AirMech Wastelands - CarbonJames
What a whirlwind these past few days have been! Lots of things have been going great, and a few things not so great. In particular, we feel we dropped the ball when it comes to introducing some parts of the game to new players, ESPECIALLY those who haven't played AirMech before.

A recurring point of feedback is "pay 2 win" or "feels like F2P". We were not getting this kind of feedback from players ahead of leaving Early Access, but we didn't change anything in this area. So we're taking a fresh look to see where we went wrong.

Originally, we made great efforts to remove the premium currency from Wastelands, even though you can use your AirMech Strike account and inventory. This was confusing to players--"where is my stuff?" It tied right into the Player Market, as people owned lots of stuff, and it didn't matter to them which game they were in, they wanted to be able to buy and sell their stuff.

Then players wanted to be able to use their Strike currency to buy things in Wastelands. And also have new exclusive things they could get. Makes sense, so we keep adding stuff. Over time, we added quite a bit, but were not sure how brand new players would see this. So we give anyone who buys Wastelands a big stash of Diamonds--in our minds more than they should need, so they can participate in the fun part of the economy and not have any reason to buy Diamonds. It was suppose to be the best of both worlds.

But as we see, that doesn't come across. And I don't blame players at all--there's so many games that do sketchy stuff with F2P and premium spending. The reason we use a premium currency and not cash is because we do give it out, and there are even Quests that can give some Diamonds. Things that cost Diamonds in Strike are able to drop sometimes in Wastelands.

So we know this is a problem (our recent Steam reviews point this out very well) but we're debating the best way to fix it. We don't want to make a change that "fixes" it but makes the game worse. For example, stripping out all the Diamond things, hiding the Player Market, this would probably help a lot for first impressions, but it would reduce the value to the players--and many existing players would be very upset.

Do we just ban all Parts from the Player Market? How to let the players who would want that part of the game there, but not show it to the rest? It feels like a tricky problem.

We want your help! Suggestions, especially from new players, and also tell us what currently confuses you, or what you figured out over time. We're going through all the reviews (good and bad) gathering feedback, but talking to us here or in the forums is also great.

We'll probably start with some simple things like disabling buying Diamonds for new non-Strike players, maybe making the Player Market show up later, and reconsidering what we allow players to sell on the Player Market. But we want more suggestions please!
AirMech Wastelands

After six years in Early Access and a split into three games, Carbon Games's transforming robot action-RTS AirMech now boasts a (mostly) complete solo and co-op campaign, now known as AirMech Wastelands. While technically still considered a beta, it officially left Early Access this week.

Inspired by 1989 Mega Drive/Genesis game Herzog Zwei (arguably one of the first ever real-time strategy games), AirMech has you piloting a Macross/Robotech-esque transforming aircraft/robot hybrid and juggling direct combat with foes and constructing autonomous combat units, to assist you in assaulting enemy strongholds.

Originally hitting Early Access in 2012, indie developer Carbon Games's ambitions for AirMech necessitated a recent split, with the more balanced and competitive PvP side of the game becoming the free-to-play AirMech Strike, and the more free-wheeling and stat-driven story campaign mode becoming the more traditionally sold AirMech Wastelands. There's even a VR spinoff called AirMech Command, if you've got yourself one of those fancy sets of future-goggles.

While some of Wastelands' missions are designed for co-op play, the more solitary among us aren't left out. You can assign a (remarkably capable) AI bot to fly as your wingman, and while their behaviour is a little mechanical, they're very attentive and good at rushing defences to struggling outposts you hadn't even noticed were being attacked.

Although Wastelands' story is complete for the time being, development on AirMech continues. Carbon Games have asked their community what their next focus should be for Wastelands—more missions, more mech parts, or a knockabout PvP arena—in this recent development blog post.

AirMech Wastelands is out now on Steam for £14.99/$19.99, minus a ten percent launch discount. Those who made any kind of purchase in Airmech Strike before November 1st, 2017 can claim Wastelands for free, as detailed here.

