Product Update - Valve
Revelations Version 12.1 Update:
-Fixed Z-clip issues that were showing up on released maps
-Fixed Skybox Fog artifacts with new fog implementation
-Fixed Hangup on Game Ending after Credits
-Fixed Wounds disappearing on ragdolls after melee kills
-Fixed Checkpoints not giving correct weapons after campaign transistions
-Fixed Rescue Huts not giving correct weapons on revive
-Fixed Huge Spawns that would occur after checkpoint restart
-Fixed Game Crashes when trying to spawn non-Revelations Weapons
-Fixed Bots not moving out of Kulkulkan poison attacks
-Fixed Story Intros not playing on campaign transistions
-Fixed Infinite ammo secondary fire bug
-Fixed Energy Gun particle artifacts reported on older pcs
-Fixed Vixen Staff not removing itself after Vixen Death
-Fixed Keybinds that were reported not working with the new Gun system
-Added New Powerups Berserk and Haste to Campaign maps
-Added New Secondary Blast Attack

Product Update - Valve
Change log V.11
-Added Checkpoints in current campaign levels
-Added new warboar creature
-Added new battle event level 2 chapter 3
-Fixed Bot weapon change logic
-Fixed Bots picking up ammo and weapons
-Fixed Bots not shooting at Mini-bosses and Main-bosses
-Fixed Bots friendly fire
-Fixed crashed with secondary fires
-Fixed player models in the Battlegrounds Mode
-Fixed Spear Throwers Vision
-Updated Battlegrounds Map Sayil
-Updated Battlegrounds Map TheForest
-Updated Ixtab Boss Map
-Updated death particles
-Updated enemy ragdolls

Product Update - Valve
Revelations Update 11/8/2012 (Ver. 10)
-Added new Energy Gun
-Added new Blast Gun
-Added new Laser Gun
-Added new Rocket Gun
-Added new TimeWarp Gun
-Added new ammo to the new weapon system
-Added new players
-Fixed Dialogue Issues
-Added new hints and cues to help players
-Added updates to all current levels
-Fixed Sound issue MainMenu
-UI Redesigned
-Bots AI improved, and can pickup hearts
-All player animations fixed
Product Update - Valve
change list
-Director updates for improved and challenging AI
-Level 1 Chapter 1 remade
-Environmental Content Update for all levels
-Keybinding Config Fixed for new installs
-Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian & Swedish localization updates

Product Update - Valve
1) Fixed the Russian Language encoding problem
2) Fixed a bug that causes a hard crash from VCD playback
3) Fixed a bug where players would get stuck on missions
4) Added additional dialogue to the game for helpful instruction
5) Fixed several lighting issues


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