Bladequest - Phoenix
Sorry I was a little late :D, but now you can have a nice and decent 60% off for Bladequest!
Bladequest - Phoenix
Some long overdue news about whats happening in 2019!

Watch now, if you havn't done yet.
20 дек. 2018
Bladequest - Phoenix

The recently announced XMAS-Update is here, bringing some cool new stuff to Bladequest! To celebrate Christmas and the new update, Bladequest is 75% OFF till the 3th of January.

Also including bugfixes and other minor improvements.

Still searching for a cool present for Christmas? Take the chance and get Bladequest 75% off NOW!

P.S.: I have not forgotten about my next project, but I can’t yet tell you when new information's will be revealed. Just be patient. I am will make sure this is going to be a huge thing.

Phodex Games

Bladequest - Phoenix
In the video below I talk about the future of Bladequest, what happend to the game idea, I introduced some time ago and what the new update means for Bladequest. I hope it will clear things up. Enjoy :)
Bladequest - Phoenix
Hi guys,

so for those who are just interested in the benefits the update brings, I will start with them. I will explain a little bit more about the update below.

  • Explore an infinite dungeon in the new “Endless” game mode
  • Global leaderboards to compete with others and become the “Looter King”
  • New looting mechanic (in endless mode)
  • Rebuild story dungeon architecture from scratch
  • Improved graphics and effects
  • New weapons & equipment
  • Bug fixes
  • Much More

The endless mode is only available, if you purchased the game on steam, as it is using the steam leaderboards, however all the other improvements, including the former GOLD content, are available in the free version on GameJolt and

This really can be considered as a mega update. The new game mode adds much more depth to the game and the competition with others makes it so much more exciting. It also at least quadruples the playtime, so I think I can fairly say this is a game changer. For that reason I actually renamed the game from “Bladequest: The First Chapter” to “Bladequest”. You may be confused, because my new game project, I introduced a while ago, was also called “Bladequest”, but this was more or less just a placeholder and I am not yet sure about the name. I will talk more about the new project another time.

I created this update to bring more value to you, especially to those who purchased the game. In the beginning “The First Chapter” was really just meant to be a showcase, to receive feedback and to build a community, but it happened that I released the game on Steam, to get more serious and to get more reach. However I did not feel comfortable with the amount of content delivered, even for the low price of 7.99 $, so I decided to bring this huge update and am very glad to bring you much more content.

The price will most likely rise, so it’s the last chance for you to get the game and all future updates for the low price of only 7.99$!

Bladequest - Phoenix
Hi :)

I was working hard the last month to bring you new exciting stuff. I don't want to exactly tell you what it is, as I don't want to spoil the surprise, but it will have a massive impact on Bladequest: The First Chapter that is for sure!

Enjoy your day!

Markus from Phodex Games!
Bladequest - Phoenix
Hi guys :)

I created a short video talking about the future of Bladequest. Check it out:
10 авг. 2018
Bladequest - Phoenix
Finally the game is available here on steam. I am very excited :). Tell me what you think about it, when you played it and feel free to give honest feedback. I am currently working hard on the next project. So stay excited and thanks to all of you, who purchased the game! It really supports me and the project! Let's create something awesome together!

Have a lot of fun playing!
Markus from Phodex Games!

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