AirMech Wastelands - EricSpiker

June 22nd is the release of the new AirMech soundtrack created for Wastelands. It is titled WarMech as a compliment to the original, and referencing the WarMechs that are encountered in the Wastelands campaign. We'll do an update when that is live, as there is a bunch of new exclusive content that is unlocked if you buy the album on top of hearing the amazing new music created by Front Line Assembly.

With the release of the soundtrack we also plan to switch from "alpha" to "beta". This means all the major systems will be in place and we move into the mode of finishing the game as we envisioned it. The Alpha Pet will be retired, and a Beta Pet will be the new bonus, and that change will happen soon.

From finishing the game, we can see how much we want to expand it from what players are interested in. What is more important--more missions or more Parts? The dynamic raids are intended to be the dynamic endgame even to keep things interesting. Or should we add the (completely unbalanced and uncontrolled) PvP Arena? Maybe crafting should get a lot more focus for creating new parts and benefits. We're interested in putting more time into things we see players spending time with while playing.

  • Added New Audio for Missions
  • Added New End of Game Sequence and Quest rewards
  • Added New Wasteland specific Quests and Achievements
  • Added Paladin Aura part icons
  • Added Lucky Coin legendary Pilot item
  • Added Skull Ring legendary Pilot item
  • Added Armored Vest legendary Pilot item
  • Added Defensive Colossus units near Wave Cannon on "Death March"
  • Adding red cape color for pilot customizations
  • Clean Up of Mission and Story text
  • Update Shop level allocation and available Items
  • Update Shop content lists to match new max level
  • Update AirMech class filter style in hangar
  • Lots of small Timing Fixes for Missions with Enemy Waves
  • Adding Support for Pilot bombard ability
  • Quick sell configuration cleanup
  • Rework hierarchy of Commander pilots skills page
  • Remove leaderboards button from bottom bar in Wastelands (AM-4346)
  • Normalize stats for legacy themed Items for wastelands
  • Adding more intro cameras for missions
  • Add additional mechs to enemy AI selection for variation when playing coop
  • Tweaks to the new hangar
  • New latency check for Hong Kong region, should help players there
  • Fix group members showing up in the basecamp
  • Fix for "continue" button not working on a pilot mission
  • Update player starts on missions so players aren't spawning on top of each other
  • Jumper HP decreased from 300 to 225
  • Jumper armor decreased from 35 to 25
  • Bomber melee armor piercing increased from 30 to 50
  • Reduce stat buffs from some of the Commander pilot skills

AirMech Wastelands - EricSpiker

We've been working hard on the latest Wastelands patch and have a lot of new features, bugfixes and even a few easter eggs for you.

Check out the new LFG mode to speed up the grouping process and find new people to stand with you against The Iron Hand. Once the group leader has initiated a mission, group members will now have an accept dialog for coordinating the start of the mission. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

The Wastelands have expanded! There's a new area to the far right of the overworld that caps off the end of the first campaign, something to suit the mood of the final missions.

Below are some of the changes that have been made since our last patch, you can also see detailed notes while in game - click on the version number or the patchnotes button in the pause menu.

See you in the Wastelands!

  • Add pilot abilities to Warrior skills panel
  • Add 'Neo Stasis Blast Armor Piercing' property to parts that buff Stasis blast damage
  • Add support for fuel consumption on usage of Helix grenades ability and guided airmode missiles
  • Add support for energy use on Blade Guardian hits
  • Add preplace Skyeye units to "Black Hat" mission
  • Add new line of Plating Structural Parts
  • Add intro cinematic for aquiring Striker AirMech
  • Add Northeastern map art
  • Add Skull Pets
  • Add Book and Helmet Recipe Icon
  • Add Pilot animations and model update
  • Add icons for Stasis Ammo, Saucer Crystals, Saucer Beam and multi-launcher parts
  • Add Loadout options while in basecamp
  • Disable in game unit restocking from earned Salvage
  • Updating VIPShopTicket icon art
  • Add New 'Craftable' icon in inspector UI

