XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Valve
Patch 3 notes
• Second Wave addition (gameplay details in the press release)
o If a player has beaten the game, they can access a variety of gameplay toggles upon starting a new game. The Second Wave option will be available on the New Game menu.
• AI teleport bug fix
o Minimizes the bug where aliens teleport into the middle of a player’s squad
• Defeat screen when beating the game
o Minimizes a bug that displays a Defeat screen after winning the game
• Chris Kluwe as XCOM Hero unlock

XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Valve
Change Notes
- Slingshot DLC will no longer cause the game to think pre-existing saves are corrupt. All previous saves now work properly.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Valve
Major Fixes
• Abductor roof visibility problems resolved

• Interception game hang issues resolved
o If two interceptors are sent after UFO
o If Skyranger is returning from combat after an Interceptor was already deployed

• SHIV inaccessible issues resolved

• AI Alien Activity Hang resolution

• Multiplayer connectivity optimization

Other Fixes
• TempleShip optimization: All Soldiers properly spawn when restarting the mission after clearing the second room of TempleShip

• Snapshot penalty should no longer apply when Overwatching without first moving.

• Easy Difficulty is now easier.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Valve
• Various visibility/hiding optimizations
• Multiplayer text chat support (J to activate)
• Mouse 4/5 will switch soldiers in the Barracks
• ESC hides the movement grid if you do not want to commit to a move while it is activated
• Squad Sight ability optimization
• Fixed issue when equipping two grenades with Deep Pockets.
• Fixed Rapid Fire sometimes consuming too much ammo.
• SHIVs that are damaged will no longer become unusable.
• Fixed some hangs/soft crashes in tactical combat.
• Replaced software cursor with the operating system cursor to reduce lag and framerate dependence.
• Fixed rendering bug which causes some soldier’s hair to appear as if it is rendering on top of environment fog.
• 1080p movies are now used at all times on the PC.


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