Silo 2 - Nevercenter
Hi folks, Silo 2.5.6 is out now and should auto-update here on Steam. This update adds a new (beta) feature, GoZBrush support for sending models back and forth between Silo and Pixologic's ZBrush. This feature is in beta while we get more information about how well it works on people's systems. (Specifically, there may be some difficulty getting ZBrush to find and open Silo within Steam, but it should work fine if both applications are already open and running.)

You can read more about getting up and running with GoZBrush here:

If you're not a ZBrush user, we realize this may not be very exciting to you. Our next update will be targeted for everyone. Thanks for your patience!

Happy modeling!

Silo 2 - Nevercenter
Hi folks,

Silo 2.5.5 is now available, and it adds a significant new (and much-requested) feature: segmented bevel with adjustable rounding. The new functionality is integrated within the existing Bevel tool, with two new fields added to the Bevel Options window: Segments, and Rounding. Please try it out and send along any feedback you may have, as this feature may continue to change over time, particularly the way we handle corners.

You can check out a video of the new functionality here:

Happy modeling!
Silo 2 - Nevercenter
We've made another small update to dlls, which may correct startup issues for some users. Let us know if you have any startup issues.

We're also chipping away on a bigger feature update, hopefully we'll have news for you on that before too long.

Happy modeling!
Silo 2 - Nevercenter
We've pushed a tiny update to correct an issue where certain dlls (msvcr100.dll and msvcp100.dll) are not found. Nothing else (hopefully) should be affected. Cheers!
Silo 2 - Nevercenter
The Silo 2.5.4 update is now live for everyone.

This update adds high dpi (high resolution monitor) support for Silo for both Windows and MacOS. This was a complex update which touched many parts of Silo, so please let us know if you run across issues where it no longer looks right, or encounter any other problems.

Happy modeling!
Silo 2 - Nevercenter
Hi folks,

The next update for Silo is now available for Windows in the public_beta branch, if you'd like to try it out. This update adds high dpi (high resolution monitor) support for Silo. This has been a complicated update which involves correcting many things by hand, so you may run into some elements that don't look quite right. A few of them are limitations of the windowing system we're using, but we aim to get it as good as possible, so please let us know if you run into any issues.

Known issues so far:
- Dock widget buttons don't have down states
- Some items need a restart to update when colors are changed
- Brush curve icons are still low res
- Material icons are still low res
- Drop-down arrow is still low res

Thanks for your help, and hopefully those of you in high res will enjoy the clearer view!

Here's an overview of how to switch branches:
Silo 2 - Nevercenter
Hi folks,

Silo 2.5.3 is now live. This is a significant update which adds the following new features:

- Added a 3D text generator. (Create > Text Generator...) You can specify font, size, resolution, depth of extrusion, and tessellation.

- Added PSD support. Load PSD files directly into Silo for textures, viewport reference images, etc.

- Added live texture updating. Silo will now watch your texture files for changes and update automatically.

All three of these features are somewhat experimental and may have some issues yet to work out. Let us know how it goes. Check out this developer blog for more info (and a note on some 3D text rendering issues):

Happy modeling!
Silo 2 - Alex Skidd
Hi folks! Here's a blog post on the next Silo update, coming very soon. We're also looking into 4k issues.
Silo 2 - Nevercenter
Hi folks,
Silo 2.5.2 is now available. This update includes FBX materials and texture loading/saving, improved material editing and saving within Silo, Scene Editor improvements, and a few more small updates.

-Added support for loading/saving of materials and textures in FBX.
-Added a combined Diffuse and Ambient color picker to the Material Editor (to save time when setting both fields to the same color).
-Fixed Save Selected Objects to only save selected objects in FBX.
-Fixed Save Selected Objects to only save out relevant materials in all file formats.
-Fixed an issue with Revert to Autosave filenames.
-Fixed scrolling and selection bugs within the Scene Editor.
-Updated Scene Editor to open expanded by default.
-Updated Load Into Scene to select and highlight newly-added objects.

Here's a video overview:

Let us know if you run into any issues with the new build. Happy modeling!
Silo 2 - Nevercenter
Hi folks, Silo 2.5.1 is now available here on Steam. This update includes a significant new feature: Hard edges on smooth-shaded models.

The new feature allows you to set sharp shading edges on models that are otherwise smooth shaded (accessed by Display > Object Display > Crease Edges), so models can have a combination of smooth and sharp features while still remaining low-poly. (The command is doubled up with Subdivision Crease Edges, which was already implemented.) This edge creasing is supported by several export formats.

In the screenshot, the model on the far right is shown as a low poly object with smooth shading and Crease Edges applied to get the proper look. (Left: flat shading, middle: smooth shading without creases.) Video here:

The update also includes minor bug fixes. You can read about all updates at

Please let us know if you run into any issues.

Happy Modeling!

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