Product Update - Valve
Hi everybody!

After spending some much needed time tracking all issues reported, we found a very plausible cause for the white screen on launch along with some performance issues and other minor bugs we could fix. Hopefully you won't be experiencing any problems launching the game from now on.
We would like to thank everybody who took their time helping us improve the game with their reports and comments on the forums and send a special thanks to "jsmucha" for his thorough report about bugged achievements.

[CHANGELOG 3/29/2012]

- Fixed multithreaded loading issues. This was the main cause for the white screen when launching the game many users reported.
- Fixed default resolution issue where the game would take Windows reported resolution instead of the real desktop resolution resulting in some impossible to render scenarios.
- Fixed FPS drops under certain circumstances.
- Fixed several achievements reported by the community.
- Fixed bullets not colliding while on a multiplayer game.
- Fixed map objects colliding after dying.
- Added security measures to game scripts.

Once again thanks again to everyone for helping out!
Product Update - Valve
- Added: [Key configuration app]
- Fixed: [Japanese texts]
- Fixed: [Collisions]: some collisions caused enemies to spawn at an incorrect position.
Product Update - Valve
We have updated the game with a new Survival mode! Now you can battle endless waves of enemies in the Survival Mode with up to four players!
The lobby system has also received a needed update and now allows players to join games in progress.

[CHANGELOG 10/21/2011]
- New Mode: [Survival Mode] Now you can duke it out for wave after wave of enemies and test your endurance either alone or in co-op matches.

- Updated: [Lobby] Now players can join a game in course.
- Fixed: [Several connection issues] We have reworked the games network code which should stop the Unable to Connect issues.

- Updated: [Added DLC Support] Look for our Halloween pack coming soon!

Product Update - Valve
Hi everybody! We hope you are enjoying the game!
We continue working to improve it.
The biggest change in this update and having listened to the community, we have changed the way dying works. Now instead of limited lives you have re-spawning time and then you are back in the action, but if everybody dies, it's game over though.
We have also updated the way the lobby works. Here's the detailed list of changes:

[CHANGELOG 9/30/2011]

- Fixed: [Minor typos and general rephrasing]
- Fixed: [Initial resolution] When launching for the first time, the game starts using the desktop resolution.


- Updated: [Re-spawning in multiplayer] When a player dies, it takes 10 seconds to re-spawn the first time, 20 seconds the second time and 30 seconds the following times, as long as there are other players alive. Re-spawning occurs at the position of the ally being followed when dead. If all players die at the same time, the mission is failed.
- Fixed: [Several achievements]
- Updated: [Ultra Attacks visual effects] A radial visual effect hints the initial area damage.
- Fixed: [Auto-melee] The melee attack is performed automatically when next to boxes and pumpkins.

- Fixed: [Blood particles and decals] Now all players see blood when allies are damaged.
- Updated: [Ongoing games] The “Open Servers” screen shows ongoing games.

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