  • Add hp and energy drain back to Osprey on it's drain beam ability usage
  • Buff enemy AI AirMech unit building speed in higher difficulty levels
  • Slightly increased the time between enemy unit spawns in "Last Run" mission
  • Update kudos level up cost for AirMechs
  • generally reducing at higher levels
  • Update 'Rapid Missile Loader' legacy parts missile fire speed (mk4 +500% -> +200%)
  • Increase unit restock price 20%
  • Increase per player enemy unit buffs in online games
  • Increase kudos costs required to upgrade the basecamp Hangar
  • Implement per player enemy unit difficulty scalars in coop games against ai
  • Give helix grenades the same missile damage buffs that the rockets/missiles have (multilauncher projectiles)
  • Don't apply difficulty salvage bonus to destroyed allied units
  • Buff allied and enemy fortress HP in higher difficulty levels
  • Add an "Epic" repair tool part at L60 for Osprey
  • Gorgon attack range decreased from 22 to 17
  • Don't allow Angel's sniper stasis ability to charge up more than 1 shot
  • AirMech Boost energy use increased from 1.0 to 2.5
  • AirMech Boost cooldown increased from 0.21 to 0.42
  • Blade Guardian energy drain from 0.1 -> 0.3

  • Fix issues with Helix grenade damage calculation and rebalance DPS per council feedback.
  • Fix persistence of pilot point allocation
  • Fix angel sniper stasis shot ability not triggering correctly on F3/keyboard activation
  • Show "watch" ui when clicking on the "BaseComms" structure in the basecamp
  • Refresh lobby unit supply count after restocking
  • Fix visibility issues for simple group members in lobby
  • Fix terrain tiles on "Black Hat" that would sometimes have a black line when flying around
  • Fix unit stack count display not updating in multiplayer games
  • Fix unit selector in loadout customization UI in Wastelands
  • Fix team color mapping on the minimap in coop games (allied outposts sometimes shown as red on the minimap)
  • Fix pilot portrait getting into a bad state when you leave lobby
  • Fix loadout selection/customization in Wastelands lobby
  • Fix loadout loading on "Strike Force" mission
  • Fix for potential game desync on death with scrappers active
  • Fix for "Running on Fumes" sometimes not appearing as completed after a Victory
  • Fix floating assets near southern Outpost on "Sierra Pass"
  • Fix end game defeat messages spamming if fort is destroyed on "Iron Duel"
  • Fix bug report ui from popping behind the pause menu
  • Fix blank button when in a group and you hover over an sg member card
  • Potential fix for stuck unit recycling state
  • Fix display on minimap of neutral outposts to be grey
  • Added missing Gothic Saucer and head to the Collection Sets
  • Add terrain height tracking on Bomber Mantis strike projectile to improve it's usability on sloped terrain
  • Add Fall Crate to Crates Inventory Set
  • Timing fixes for the "Boss Unit" spawns on "Shoulders of Giants"
  • Timing fixes for TankHeavy spawns in "Snowfall"

