Neon Noodles - Cyberpunk Kitchen Automation - Patrick
Hey chefs!

Happy New Lunar Year! =)

Apologies for the silence the last few weeks. Holiday season is always chaotic and stressful but we're back working on the game! :)

Our list of things to add and improve is growing every day thanks to the many people uploading videos on Youtube. :)

Right now we're looking into a interesting bug we called "double-use-rewind bug" but right after we'll jump into creating a proper level selection and enabling multiple saves per level to make it more convenient for our more hardcore players to start optimizing levels.

Afterwards we'll tend to the new players again by adding more tutorialization to the later levels, more tooltips (e.g. when hovering over a station) etc etc.

Got feedback? Head over to our Discord and let us know! =)

- Patrick

Dec 30, 2019
Neon Noodles - Cyberpunk Kitchen Automation - Vivid Helix
Hey chefs!

Our second Early Access Update is all about quality-of-life improvements!

This builds upon our previous update, improving things like:

  • More tooltips support - using proper names, custom tooltips for recipes
  • New tutorial improvements
  • General UI layout/color tweaks
  • Minor quality of life changes

    Here's how the new recipe tooltips look now:

This is still an ongoing endeavour so please head over to our Discord and let us know if you have any feedback :)

- Radu

Dec 19, 2019
Neon Noodles - Cyberpunk Kitchen Automation - Patrick
Hey chefs!

Thank you to everyone who left a review already and especially to City who was our number 10! ❤️

Our very first Early Access Update revolves all around mouse controls, as promised before in the Community Update #3. So here comes the first iteration of:

"what if you'd only want to play Neon Noodles with the mouse?"

This update does not only include mechanical changes but also some visual updates like the much requested tooltips:

Without further ado, here is the full list of all the new stuff:
  • Revamped mouse controls
  • Completely new tutorial, focusing on mouse input
  • Visual improvements to all the locations
  • New and improved controls window (with fully functional buttons)
  • Tooltips
  • Various other gameplay improvements and bugfixes
This is an ongoing endeavour so please head over to our Discord and let us know how you like these new features. =)

- Patrick

Dec 6, 2019
Neon Noodles - Cyberpunk Kitchen Automation - Patrick
Hey chefs!

Thank you for all your feedback so far! Keep it coming. ❤️

We hear you and went over the books again to restructure our planning. A lot of you wish for an improved/reworked UI, which we will deliver within the next few weeks. But that's not all, here are the other improvements that will come within the next couple of weeks:

  • Display name for food/ingredients [Done]
  • Mouse tooltips [Done]
  • More tutorializing/explaining all the features [Done 90%]
  • Revamped controls tutorial [Done]
  • Full mouse support [Done]
  • variable repeat speed (when holding button down)
  • Multiple saves per level
  • Main screen for level selection
  • Remapping keys
  • Updated UI to display different keyboard layouts and remapped keys
  • Alternate keyboard shortcuts

Mouse support is actually already in the game but there is no tutorial for it because it is not 100% completed yet. Feel free to try it out and experiment. When I haven't a controller at hand, I personally always use a mix between keyboard and mouse. Especially being able to click within a program to edit it is very convenient.

It would help us a lot if you could leave us a review. We're only 1 review away from getting a blue thumbs up! We'd be forever in your debt. 🙏

Got more feedback? Head over to our Discord and let us know! =)

- Patrick

Neon Noodles - Cyberpunk Kitchen Automation - Patrick
Hey chefs!

It happened! Neon Noodles is now available on Steam! Now, for those of you who are familiar with the zachtronics games, unlike those, this is very much a traditional Early Access title and we have a lot more we want to add to Neon Noodles.

We will post a road map about what's coming the next few weeks in the following days but first we'd like to hear your feedback. What would you like to see in the game? What needs to be improved? Important features you're missing? According to the feedback we will adjust our road map correspondingly and focus first on what you deem most important.

Got any suggestion on how to improve Neon Noodles? Head over to our Discord and let us know! =)

- Patrick

Nov 25, 2019
Neon Noodles - Cyberpunk Kitchen Automation - Patrick
Hey chefs!

