14. pro. 2014
Guns n Zombies - krealit
Hello guys!
New in today’s update:
  • Ability to invite friends in coop from game interface.
  • The German language.
  • Minor bug fixes.
13. lis. 2014
Guns n Zombies - krealit
Hello guys, here is our new update. It’s been very hard days to us.
Thanks to all who sent us reports via Support and Community. We try to do our best and solve almost all the problems.

- Full controller support status: now Steam keyboard available to enter text in Big Picture mode.
- Mac version and Coop stability improvements.
- Energy value now is on battlefield screen.

New hotkeys:
- Tower mode.
- Switch weapons (“[“ and “]”).
- Stand tower.
- Repair and Sell tower.

- HDR doesn’t save. Now it’s default hidden setting.
- Tower upgrade brunches cured. Now you can’t buy tower which you can’t place on battlefield.
- Now you can’t rebuy the same tower.
- Spray gas turret now available and doesn’t vanish.
- Smart Trap 17 works and slows enemies.
- Mater on the last level isn’t appeared out of reach.
- Level achievement of Data Units of Server level now shows proper data.
- Achievements ASSAULTER and ONEMAN ARMY now works.
- Achievements SURVIVED, STRATEGIST and COMMANDOS now works properly. If you don’t get it after game complete just complete any level again.
- Now there’s no Support button in the battlescreen.
- Coop: now there's no problem to puck up resources.

In the next updates:
- Invite friend to play coop in game UI.
- Steam cloud support.
- Custom controls.
12. lis. 2014
Guns n Zombies - lailizard1989
Hi friends. If you connected to internet using a router, you should forward a port range 52635:52650 for both Tcp and Udp protocols to make your server accessible to your friend.
P.S.: Also, check a firewall settings in your operation system. Make sure that your firewall allows incoming/outgoing connections for GNZ.exe file or for a port range 52635:52650 for both protocols.

Здравствуйте, друзья. Если вы подключены интернету через роутер, то для того, чтобы друг мог подключиться к вашему серверу, вам необходимо настроить Port Forwarding для диапазона портов 52635:52650 для протоколов Tcp и Udp.
P.S.: Также, проверьте настройки брандмауэра. Убедитесь, что в брандмауэре разрешены входящие/исходящие подключения для файла GNZ.exe, либо для диапазона портов 52635:52650 по обоим протоколам.
30. říj. 2014
Guns n Zombies - Arv
Hi, friends! We have a great news. Finally Guns N Zombies is ready to exit early access and to be released on Steam! And it just so happened that this moment has come on the day before nightmares of Halloween. As we promised, in the full version you can expect a horde of zombies, a lot of guns, rivers of blood, and the co-op mode!
Guns n Zombies - krealit
Hi, friends! We are ready to publish a first update with coop game mode. This is a test update only for PC version. Please place your replies, suggestions and just comments on forum. Further updates of coop mode will be soon.
Also, be ready to be surprised on Halloween!

P.S.: To create a server do next steps:
1. In the Main Menu push the Cooperative button
2. Next, push the Create button
3. After the map has been loaded, don't choose level (yes it's not a user-friendly thing), just wait while your friend is connecting to your server (you should apply a connection request from your friend); only your friends in Steam can see your server

To connect to your friend's server:
1. In the Main Menu push the Cooperative button
2. Next, push the Connect button
3. After a server list has been loaded click a server you need
4. Wait while a server answering your connection request
5. Wait while a server choosing a level
6. When you see in the center of screen a window with a level name and an apply button, press that button
Guns n Zombies - krealit
What’s new?
• Window mode available.
• Improved English localization.
• Trading cards.
• Now the character stops immediately, with no delay after you depress the direction buttons.
• Speed of all bullets and projectiles doubled.
• Store: more info on upgrades - now you can see an additional bar under each item with upgrade values.

Bug fixes.
• Achievements: now you get achievements immediately (not after closing the game). Watch for the pop-up Steam messages when playing.
• Shooting: infinite reload loop fixed.
• Turrets: now all turrets stop shooting when broken.
• Store: scroll buttons fixed, now enabled for all controllers.

We’re slightly behind with Steam Cloud support but you’ll see it in the next update.
Our work on the co-op mode is in full swing and we’re closer and closer to full release. Stay tuned!
14. čvn. 2014
Guns n Zombies - krealit
Hello friends. Today we have our first update!
What’s new:
• Gamepad support.
• Bug Report button.
• Portuguese language.

• Player don’t stuck on obstacles anymore.
• No delay before shooting.
• And lots of little bugs from our Steam Community and support email.

Very soon:
• Trading cards.
• Steam cloud.
• Mac version.
• Linux version.

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