Clans of Reign - ◀NE✘₸▶

Hi all!
A new version is live.


- Added Steam Friendslist (Work in Progress)

- Added InGame Chat (Default Keybinding "y"

- Visual Update: The Edge level is now better looking

- Tech Update: Added Gameplay Notification queue

- Added: TDM Team has lead / lost lead messages.

- Bug Fix: Empty Keybindings now automatically uses the default.

- BugFix: Players who connect to a game that is already in END state no longer get a Spectator UI.

- BugFix: ESC Menu must always be available.

- BugFix: If the player has opened UI elements and then switches to Spectator mode, they should not be available anymore.

- Fixed: Revive in survival mode does not work (we will hotfix this soon).
in keybindings you can now assign the action key.

Known Issues:

Some torch shadows may flicker.

Character cutouts in The Edge are still not fixed.
Clans of Reign - ◀NE✘₸▶
Hi all!

We have uploaded a new version to steam

This time we added a new map called the edge and 6 new perks you can choose from. Plus some bugfixes.
Please test the new map and perks and let us know what you think with the new bug reporting tool in the game.

added new map the edge
added 6 new perks
added Bug Reporting Tool
BugFix: fixed is Wounded State for games with lag
Bug: Fixed Team Selection Button Label (TAM / TEAM)
Fixed: Settings Menu will not open ingame Reported by Confuoco

known issues:

Revive in survival mode does not work (we will hotfix this soon).
Map the edge has issues with certain climbing spots and camera cutouts, those will be addressed in a patch next week!
Clans of Reign - ◀NE✘₸▶
Another new patch has been uploaded!
This time we focused on performance improvements and various other tweaks.


  • Quad damage reduced to double damage
  • Fixed spectator camera cpawn positions
  • Added a return to battfield button
  • Improved Spike damage behaviour
  • Improved bot ai performance
  • Improved overall graphics performance
  • Improved graphics options settings
  • Improved statistics ui
  • Fixed singleplayer map selection
  • Fixed leaderboard display
  • Fixed lutorial messages
Clans of Reign - ◀NE✘₸▶
There is a new version ready for download :)

New Things:

  • Added Progression/Perk system
  • Added Steam Statistics
  • Added Steam Leaderboards
  • Added Steam Achievments
  • Improved ingame tutorial (Arena Map)
  • Added Survival mode Skirmish (Exam Map)
  • Added Survival mode Server (play some coop with a friend)

Fixed Things:

  • Fixed Sprint anim speed
  • Team Deathmatch bots no longer attack own team
  • Improved Taunt animation
Clans of Reign - ◀NE✘₸▶
Hey all! :) we uploaded a new version to steam!

Here are the patch notes:

Added last man standing game mode to skirmish

kick now uses collision shape instead of raytraced

kick now interrupts combat roll

Kick now has a cooldown

Parry timings have been improved for all combat animations

Parry counter time window has been moved forward

Reworked Attack animation Damage Timings for all classes

Reduced Invulnerable frames of combat roll

Nerfed Two Hand Sword class damage

Tweaked weapon colliders (no more hilt damage)

Fixed Barrel Sound

Added New Player Spawn System

Increased underground visibility

Increased underground brightness

reactivated gore system
Clans of Reign - ◀NE✘₸▶
Hi everyone,
we just added some new screenshots and a combat tutorial video to the storepage and our youtube! :)

We are hard at work on our Server hosting infrastructure and our third map, which we want to ship for Early Access!
There has also gone some work into the singleplayer components. The desert arena map now has cutscenes and serves a tutorial for the game.
There are now Achievments for the singleplayer maps and the second map is on its way to be done aswell!


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