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Beta Weekend. We got plenty of useful feedback and we can't wait to let you all jump back into the game to get even more. There are only 4 days left until launch! :O

For everyone who played the beta, here is a list of improvements that will most likely/probably/maybe be included upon Early Access launch:

  • Proper Exit screen
  • Options: sound, resolution, fullscreen, keyboard layout
  • Finalized sound effects
  • Drone/railbot undo/redo bugs
  • histogram support for 3rd metric
  • Updated histogram UI to match rest of game
  • Improved timeline icons for drone/railbot
  • Mouse support in some additional places/dialogues
  • Improved tutorial texts
  • Even more polish of UI
  • Updated layout menu UI to match rest of game
  • More QoL (mouse click into program on timeline, double-click to edit robot, arrow keys, etc)
  • More gradual repeat speed in timeline move(instead of single speed)
  • Tooltips for stuff
  • Text for food
  • Auto-scroll other bots (longer lines)
  • 16:10 and other aspect ratios

Got anything you think should definitely be available upon release? Head over to our Discord and let us know! =)

- Patrick

Nov 1, 2019
Neon Noodles - Cyberpunk Kitchen Automation - Patrick
Hey chefs!

A lot has happened this week, like the announcement of our Early Access Release Date for example (29th November!). There has also been a lot of activity in our Discord so we thought it’s best to sum up some of the stuff we talked about in case you missed it.

Beta #3

The puzzles currently in the beta are limited in complexity to simplify things so I can analyze things properly regarding the metrics that are interesting to use. These levels also don't feature any constraints so the solutions will feel samey. Also, the ingredient dependencies are pretty simple on these recipes (as well as the ingredient multiplicity being always "one" of each).

The checkerboard pattern is one of the common solution patterns when optimizing for cycles. Optimizing for program size will result in different looking solutions, and the third metric (I still haven't finalized which one we'll be using) is meant to push solutions in a different direction.

Cycles is the only metric that will definitely be in the game, so I took it out of this beta to allow you to focus on the more uncertain metrics.

Staleness increases for every food that's out in the open - so you're trying to minimize the time from picking up stuff to delivering the finished product instead of overall cycles. Like all the other metrics in the current beta, it's an experiment, I just want to see what solutions any of these metrics inspire - with the ultimate goal being solutions that are ideally quite different for the different metrics.

A few things are currently not covered in the tutorial, like conveyor belts or loops. The recipe stations (that make food) all currently behave in the same way, it's all driven by the recipes in the top right.

Conveyor belts are causing the most bugs at the moment. If you run into a bug, find the log (on Win):
...AppData\\LocalLow\\VividHelix 2018\\Neon Noodles\\

...and send it to us on Discord or submit it via this Google Form: click

On the list
(suggestions from the community that are already planned to be implemented)
  • The UI positioning is temporary, currently going through a redesign

  • "Shifting" programs - you will be able to share and shift the program left or right. I think that will remove the need for waits and minimize the usage of the loop start.

  • Jump into the code where you were editing last, plus jump to last/first as well as a bot selector if there is more than one bot with code.

  • There will be conditionals that will affect the programming process, but like a filter inserter from Factorio. Something like a filter push station that only works on certain ingredients/foods.
Keep the feedback coming, greatly appreciated!


Opus Magnum - (Craig Pearson)

We re living in a Zachlike world. It’s a world where games can be about the internal rhythm of things, and where you can create works of art from rulesets. It s why Zachtronic’s game Opus Magnum let people share gifs of what they ve made, explained here by game developer and ex-desk sharer of mine, Tom Francis. And yet this post isn t about a Zach Barth game. This is about Neon Noodles, a game about optimising the work of robot chefs as they prepare meals. It’s the perfect format because food is both a science and art. The open beta is free on Steam right now.


Neon Noodles - Cyberpunk Kitchen Automation - Patrick
In the coming weeks we will have a beta weekend of the full game, which will be exclusively announced on our Discord server. Join now to not miss out on it: click

If you'd like to get a quick feel for how Neon Noodles plays, check out our Demo on Steam. It walks you through the game's tutorial, offering a glimpse of Neon's Noodles' full potential.
Oct 26, 2019
Neon Noodles - Cyberpunk Kitchen Automation - Patrick
The last two beta tests have been a delight and we're happy to continue our rapid pace and bring you #3 today!

Open Beta #3 will focus on Metrics! Optimize away - there are a few variations for the Program Size metric, as well as a few other options for the third metric in the game (besides Cycles and Program Size).

Click Download, playtest and give us your feedback on Discord. =)

In the coming weeks we will have more beta tests, each one focusing on a different part of the game. There have been a lot awesome ideas from the community already. Join now to take part in the conversation and actively shape the game: click

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