Asteroid Fight - Katta Games

Today we release a new special ability item: the RESOURCE LINK!
-> Connected asteroids & share their ressources instantly.

This item really changes the gameplay possibilities. It's a "builder-item" that lets you focus on setting up your production as fast as possible. Dont't forget to pick this one up together with your "Zelos Ray"!

Also the next item voting is now live! Come over to our discord and vote for one of the following items! -->

Asteroid Fight - Katta Games

Today we release another new special ability item: the SHOCKWAVE!
-> Generate a shockwave that throws units away, resulting in collision damage.

Also the next item voting is now live! Come over to our discord and vote for one of the following items! -->

Asteroid Fight - Katta Games

With today's update we release a new special ability item: the FLEET COMMANDER!

Release a drone cluster, that attacks the enemy. Drones follow your hero's target autonomously.

Check it out! ːsteamhappyː
Sep 28, 2018
Asteroid Fight - Katta Games

In celebration of the launch, a special time-limited dark skin for the Scout will be available in-game! This hull skin will only be available during the first week - so make sure to grab it before it’s too late!

With the EA release today we are moving to version 0.9.28. These are the news and updates we want to share with you alongside this important step for ASTEROID FIGHT:

Servers are up and running! Servers in the USA, Europe, Asia and Russia are ready for you!

Every map demands another strategy and has a unique emphasis on one of the game mechanics:
  • The ARENA
    3 lanes, 3 energy nodes. The center of the map is a constantly contested spot. This is the classic map with lots of asteroids and strategic possibilities. Thin passages from the center to the outer regions only let through small units.
  • The CANYON
    One lane, where you build up pressure while you’re pushing the front more and more to your opponent! The map reminds of tower defense. Warp highly recommended! :)
    4 x 4 + 1 center chamber = 17 chambers that you can occupy. The master of the chambers will dominate the map! Tic Tac Toe with asteroids!
    Fast-paced, open map for in between matches. Don’t blink or you might lose this one! ;)

Assemble your commander with the unique items earned from previous battles! Here you can save presets. When entering a ranked match, you can chose between your presets so you can fight with the most suitable commander in terms of team composition and map!

Every ship hull comes with different attributes:
  • The SCOUT
    Medium agile and medium strong commander. Good allrounder!
    Very fast and agile - but weak - ship!
  • The HEAVY
    Slow, but strong unit with additional energy!

  • Cloak
    Make yourself invisible for a limited amount of time.
  • EMP
    The EMP stuns units in its range.
  • Homing Missile
    Strong, controllable missile.
  • Proximity Mine
    The proximity mine will detect and explode (with a short delay) when enemies come into the detection range.
  • Railgun
    Highly energized rail beam that damages all units in the beam.
  • Repair Droid
    Repairs your ship on activation.
  • Time Bender
    Bends the time so affected entities in the effect radius will experience a distorted time. Depending on the item values, the time bender will slow down or speed up the time.
  • Utility Fog
    Small nanobots that repair your ship and ships in your surrounding.
  • Warp
    Instant warp the hero to another position.
  • Zelos Rays
    Improves worker efficiency by +20% (lvl0) in your surrounding.
  • Mod
    Modifies different values of your ship.
  • Plasma Cannon
    Highly energized particles to heat up your enemies.
  • Rockets
    Six deadly rockets are launched per batch.
  • … a lot more to come during EA!!

Play custom online matches with or against bots and your friends! You can even turn on and off various game mechanics like communication power, DMG boost, creeps or even the presence of commander ships at all so you can turn the game into a traditional RTS game! :)

Watch other players play a match in TV mode or control where you want to focus your attention on your own! Perfect for streamers! ;)

One major goal during Early Access is to get lots of new features, items, maps & play modes into the game! It`s very important to us to get the community involved in the process. As a first step into EA we want to know what you want us to bring into the game next! The voting will take place on It is up to you to choose an item out of these five:

We (Klaus & Peter from Katta Games) do hope you enjoy Asteroid Fight as much as we do! See you in-game!

Asteroid Fight - Katta Games


Only one day ahead of the Early Access release, we are releasing the official FREE DEMO for ASTEROID FIGHT!

The Demo is limited to only 10 collectible items through winning training matches, and does not come with online functionality and commander persistence. In the Demo you can play the tutorial and training matches with bots.

Check out the FREE DEMO NOW, and spread the word! Make sure to show the Demo to your buddies, so you can team up with them tomorrow! There are only 24 hours of training left till the servers are online!
Asteroid Fight - Katta Games

Hello Everyone!

Today we're thrilled to announce our Early Access launch date!

Thanks everyone for your support, the feedback and participation via twitter, facebook, discord and at the beta test-events!

Asteroid Fight will be available on September 28th! Save the date!

We are looking forward to some awesome new items, maps & features during early access, and are eager to share it with you!

See you All ingame on September 28th!
Asteroid Fight - Gogol

August 24th, 6PM CEST (24.8. 04:00PM GMT/UTC)

in your local time:

Grab your key one hour before the test starts!


- Bots
- Better matchmaking
- New map design
- Lots of bugfixes and improvements
Asteroid Fight - Gogol

August 9th, 4:00PM GMT/UTC

Grab your beta key 1 hour before the event on our discord!

in your local time:

Asteroid Fight - Katta Games

Join us NOW for the next testing round next!

We are all on Discord now and you'll get further information and your beta testing keys there. :)

-> <-

See you soon on the asteroids! ːsteamhappyː
Asteroid Fight - Katta Games
Hello everyone,

next testing round is on the July 20th, 5PM PST (21.7. 00:00 GMT/UTC) - we give out keys starting 2 hours before the event.

Join us on discord -> <-

See you on the asteroids! ːsteamhappyː

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