Marble Odyssey - Marbalista
Yes, Early Access is just around the corner. Just a few small tweaks to ensure testing goes smoothly, and we will release the game to the store for those that wish to make an impact on Marble Odysseys future development.

Why the delay? Well, the last couple of months has seen development of Marble Odyssey take a small swerve, as a significant new feature was added ( more details of which soon!). But it has made some quite positive impacts on game play.

So, a small delay on progress towards opening of Early Access, but, we hope the results will be appreciated.

More news very soon!!
Marble Odyssey - Marbalista
So over the last week or so, we have been concentrating on the socail aspects of making a game. That is to say, letting people know we exist.

We have of course also continued work on Marble Odyssey development, to get it into ship-enough-shape to share via Early Access. Right now the game IS playable, but there are a few rough edges we want to buff off here, before we let others in on the fun.

What have we been working on? Well, specifically

  • Social web stuff (aka marketting!).
  • Buffs to how level data is loaded, and game progress saved.
  • The LEVEL START screens loading UI, to show that a level is loading.
  • Buff to environment maps, to give them some HDR splendour!
  • Some level set dressing.

More news soon!
Marble Odyssey - Marbalista
I know, its a terrible pun, but it had to be said! So Marble Odyssey is just a few weeks away from being avaible via Early Access. So please!! if you like what you see, hit the WISHLIST button and we will try and update you on our progress as often as we can.

Marble Odyseey is a work of passion, and we really hope you can join our Early Access period, to bring your viewpoints, criticisms (please, keep them constructive!) and ideas to the game.

The game is still in a molten state, so please join us and help keep it hot until its final release. More news on the Early Access soon!

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