I.Cartel: Life of a Criminal - X.E.L.A

With the new addition of multiple locations, the player can now move to several different countries should the heat get too high in their home country. This of course is only possible the player has enough safe contacts or high reputation in said country.

Alternatively, the player has the choice to stay back in their home country and protect themselves by increasing the number of men protecting the empire, bribing key individuals and many more.

Thank you!
I.Cartel: Life of a Criminal - X.E.L.A

- Added the option to have children
- Max children is currently 2 per woman
- Children can grow up to secondary school
- Integrated family relationships
I.Cartel: Life of a Criminal - X.E.L.A

Hey everyone! I would like to thank you all for visiting my page and finding an interest in the game.

To answer general questions that I would like to clarify:

  • The game is completely choice dependant, meaning that whilst the general gist of the game is for you to be the "bad guy", you can also choose to take a softer route if needed.
  • You may find more custom-dictated content created as we progress slowly towards the release date.

Thank you once more and don't forget to follow our development and add the game to your wishlist!

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