Chowderchu - Chowderchu
The people have spoken and they want more Chowd!... And they want it FAST!

The current Chowderchu Any% Speedrun World Record remains unbroken at 14:19, but any Wiz worth his 'zard can tell you that there is a room for improvement.

That said- the price of Chowderchu will be reduced to $2.99 to encourage more competition.

Chowderchu thanks you for your ongoing support and wishes you a happy 2018 (human years).

Check out the current record held by Dash Whackins, and give yourself a Chowd up on the competition!
8. led. 2017
Chowderchu - Chowderchu
In celebration of Chowdertwo being on Greenlight- Chowderchu 1.4 is now live for Windows users! Here are the patch notes:

* Movement upgrade - control of Chowderchu's direction after being flung through the air is greatly improved.

* Improved tutorial - the tutorial now explains all of Chowderchu's moves.

* Charge cancel - there is now a clear sound and indication of failure when attempting to Chowd Blast or Chowdaport with insufficient charge.

* Achievements - they are a thing now.

* Less health gain from bosses - let's face it, the game is still too easy.

* Jumping Sound Effect - Mario prescribed and Chowd-approved.

* Bug fixes - even though we all know that there were no bugs.

* Improved Hologram - the Baz hologram looks nicer now.

On another note- post a playthrough video of Chowderchu on Youtube and then give me a holler. In return, I'll put you on the list for a free Chowdertwo key once the game is released.
Chowderchu - Chowderchu
The year is coming to a close soon, and the time has come when we all ask ourselves why our relationships with our ex-girlfriends didn't make it to the holidays. Thank Chowd that they didn't, because now you have more free time to enjoy:

* Chowderchu Trading Cards- invite all of your friends over and compare Chowder Cards! Didn't get the hologram you were hoping for, but your friend did? Welp, you were never that good of friends anyway.

* 60% off sale of Chowderchu, reducing the price to a measly $2 human dollars! Should I buy that color re-tint skin for League of Legends, or should I buy 5 whole copies of Chowderchu? You should buy 10 copies.

* The formal announcement of Chowdertwo! Featuring: Unlockable moves, improved controls, online dating, resume Game, a practice Room, and 99 lives! Estimated release some time next year.
Chowderchu - Chowderchu
Baz and Chowd would like to say thank you to our wise friends in Russia, who streamed playing Chowderchu on Twitch for 17 hours straight, without beating the game once.

The game was part of the "Steam game gauntlet" today on channel "etozhemad" ( and viewed by 13701 humans and 1 Lumberjack.

The gauntlet is comprised of 5 streamers from channels /c_a_k_e, /guit88man, /mistafaker, /welovegames, and /etozhemad.

Check out the VOD here:
(Chowderchu starts at around 10:00:00)
4. led. 2016
Chowderchu - Chowderchu
Welp, it's been a long and Chowdy road, but Chowderchu has finally made it's way to Steam!

We the wise would like to give a big Thank You to all of the humans and wizards alike, without whose support this would have been impossible.

Chowd be with you, and good luck speed running in the 2016 Chowd Cup

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