X-Plane 11 - Aerosoft
Fly to the French coastal town of Saint-Tropez today! Based on the latest image sources, highly detailed objects were created at and along the airport.

In addition, the villages La Mole and Le Moulin Roux were upgraded with individual autogen. The photo texture covers an area of approx. 26km² and thus covers the entire traffic pattern.
X-Plane 11 - Aerosoft
This scenery offers a high detailed recreation of this Canadian regional airport with all of its facilities and the very impressive surrounding areas.

Charlottetown is the capital and largest city of the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island. The airport of Charlottetown (CYYG) is located about 3 nautical miles north of the city centre. The airport is currently operated by the Charlottetown Airport Authority.

X-Plane 11 - Aerosoft

Discover the second largest airport of Italy - Airport Milano Malpensa!

The Brughiera plains to the north-west of Milano rank as the cradle of Italian aircraft construction. Today, Milano-Malpensa is one of merely a few airports left in this historic region. Malpensa is the second largest airport in Italy and serves as a hub for Alitalia, the largest Italian airline.

X-Plane 11 - Aerosoft
  • Added missing marshaller at some parking positions
  • Tuned Jetway configs
X-Plane 11 - Aerosoft
Cape Town International Airport & FSDG's most detailed scenery Bremen are available now for X-Plane 11!
X-Plane 11 - Aerosoft
4 km north of the city of Geneva lies the second largest airport of Switzerland from which you can fly to 123 destinations all over the world. The detailed scenery with terminals T1 and T2 features a complete taxiway network which can be used by ATC and AI aircraft.

The surroundings of the airport are rendered in high resolution and come with glass and pavement reflections, volumetric grass and ground service vehicles. Completed by the road network with animated vehicles, they help bring this scenery to life.
X-Plane 11 - andreas.muegge


• Updated vegetation (latest colors, no shadow casting, neutral winter versions)
• Updated water bodies, added edges
• Added detailed snow ground effects
• Changed library to be scenery exclusive (not influenced by general FlyAgi Vegetation Library installations)
• Removed FlyAgi Seasonal Airfield Components
• Added neutral winter orthophoto
• Added JSGME winter mod
• Added switching libraries for manual winter or summer selection
• Added wet surface effects
• Fixed inside terminal transparency issue
• Animations use SAM instead of AutoGate
• Fixed ground polys not shown on lower world object settings

X-Plane 11 - andreas.muegge


• Reworked SAM Jetway configurations
• Fixed misplaced VDGS
• Fixed missing Orthophoto at RWY18
• Added Jetway Pillar
X-Plane 11 - marty
New features and improvements
* Updated fuel system
* Updated bleed air and pressurization systems
* Updated ILS data
* FMOD sound for B737 & C90B
* Updated art assets:
* New York landmarks
* Washington D.C. Landmarks
* new boats
* updated aircraft & sim objects
* New datarefs
* fuel_intro_time_prop
* fuel_intro_time_jet
* for the CDU screen
* New autopilot type Collins65
* Updated Portuguese translation
PLUS... 445 new 3-D airports since last update
X-Plane 11 - Aerosoft
Explore the home airport of Aerosoft in XPlane 11 with Paderborn XP!

The Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport has connections to Frankfurt and Munich as well as ten popular holiday destinations around the Mediterranean and on the Spanish islands.


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