the New Empire Campaign. Just a friendly advice, don’t forget to eat and drink every few hours! (sleeping is optional)☺

See you on the other side of the Campaign!
They Are Billions - Valve
They Are Billions is Now Available on Steam and is 10% off!*

They Are Billions is a Steampunk strategy game set on a post-apocalyptic planet. Build and defend colonies to survive against the billions of the infected that seek to annihilate the few remaining living humans. Can humanity survive after the zombie apocalypse?

*Offer ends June 25 at 10AM Pacific Time
They Are Billions - Numantian Games

There is only one day left until the launch of the They Are Billions Campaign that finally, after a year and a half in Early Access, will become version 1.0!

During this time, and thanks to all your support, we have improved TAB in many aspects while developing the Campaign mode almost in secret. It will finally be released tomorrow and, as promised, it will be included for free for all existing TAB players.

TAB will be a fully finished game so it will leave the Early Access stage. Of course, we will continue to work on improving TAB, especially the Survival mode and the Editor, but all of that will some time later, first the priority is the campaign launch.

We wanted to share with you some details for all of you who have been eagerly waiting, as we know that nobody is going to read anything of tomorrow’s announcement and will jump directly into playing the Campaign :)

New DLC Soundtrack & Artbook

Along with the Campaign we will also launch a DLC that will contain the 22 themes of TAB soundtrack at the highest quality, and the digital book “The Art of They Are Billions”, for those of you curious about the sketches and illustrations of the most important elements of the game.

What time will it be released?

We will activate it between 9 and 10 AM Pacific Time. As there are many steps involved in publishing the new page (the DLC Soundtrack & Artbook, the announcement and so on), we do not know exactly what time it will be, but it will be in that range.


Bugs and issues

The V.1.0 is the most stable, lots of issues have been solved and the performance is much better than in the old version. Also it has countless of improvements in all fronts.

Although we have tested the campaign to the fullest, we will be ready to quickly fix any bugs or solve any problem after the launch.

As you know, in this section of the forum you can report any issues you have with the game. Please, be patient, we promise to solve everything as fast as possible, as we have always done.

Streamers! Please, don't use the Flat Mode unless you really need to.

The Flat Mode is designed to help you when building and some element of the scenario impedes your vision. The Flat Mode is really ugly (compare the following images), and it's a shame that after working so hard to create this awesome scenarios, especially for the campaign mode, the game ends up showing up in videos in this way. Streamers, your audience will enjoy your videos much more if you play the game as it is.

Thank you very much in advance!

Campaign Difficulty

By default the Campaign is played in Challenging mode. At any time you can change the difficulty of the game from the campaign Dashboard. The difficulty level only impacts the final victory points. We recommend playing the game in Challenging mode and if you find it very hard drop it down little by little. Pro-players who are used to playing in Brutal or Nightmare in Survival mode, can also start the campaign at those levels. But we warn you, it will not be easy! ;) We hope that everyone, in one way or another, can reach the end of the game.

The last scenario: "The Goddess of Destiny" is really an epic experience, do not miss it!

Enjoy the Campaign and... no spoilers!

The Campaign is full of amazing details and surprises, especially in the tactical missions. We recommend playing it without watching videos or knowing anything in advance. Enjoy playing in your own style, take your time to explore and experience everything.

The best strategies are those that you discover yourself!

Finally just check this amazing fan-art of our beloved Ranger Unit by Dennis Fröhlich.

And that's all for now, see you tomorrow!

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