  • Swap bunkered Brutes in Angel of Death mission for Butchers
  • speed up selection of explosive vs bombard skill usage
  • Space out Vulcan spawn times on "Crossroads", so they don't spawn ontop of each other
  • Remove outposts form Scrapyard. Improves friendly AI logic.
  • Reduce the HP Bonus for new StrPlt parts, removed Armor Bonus, added DamageReduceBonus
  • Reduce Service Level of themed shops to a max of 10
  • Potential fix for inactive AI on "Shoulder of Giants"
  • Pilot can no longer boost. Only jump
  • Move bug report button into settings menu
  • Fixing timing of first outpost captured story bits in "Strike Force" mission
  • Adding pilot cape customization slot
  • Adding sun rays to shop selection, removing outlines
  • Add Camera intro transitions
  • update fx fire direction for non-airmech collision targets when firing. Makes fire tracer fx look more connected/to their target being damaged
  • Tweak AI to not get stuck trying to select units. Don't sit there trying to build defenses for the outpost when it have nothing valid to build.
  • make airmech grenades (helix) properly scale their blast damage against various target type (mult modifiers)
  • fix stasis shot chance on by default (was on in testing, should have been removed)
  • Don't aim while transforming. Fixes some animation jitter when tranforming.
  • cleanup and reduce multilauncher use fuel consumption rates
  • Adjust sniper shot to not shoot over outposts and forts.
  • Adding Void Recipe Icons for airmechs
  • Add scissors plans
  • Add recipes/plans for fine scrap and alloy so new craftable ui will trigger on them
  • Add recipes for econ/tax books
  • Add recipe/plan for void eagle
  • Add plans for hellstorm brute and devastator
  • Add Memo pad Plans
  • Add Kettle corn recipe setup
  • Add Hellstorm Hatty and Haat recipes
  • Add crafting recipe for Void skull
  • Add clickable version number to open Patch notes
  • Angel's statis shot now effects flying units
  • Stubbing in display of more info on unit mouse over
AirMech Wastelands - EricSpiker

New items, more power! We've added new series of items including the Protector Helm, Comm Link types, Cloak Charger, new ammo types and more.

Check out the details below.

General Updates:
  • Adding offensive and defensive command module parts
  • Adding melee damage to Neo Cloak Charger (primary) parts
  • Adding 'Hammer Stasis Time' modifier to Hammer Charger parts
  • Adding 'EMP Stasis Time Bonus' modifiers to Neo Parts
  • Adding 'Protector Helm' parts
  • Adding 'Reaper Assault' Helm parts
  • Adding addition ammo parts, and new 'Stasis Ammo' legendary parts
  • Adding a legendary/epic properties for parts
  • Adding additional engine parts to fill level gaps
  • Adding Void Eagle nanoforge formula
  • Adding Void Shot Tracers to Void Collection Set
  • Update waves on "Running on Fumes" to include units that attack the player's fortress
  • Update unit attack waves on "Angel of Death" mission
  • Update Terrain on "Angel of Death" mission
  • Right clicking on market item will show all items by that seller
  • Add 'Craftable' icon and tooltips on item inspect

  • Buff damage numbers (x3) on Bomber Mantis Plasmids parts. Add an 'Epic Mantis Plasmids' part
  • Buff Bomber Bomb parts and add an 'Epic Advanced Bomb' part
  • Buff Bomber blades parts (2x damage) and add 'Epic Slayers Blades' l60 part
  • Slightly increased the time between enemy unit spawns in "Last Run" mission
  • Seeker hit points increased from 950 to 1150
  • Jammer move speed increased from 3 to 6
  • Gemini shot damage decreased from 100 to 80
  • Gemini carry weight decreased from 1300 to 1150
  • Gemini build time decreased from 8.0 to 7.5
  • Gemini build cost decreased from 7000 to 6000
  • Gemini aim turn rate increased from 80 to 95
  • Gangster upkeep increased from 1 to 2
  • Gangster HP decreased from 1600 to 1375
  • Blade Guardian can now hit targets while in air mode
  • Armadillo hit points increased from 850 to 950

  • Fix total wave display on "Running on Fumes" displaying 10 total waves instead of 9
  • Fix the Victory audio being played twice when completing "Last Stand"
  • Fix some floating assets in the "Site 52" missions
  • Fix right click inspect in vendor ui after inspecting a bundle
  • Fix for missing enemy units on minimap in some Wastelands missions
  • Fix bomber bombs ability charging & energy usage when used with a part/modifier that boosts charge speed.
  • Fix for Neo EMP triggering cooldown but not EMP attack/effect on triggering close to transform transition
  • Fix horns on Blue Skull pet
  • Fix honor badge trailing space
  • Fix for diamond bundles showing up in collection wish list
  • Fix cleanup of do not disturb state on the client
  • Fix barrel spin for Nexus Warthog robot mode
  • Don't toggle chat box if pressing enter while writing a mail message
  • Clear mini inspect dialog when you try to market list something
AirMech Wastelands - EricSpiker

Head over to your basecamp to try out the new progression features, drop points into the new 'Commander' skill paths to get the most of your AirMech. The two additional skill tree paths are in development. We've also added two item slots to allows you to equip more gear for an additional boost to your stats. The shops have been updated to have a selection of these new items so keep an eye out in when selling off those piles of scrap.

