War Builder League - Cyber Prophet
Hacker Mechanics Balance

- More Firewall towers on the map
- Firewall towers closer to the battlefield
- EW weapon teraflop bonus reduced by 5%
- Targetting damage bonus reduced from x 2.5 to x 2
- Decloak Impulse Cap reduced from 675 to 550
- Decloak Impulse Cooldown increased from 4 to 8 seconds
- Filewall after being hacked increased from 60 to 90 seconds

Other things

- Time to auto-recharge reduced from 12 to 10 seconds
- Removed 2 unvisible collisions, collisions added to the street lamps
War Builder League - Cyber Prophet
- Big armor plates got + 30% HP
- Small armor plates cost 30% Less
- ShotGun Damage + 5%
War Builder League - Cyber Prophet
- Energy rays can now destroy towers quite effectively
- Rail guns has damage boost against towers (we need to test it)
- Shields rises on 30% power instead of 20%
War Builder League - Cyber Prophet
- Fixed the bug causing people in parties to split into different servers so they couldn't play against each other.

- Fixed some minor bugs in the server system

- Partially fixed problems with broken match (Wrong towers, Invisible towers, broken radars etc.)
War Builder League - Cyber Prophet
- Split Player base into 2 classes instead of three. I merged Normal and Hardcore class

- Fixed some issues that could be causing that after the match the party was breaking

- Fixed issue with lacking Player Indicator in test drive

- Fixed issue with chat window rolling out without reason and staying that way

- Fixed issue causing That the targetting cost grew if the player were using more then 2 Electronic weapons
War Builder League - Cyber Prophet
Get your key: warbuilder.org

In teamplay we trust ;)!

War Builder League - Cyber Prophet
Closed Steam release of War Builder League is scheduled for the upcoming Monday, 2019-04-15, 2pm UTC.
Get ready for the battle and join us on Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/Pv4yF6W
Can't wait to see the War Machines of your design in combat again!


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