Product Update - Valve
-New controller code, should work with all controllers now
-New fullscreen code and options
-Any player can now take a Steam screenshot (if the Steam screenshot key is bound the default F12)
-Updated logo
-Optimisations for some users
-New rendering effect
-Tweaked the charge laser
-Added support for Steam overlay
-Fixed a bug with Player 4's wideband laser
-Fixed a bug that caused Peaceful Mode to end with 4 ships dead at the same time
-Fixed a bug where aimlines would show up for ghostships
-Fixed a bug with the reticule type couldn't be changed
-Fixed a bug where the narrator would activate co-op lines in single-player Peaceful Mode
-Fixed a bug where arrow keys couldn't be used to control the Reticule Editor

Product Update - Valve

- Fixed a movement bug introduced in the last patch
- Fixed a bug that stopped multiplayer games from working correctly
- Fixed a bug with the Options glow effect when more than 9 songs have been unlocked
- Updated social media buttons
- Smaller meteor debris
- Fixed name of "Starbits" on the library
- Increased max amount of Spikes from 150 to 200

Product Update - Valve
- Fixed rare bug that reset crosshair and keyboard options
- Some options have been reset, go into the options screen to change them
- Engine optimisation
- New Wormhole entrance
- Enemy shields more transparent
- Decreased Blackhole visual effect
- Decreased speed of Blackhole
- Fixed some awful typos
- Player 3's engine trail slightly darker
- Boss 4's shield now a teensy bit more dynamic
- Fixed a multiplayer respawning bug on Peaceful Mode
- Remastered songs
- Fixed a bug when selecting Perks in Plus Mode

Product Update - Valve

- Fixed a menu transition bug on the options screen
- Fixed a rapid respawn bug on Boss 4
- Possible fix for some option data resetting
- Increased visibility on some menu items

Product Update - Valve
- Increased performance on some machines
- Added advanced controller configuration settings
- Added customisable keys for keyboard settings
- Fixed a bug with Boss 4 that stopped the game from continuing
- Orbital now destroys shrapnel during Spike Cascade
- ... maximum amount of shrapnel increased 50%!
- Narrator enabled on all modes!
- Initiate Charge Beam by firing a regular laser, pew pew!
- New song - You Tit by Mr Pineapple
- Unlock by beating Mr Pineapple's highscore of 6,875,972
- Increased Boss Rush multiplier from 1.5 to 1.75
- Fixed a bug that stopped the Laser and Barricade Event from occuring
- Rebuilt blackhole effects from the ground up
- 256x256 and 128x128 icons added

Product Update - Valve
- Replaced shaders with static graphics for invincible enemies
- Fewer particles on Low settings
- Removed Cascade Event shaders on Low settings
- Performance Graph disabled on new save files
- Further optimisations
- Motion Blur effect only appears on High settings
- Bullet Orbs move faster during Warp speed
- Added appearance counter to Library items
- Fixed a bug that stopped narration on death
- Fixed a Jukebox selection bug
- Added Twitter upload to Score screen

Product Update - Valve
- Fixed a bug that disabled the volume setting
- Fewer objects on low and medium quality settings
- Typo's have ben fixd
- Removed posting scores to Twitter
- Increased memory efficiency
- Added option to disable the gameover graph to help system performance
- Fixed "Standing in the Swamp of Freaks with a Toad Named Keiran" not displaying on the Options unlock graphic

(Previous update)
- Optional laser sight (enabled by default)
- Mini guides displayed during load screens (enabled by default)
- Data Wipe screen
- Wiped data also erases Ultra Weapon purchases and spendable starbits!
- New displayed score method
- Pause gameplay, press ESC on the keyboard (no controller option, sorry!) to pause and resume
- Fixed a graphic positioning bug with the upgrade highlighter
- Reduced maximum number of firewall enemies
- Ultra weapons added to Classic Mode! Once a stat is maxed out, a one-off, re-purchasable version can be bought. Only usable by Player 1. Each weapon ups difficulty.
- Gas Clouds destruction tidied up (better performance)
- Reduced frequency of unique Hell Mode enemies
- Removed Back Pressure Buildup perk from Hell Mode, Hell Mode now has a base BPB rate better than the perk
- Fixed a bug when using the mouse to leave the upgrade screen would buy a Wing Cannon upgrade
- Added a new original song - Clouds by Mr Pineapple
- Added a new original song - Hiding Amongst the Freaks with a Toad Named Kieran by Tom Engels
- Removed the ability to quit by pressing ESC
- Improved the way resolutions are set
- Increased speed of Boss 4's movements and laser attack movement
- Added a limit to how many Spike Cascade obstacles can be on screen at once
- Added a graphic to early Retro Mode eras to increase visibility
- Darkened star bit collection graphic
- Perk Screen Plus Mode now has a warning indicator
- Added a new attack pattern to Boss 4 for higher difficulty levels
- Shortened length of distortion effects
- Upgrades that are too expensive are less visible than affordable upgrades
- Changed some Retry text
- Naked Mode mode multiplier raised a lot
- Boss Rush mode multiplier raised slightly
- Slowed down overall enemy speeds slightly
- Halved enemy speeds during Warp Speed
- Visit the shop after selecting Replay on Classic Mode and when starting up on that mode
- Decreased chance of Powerup Orb appearing by 50%
- Removed leftover score graphics from Peaceful? Mode
- Added dust trail to Boss warning meteors
- Balanced Remix Mode scoring
- Moved the left option select button 7 pixels right
- Increased visibility of menu highlight transparency by 5 shades
- More stats added to the Super Stats page
- Boss sequence randomised on Boss Rush mode, but will never play the same boss in a row
- Added new attack pattern for Boss 3
- Added new difficulty based formulas to Boss 3
- Pandora Box now affects Star Bit movements too
- Reduced explosion damage on Boss 2
- Added new difficulty based formulas to Boss 2
- Less difficulty based HP on Boss 1
- Boss 3's neck changes colour depending on it's current HP level
- Boss 1 beam changes colour depending on it's current HP level
- Firewall and Bullet Orb events spawn more enemies at once depending on the difficulty level
- Added in control limits
- Fixed a bug where Cascade Events weren't ending on death
- Added a shortcut to the upgrade shop from the main menu
- Fixed a stat issue where boss kills contributed to the number of spawned motherships
- Invincible enemies no longer create particles when attacked
- On higher difficulty levels Enemies move at their normal speed
- Wormhole scoring changed
- Added a PLAY+BACK button to the shop menu
- Fixed a bug where the background colouriser wouldn't show up on other modes after Retro Remix
- Charge beam power halved
- Fixed a bug that caused some new games to get stuck on a message screen
- First time games will always display the Replay and Continue text without the other silly versions
- Altered background graphics to be more like the original Big Sky
- Players can now flip the drill around and shoot in Retro Mode by pressing the right bumper
- Shortened reload times after death
- Fixed a bug to stop narration when player dies in tutorial
- Killing a boss adds 5 to the multiplier amount
- Left bumper is now a shortcut to the Steam screenshot function (in-game only, doesn't work in menus)


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