Here are some of the improvements made over the last few mini-patches, check out the in-game patch notes for more details.

General Updates:
  • BlackOps Skins now drops when completing the AirMech missions on Doomsday
  • Two additional Items can now be equipped when clicking on the Base structure and going into Skills Upgrade
  • New Parts for Osprey's Drain Beam, Heal Nova, and Restore Abilities
  • Add new Pepper Unit to "Iron's End" Shop
  • Adding seasonal themed shops
  • Nanoforge and Scrapper can now be purchased from "Valley Low" Shop
  • Adding Loadout Slots for purchase in Wastelands Shops
  • Show bonus stats for AirMech Variants when setting up parts
  • Support for re-buying parts in shops
  • Merge selling dialog into main market window
  • Add more use tips for how to sell on market window
  • Add icon shortcuts for inventory/market/friends to info tab
  • Gameplay improvements to "The Bigger They Are" mission
  • Gameplay improvements to "Site 52 Alt" mission
  • Art pass on "Shoulders of Giants" and "Heavy Metal" maps

Bug fixes:
  • Fix for abilities not updating when entering Warthog in "Spray and Pray" mission
  • Fixes to various windows focus/close states
  • Fix not being able to create market listing
  • Fix some ability trigger input not respecting cooldown buffs on Saucer teleport
  • Fix for missions "Death March" and "Fuel Shortage" not working correctly when played in Co-op
  • Fix for "Death March" Wave Cannon health not depleting when capturing Outposts
  • Fix for Angel triggering loop cooldown state without loop actually happening when done during transformation to air mode
  • Fix reclaimable body destruction piece for Gangster and Jackal
AirMech Wastelands - CarbonJames
This may or may not be interesting to you, but we are currently doing a key giveaway with Alienware Arena for an exclusive cosmetic head--the Alienware Head:

This code can only be used in AirMech Strike because it has a Shop and Wastelands doesn't. At some point, we'll add a way to enter codes in Wastelands, but since the Strike and AMW accounts are linked, if you install/run Strike and use the code there, you'll get the contents of the Alienware Arrival pack in Wastelands too. (not a duplicate, it's a shared account)

The Boosts don't work in Wastelands, just Strike, but the other things you might be interested in.

It's just a free extra, no big deal, I just wanted to post about it to verify that yes they do appear in AirMech Wastelands if claimed. You can go here to get it:

Or go to Alienware Arena and browse the Giveaways. This not a paid promotion on either side--just a mutually beneficial bonus for their audience and our players to help spread the word of AirMech.

If you are in Strike and are wondering where to enter the code, click Shop, and then look in the lower left:
AirMech Wastelands - CarbonJames
The last two updates (we push these out every couple days) cover a lot of ground, everything from changes to equipping parts, finalizing jump values, MoneyMakers having a purpose again....and a ton of general bugs fixed. Feast your eyes on this list:

General Updates:
  • rebalanced some legacy parts
  • new Warthog and Paladin parts added
  • no longer allow multiple ammo parts to be equipped at the same time
  • removed AirMech and unit outlines while spectating
  • added Hangar upgrade tutorial to the Basecamp
  • Outposts and Moneymaker now increase unit stack regen rate
  • balance tweaks to jump and glide for mechs
  • tweaks to enemy waves on Fuel Shortage and Death March
  • removed option to hide Global chat from Settings
  • convoy only moves after acquiring the Osprey on Escort
  • tweaks for Void Striker effects
  • moved Keys to Scrap 'n Buy Bazaar (meant for veteran players who want them)
  • overhauled Escort to be a convoy mission

Bug Fixes:
  • fixed Saucer having considerably more armor than other mechs
  • fixed a bug that prevented some missions from ending on higher difficulties
  • fixed equipping multiple ammo parts (Angel sniper ammo is allowed with other ammo parts)
  • fixed mission objectives not clearing after abducting units on Harvest
  • fixed a timing issue with mission objectives on A Helping Hand
  • fixed some bugs with the Basecamp tutorial
  • fixed civilian cars getting stuck on each other
  • fixed not being able to pick up abducted units
  • fixed getting stuck firing Helix missiles after transforming
  • fixed a bug that prevented the player from entering the >Osprey on Escort
  • fixed units getting stuck in cargo after abducting on Site 52
  • fixed being able to destroy enemy units after defeat if using explosive rounds
  • fixed map mission info above spectator minimap and added difficulty
  • fixed civilian cars giving orders to the player's units on The High Road
  • fixed being able to blow up AirMechs in AirMech Unlock missions
  • fixed Harvest not ending if certain units were abducted
  • fixed civilian cars giving orders to your infantry on The High Road
  • fixed skipping the intro on The High Road
  • fixed collision for some props on The High Road
  • fixed showing the destroyed AirMech's image in respawn UI when playing coop
  • fixed some more crash bugs
AirMech Wastelands - CarbonJames
Build 68542 was pushed live and has some nice fixes. Our crashdump system is now able to report back problems in a more useful way, so we can get reports and fix crashes without players needing to say anything. If you do crash, it helps us if you launch the game once more before finishing playing so it can send us the crash data.

Desyncs are another thing that we have automatic reporting for, so now with the game being played by more people, combinations of things are popping up that cause desyncs but we are able to squash them quickly.

This is more of a hardcore player thing, but Void Mechs have been updated/fixed to be able to gain levels now. They gain XP as you do, and cannot be leveled up any other way. They are quite powerful, but have one major drawback--when they are destroyed they will lose levels! You really really don't want to die. Currently the loss of levels is not implemented, as we are still discussing how many levels you will loose. Somewhere between reset back to level one and 5 levels probably.

General Updates:
  • Added support for displaying holiday/event items at the Irons End Sales Shop (in anticipation of Christmas events)
  • moved mission dialog to the Info chat tab instead of Global
  • added new missile parts for Striker and Helix
  • some tweaks to Helix grenades
Bug Fixes:
  • various crash and desync fixes
  • fixed opening a Shop panel and the Player Market at the same time
  • fixed overlapping text in faction UI
  • fixed difficulty fog not getting reset for party members when starting a match
  • fixed a fence prop that just didn't want to break
  • fix for equipping cosmetic items in multiple loadouts
  • exiting Stay Low without completing it no longer triggers the World Map tutorial
  • fixed Samson's victory dialog on Blockade
  • fixed a group of Bomber Drones that refused to attack on Field Command
  • fixed a cooldown speed modifier that made Helix fire rockets and grenades and ridiculous speeds
  • fix for blank tooltips in Recent Loot UI
  • fixed the respawn image to show the mech you chose to respawn as instead of the destroyed mech
AirMech Wastelands - CarbonJames
We put our patchnotes ingame but have been bad about updating them here, so we're changing our update process to sync up the ingame patchnotes with putting it here, so it's easier to see what we have been working on without going ingame.

We have a new build coming later tonight, and fresh patchnotes at that time.


Update #7 - Build 68488 November 28th, 2017

Another update in the Wastelands! Glad to have all the feedback from our Early Access players. Thanks for that, it's much appreciated.

General Updates:
  • added multiple sets of additional Power Core parts
  • Don't allow "inventory" and "recent loot" UI to be open at the same time
  • Added a "select all" button for "recent loot" UI
  • Some fixes for new quick sell UI in shop
  • Buff allied and enemy fortress armor by difficulty armor factors
  • added destroyed forts icon on the Minimap
  • Add teamcolors for VacScrapper unit
  • Add some new Head part icons
  • update 'out of energy' UI icon
  • fix missing Saucer Deathray beam parts not showing up in 'fire sale plaza'
  • add Osprey heal beam parts to 'mile high supply depot'
  • rebalance legacy DPU ammo weapon/armor piercing stat
  • reduce too high 'charge speed bonus' on legacy agile hammer parts. To be more in line w/ new parts
  • Rebalance to Angel Sniper rifle and ammo parts to be more competitive with other AirMechs
  • Update Paladin Hammer Charge Up speed bonus to also increase the Hammer projectiles velocity and catch speed
  • Team colored weapon swipes
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where you can go to locked nodes after switching difficulty
  • Fix for rendering issue on 3 player coop hud
  • Fix loading player made maps in Wastelands (map editor is still an early work in progress)
  • Cancel build order from AI forts when they are destroyed
  • Fix shop items appearing in market
  • Fix loss conditions for "The Bigger they Are" when playing in a Coop session
  • Update loss conditions on "Black Hat" so when played on Coop, mission ends when all players die
  • Fixup loss condition on "Fuel Shortage" mission
  • fix broken system notification system (used by various systems in game to cover async transitions, like spectate a game, lagging player, etc)
  • various bug fixes to the spectator UI, game browser and launch dialog
  • Show map name/difficulty when spectating
Update #6 - Build 68373 November 27th, 2017

We need to patch both Strike and Wastelands to fix a bug with loadouts being wiped when swapping between versions.

General Updates:
  • unit stacks no longer regen for expensive units
  • increased build time for Uber
  • rearranged some later missions and shops
  • added abduction resistence to Devastator units on Heavy Metal
  • added new parts and balanced some legacy parts
  • rebalanced Gothic Goliath
Bug Fixes:
  • fixed some crashes
  • fixed a desync on Harvest
  • fixed jumping while in sniper stance
  • fixes for pilots transforming in the Basecamp lobby
  • fixed some dialog timing issues on A Safe Route
  • fixed Vulcan not moving to the AirMech when deployed
  • fixed some unpathable terrain on Vale
  • fixed being able to queue units in some missions that do not allow it

Update #5 - Build 67891 November 15th, 2017

General Updates:
  • updates/rework on mouse aiming
  • increased armor piercing for some boss units
  • added some props on Spray 'n Pray to keep the pilot from falling off of some cliffs
  • added some hint arrows to the generators on Stay Low
  • added voice over for various missions
  • reduced the range of Helix grenades
  • lock map nodes based on selected difficulty
  • improved loot drops from Colossus units
  • added Saucer unlock mission and parts
  • added XP progress bar on player portrait card
  • reduced the frequency of bomb drops on Escort
  • reduced energy cost for self-repair and increased heal rate
  • gamepad compatibility for Helix
  • balance tweaks for AI AirMechs
Bug Fixes:
  • fixed missing arrow in Hangar tutorial
  • fixed Field Guide opening with a hidden tab
  • fixed private/faction symbols for market listings
  • fixed shadow issues near extraction point on Run 'n Gun
  • fixed some floating props and mismatched tiles on The Bigger They Are
  • fixed some floating trees on Vale
  • fixed clicking on a node to enter the mission lobby
  • cleaned up some badges
  • fixed kill notification message for the Iron Hand Walker
  • fixed not being able to access AirMech customization if you're the pilot in a lobby
  • fixed loot dropping on Run 'n Gun (there shouldn't be any drops on this mission)
  • fixed Spray 'n Pray so that players can't walk around the ravine
  • fixed holding right-click when using the Angel's rail gun
  • fixed receiving invites while in a solo game
  • cleaned up some collision issues in lobbies
  • fixed Valley Low Depot node so mechs don't collide with it
  • fixed some missing icons in the Hangar
  • fixes for difficulty selection UI
  • fixes for ability chargeup indicator persisting

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